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on May 19, 2011
People on here are giving this a bad review. I don't know why. It was simple from the first time I turned it on. Books are so easy to buy and the screen is amazing. My battery life could be a little better but i'm still completely satisfied. My frien has a kindle and she likes mine better!
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on March 6, 2011
I bought a Shift3 Lookbook Wireless Reader for a friend as a Christmas gift. I played around with it to make sure it worked properly and to set up the account (she is NOT computer literate). I found it easy to operate and the bundled package I bought came with a leather case and 150 free books (with access to over 2 million books). I don't know where in the world this $240 price is coming from - I bought mine on sale at CVS Pharmacy for $128.just before Christmas. Their regular price was only $148. I can't believe this price of $240!! Plus, the LookBook is in Color!
The LookBook is very easy to use - downloading books is easy as well. I also purchased a book through the website just to see how the process went - it was flawless. The couple of times that I've encountered something I could not do or didn't understand - I received immediate help. I've almost decided to either keep this one or to buy another one for myself if I can find it on sale again. But, I would never pay this price for one.
One thing I especially love is that wherever you leave off reading a book - it puts a "bookmark" at the spot. So, when you open that particular book again - you go right to your bookmark. The page turners (arrow left-arrow right) are so easy and quick and responsive. Downloads are fast and simple then you just hit the "sync" button and they are very quickly downloaded into your reader.
The one negative about the LookBook reader is this - the directional arrows (for moving around the screen) are located surrounding a very small button on the bottom right of the lower panel. The "left, right, up down" directional arrow funtion is on a raised, VERY narrow circle around the "enter" button in the center. All of these are just way too small. I have small fingers so I can manage it with very little problem, but for anyone else - I think it would be a real nuisance for anyone with larger hands.
Other than this feature - I find the lookbook easy to use and the contrast is great. You can download via the website or via the built in "store" option. Hope this helps someone deide whether or not to buy this product. Just don't pay this price for it!!! I'm sure you can find it much cheaper.
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on April 19, 2011
I bought this a couple of days and at first I was wary until I finally installed the wireless on the machine.

Before then, i had bought a 2gb sd card and put some pdfs on there. I was disappointed when the machine wouldn't read them initially and soon became a little frustrated.

After the wireless update to whatever the lookbook is supposed to be from, the lookbook had a new kind of shelving system for the book. (sort of like goodreads version) and it had a doc tab which i found out that 's where it puts all the pdfs of your books.

i haven't seen if it'll do the epub file yet, but reading the books seem rather easy to put on and to bring up once the book updated.

It took about twenty minutes for the lookbook to update, but afterwards it was pretty cool. I want to figure out how to get rid of some of the books on there (it came with 25 old books), but other than that, i do like the way it feels and reads.

I had to turn a couple of pdfs sideways to get a good screen but most times it's pretty darn good.

The only thing i wish is that it had an audio function, but it's color and that's awesome in itself.

Now i did read some of the reviews and the buttons could be just a tad bigger, but other wise once you get used to the side buttons, it's really okay to deal with for the price i paid. the battery life is only four hours but i'm cool about that. (I ride to chicago and back and that's all i really need.)

the really great thing about this is that i picked this bad boy up for $40 at CVS! (yes, with my extrabucks card).
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on September 11, 2011
I confess I am spoiled by Amazon's Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Pearl Display and Barnes and Noble's Barnes & Noble NOOK ebook reader (WiFi + 3G)[B&W] There are no long waits for boot ups and the piecemeal downloading of individual chapters as is the case with the Lookbook.

The truism that you get what you pay for is borne out again. It was in the clearance bin at Wally World for $25.00.

What are the issues?
-There is Wi-Fi to the Kobo bookstore. However, you still must download your purchases from your PC or Mac. Like the Sony eReader(non-WiFi)you need the computer mothership to complete your purchase. The WiFi is next to useless on this device; for that reason.
-Even when your purchase is loaded on the LookBook the chapters of each book are loaded piecemeal as you read the book.
-Since it does have a color and lighted background, the battery life is shorter the the Nook's or the Kindle's.
-The free 150 classic books takes up half of the memory of the LookBook. You have to have an SD expansion chip if you want a large library comparable to Kindle's or Nook's capacity.
-The power button is on the front. It makes it easier to accidentally turn on the reader.
-The toggle button(similar to the Kindle's)does not always go where intended. Navigation is very inefficient for that reason.
-It is bigger than other eReaders. You can't put it in a purse. While the Nook has a heft that suggests solidity, the Lookbook has a rickety feel.

The Lookbook does have its good points
-The price is low.
-The back light makes indoor reading easy on the eyes(you need a reader light for the Kindle and Nook).
-There are the 150 free classics
-The LookBook does deliver for straight ahead ereading.

I would recommend this ereader for those on a budget or may be saving up for a later generation of ereaders. Unless the price is less than $30.00 I would recommend against this purchase.
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on April 15, 2011
shopko has this on sale this week for $78. I'm pleasantly surprised. If you want a different experience from the ink ereader this is the way to go. Has LCD and in color so goes thru battery juice quickly though in just a few hours. Screen is 7". I like the Kobo site. It does come with its own case that smells a little. The black background and white lettering is great for reading at night.
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on August 2, 2011
This thing is so bad that I actually bought my wife a Kindle two weeks after I bought her the Lookbook. It says that you can put up to 8gb of SD memory on it but they don't tell you that it has to be STANDARD SD memory. SDHC will not work.

