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on August 10, 2011
Original review on 1/4/13
I bought this jumperoo about a month ago. We've been living with my in-laws for the past month (and will be here every summer for about 5 weeks) and I thought our son would appreciate having his favorite toy with him. We have the rainforest jumperoo at home and bought it when our son was about 3 months old. Here are the differences and here is what I like and don't like about this one:
The Luv-u-zoo is for a taller baby. Our son's feet reached the floor for a couple weeks before we left home in the rainforest jumperoo. Here we just took out the books used to make him tall enough to jump. In addition, the bigger problem is that the seat's lip is taller in this one and wider, so it is much harder for him to reach toys.
Front toys:
On the rainforest jumperoo, there is a green bar with three animals hanging or attached to it- an elephant facing the wrong way, a red bird, and monkey. He enjoyed playing with the bird and the monkey a lot. The bird swung with his bounces, so it kept him especially occupied. On the Luv-U one, there is a hippo rattle that he can spin around. But it isn't nearly as interesting or interactive for him as the bird and the monkey. Our son does like to twirl the red bird and the discs on the giraffe bar of the Luv-U, but watching them is uninteresting for him. Lastly, instead of the hippo rattle, the rainforest has a smaller colorful rattle that our son played with much more than he plays with the hippo! Partly it might be the colors, but mostly I think it is because he could reach it better. They both have lights that react to the music/sounds- rainforest has 3 and luv-u has 2.
Back left toys:
Our son loves the teether on the Luv-U. The string makes it hard for him to grab on his own yet (4.5 months), so I have to give it to him and/or hold it in his mouth. The Rainforest has an insect(?) on a plastic cord that is much easier for our baby to grab and hold onto. On the Luv-U, behind the teether is another rattle. Rainforest's rattle is very similar.
Back right toys:
They both have color wheels that babies can spin. The Luv-U also has a toy where you can push beads back and forth, and a little mirror. I bet our son will love pushing them when he gets older. The mirror interests him, but he can't see himself in it as it is practically facing the ceiling. The Rainforest has a pop up tiger whose mechanism probably is too advanced for our baby and it has a rainbow bar that he loves to look at with a sun rattle.
The Luv-U is easier to get him into and out of and is more roomy. The rainforest swivels much much easier- he was already moving around at 3.5 months. The Luv-U barely moves at all with him kicking off and jumping. I prefer the Rainforest seat since he can move himself to different toys if they catch his interest.
I love the Rainforest's music. The Luv-U is also nice, but the rainforest has my favorite music of any baby toy I've heard! The Luv-U is more sensitive to the baby's movements and makes sounds for every movement he makes. Some people might love this, I get sick of the boinging, the fake baby laughter, etc. I have grown to like the music for the Luv-U, but I miss the Caribbean sounds of the Rainforest!
So why the high rating? It isn't nearly as good as the Rainforest Jumperoo IMO, but it is still a great activity toy for babies! If you don't have a choice, get this. If you do, get the Rainforest Jumperoo!

EDIT on 7/10/13
I have another son who is now 10 months old. We had the same reactions with him to both jumperoos. He enjoyed more of the toys on the Rainforest Jumperoo and we found the toys on the Luv U one to be a bit far away when our sons were younger. Our little one is and has always been in the 97% for height and I appreciated that we could use the Rainforest earlier with him. With the Luv U we ended up having to use books under his feet for quite a few months. Now that he is taller, his feet are flat on the ground on the highest setting of the rainforest, but at this age we rarely (never) use the Jumperoo anyway since he would rather explore on his own.
I stand by my earlier review that both are great, the Rainforest was better for us.

EDIT on 8/24/16
Our third baby is 6 months old. She has been using the rainforest jumperoo happily since she was 3.5 months old. When we went to my inlaws' place for 3 weeks a few weeks ago, not only didn't my daughter enjoy the toys as much, but the sound and lights had also mysteriously stopped working. New batteries and general tinkering didn't fix it. The luv u zoo was generally too tall and reaching the toys was harder for her. The hanging toys aren't as easy to hold onto because they are smoothe plastic. Either jumperoo will be a good purchase, but I am more and more convinced that the rainforest is the way to go. Happy jumping!
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on October 4, 2017
It bounces well and has some cute little toys attached. Wasn't difficult to assemble. A bit of a monstrosity with how much room it takes up, but my son loves it! I feel like it was a good purchase for the price. I do wish the lowest height setting was just a little lower - my son couldn't quite reach the floor at 6 months old (either not tall enough or not heavy enough to weigh it down). He was about 27 inches and 16 lbs but has since "grown into it" and can reach the floor.
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on September 21, 2017
I wanted something for my baby to bounce in, but didn't like a Johnny Jump Up because of how unstable they felt, so decided to buy this product, and I love it. Fairly simple set up, unfortunately the seat doesn't turn great and is stiff. Also, set it at the lowest setting and my daughter's feet still don't touch the floor. Will take a while for her to grow into. It does keep her entertained and she loves all the bright colors.
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on March 12, 2017
My baby lovesssss this Jumperoo! He has it since he was 5 months and he enjoy playing with all the toys it got and laughs and smile everytime I put him in it. One of the best baby products I bought hands down.
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on April 19, 2015
my baby loves this!!!! it's springy and easy for him to jump. loves the different toys... the rhino bumps him in the head sometimes when he is jumping but he doesn't notice lol.

this thing has made making dinner, vacuuming, getting dressed, and the basic things in life possible for me to do without holding him in one arm.

I love it. my son loves it. it has room to grow. you ( whoever you are ) should get it, especially for the 78 bucks I paid. costs more in store in the u.s. costs WAAAAY more in store in canada.
fast shipping too.
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on September 28, 2017
Love this jumper. Our baby girl absolutely loves this thing. I can usually get a good 30 minutes of quiet time to get things done. I highly recommend. The only knock against it is that it's very big and awkward. Hard to move. So put it together in the room you will be keeping it in.
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on September 26, 2017
The Jumparoo itself is great. My baby loves jumping up and down and playing with the toys. But the electronics aren't working so it doesn't light up or play sounds. Unfortunately the box got discarded. I've seen a few reviews online where the electronics for these aren't working out of box.
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on January 11, 2016
We are so pleased with this jumperoo! My son is 5 months old and is very very active so we wanted something that he could enjoy as well as give our sore arms a break from him constantly jumping on us.
There are different levels you can choose for height so it will grow with your baby which is great. He likes all of the toys located around the seat, there are plenty! The seat can also turn so he can move around to the different sides. All of the toys are different from spinning toys, a mirror, chew toy, hanging toy,etc.
The quality of the jumperoo is great and withstands my sons jumping and movement without tipping because of the curved arms. It was really easy to put together, it took maybe 5-6 minutes total and is very easy to take apart for when we visit grandmas house. The toys and seat can be easily wiped clean but the seat can also be removed and washed if it gets too dirty. My son laughs and giggles the whole time and this momma loves every minutes of it!
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on April 18, 2017
Great buy! Bought this when my tot tot when she was 4 months. She's now 6 months and still loves it! She excitedly jumps up & down when it as she gets older she's starting to play with all the cool toys around it & appreciate the music accompanying her jumping up and down!
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on January 9, 2017
Very easy to assemble, can't wait for my granddaughter to come and play. Disappointed it does not have a seat belt, but we will watch her closely and never leave her alone for a second. Adding a seat belt for safety would put this product over the top for the price and quality.
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