And then there is the slowness. It does not know how to read an SD card very quickly. I put an SD card with about 100 books on it into the slot and turned the unit on. It said to wait while the new content was being processed. NINE HOURS later I forced a shutdown by holding the power button down for ten seconds.

We were able to get the thing to run but it takes about a minute for it to go to the next page of the book when you press the next page button.

I called the "support" line and the number given in the book, online, etc., is the wrong number. They have to transfer you to the right department. Then the tech didn't know what to say or do. He said that it could take a "minute or two" for each book to upload from the SD card. I told him that 100 X 2 does not add up to nine hours. He had no answer.

I then went on the support page, which gives no support, and asked for the warranty information. I can not find it anywhere. They have yet to answer me. I placed another request tonight.

Here is what I have done.

1. Synced the unit which did nothing.

2. Reset the unit which erased all content so I had to reload the one -- thank God -- book I had purchased from their website.

Same problems.

3. Transferred all of the books I had to a standard 1gb SD card and loaded it. After several hours I stopped the load.

4. Did a complete reset to factory new through the Advanced Settings menu and then started from scratch. Had to once again reload the purchased book from the website. Took forever but I was able to recover the title. When it loads, after a few minutes, the pages won't turn.

This unit should be scrapped. I have demanded a replacement; but they haven't replied to my e-mails. Luckily, I purchased the Product Replacement Plan from the store I bought it from so I should be able to get some relief. The problem is that this is an extended warranty which starts at the end of the manufacturer's warranty. I don't know when that is because they will not answer my queries.

If you want slow loads, slow operation, and no support, this is the unit for you.

Grit your teeth and buy the Kindle even though their books are a proprietary format. You will be a lot happier.
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on June 9, 2011
Just purchased a used Lookbook from a certain large online auction website (hint: rhymes with t-ray). I personally own/use a 1st Edition Nook, but wanted a color eReader for my daughter (6yrs) and found an incredible deal (under $30). Didn't want to spend alot because of her age. If she destroys this then no big loss.

Opened the box charged the battery and was off and running. Mine is currently running firmware 2.0. I've read that if you have a version older than 1.9 than definitely let it run the firmware update (I believe there are two total that will run). It is supposed to greatly enhance the device.

Fast bootup (faster than my 1st Edition Nook)
It connected easily to my secure home wifi.
Transfer of books was a breeze via the USB
Can read a lot of file types: .epub (non-drm), .pdf, .cbr (e-comics), and probably many more including photo files.
Able to checkout/read books from the Library just like on the Nook!
Great Customization features such as Bookshelf design options, font adjustments, night-reading mode (black screen white text)
Fast page turns (even on heavy color children's books and comics)

WiFi can only connect you to the Kobo store. Would be nice if it had a basic web browser like the Nook to allow for checking email. Not a deal killer and it is really just an eReader...but hey why not?
Navigation through the menus can sometimes be cumbersome due to key/unit responsivness.
Battery doesn't appear to be replaceable should it go bad.
Wish Battery lasted longer -- but this could be due to the previous user not charging properly and allowing it to develop a short memory.
Would like the back panel to feel a little more sturdy/solid (afraid a drop would kill it).

-- Haven't tried the SD card slot yet. I have a 4gb on order (the LookBook can take up to an 8gb card). Once it is in I will hopefully come back and update this review. --

All in all I am very pleased with the purchase of this eReader. For my purposes (inexpensive color reader for my daughter) it fits the bill perfectly. She is having a blast using it. So there you have it an eReader so simple a 6 year old can use it....LITERALLY!

Hope this helps.

**** UPDATE: June 13, 2011 ****
Received my 4gb SDHC memory card today (for under $7 another great deal). Plugged it right in to the LookBook and it was instantly recognized - no problem. Hooked up the LookBook to my PC via USB and transferred books - again no problem. Unplugged from PC and LookBook found all the new books and we were off and running good as before just with much more space.

So once again this is a great little eReader... just make sure you shop around and find a good deal. Some people/places out there are charging A LOT more than others on this one.

Also don't let the bad reviews sway you too much. I believe most of it stems from issues with earlier versions of the firmware. They obviously overhauled it greatly in the later updates like what was on my used one (version 2.0).

**** UPDATE: July 6, 2011 ****
Since there are not alot of options for LookBook covers (or really any at all that I've found) I wanted to pass this info along....

Just ordered/received a cover (great price at $9 and free shipping from the usual place). It is made by Merkury Innovations and is called the eReader Sports Sleeve. This was originally made for The Sharper Image Literati, but fits the LookBook perfectly and adds very valuable protection.

So if your LookBook didn't come with a cover (some don't) then I definitely recommend you pick this up. As always do a search online for the best price -- good deals abound.

**** UPDATE: December 6, 2011 ****
Wanted to offer up another update since Christmas was around the corner. My daughter's LookBook is still running strong after the five months since we purchased it.

Only issue I have noticed is that occassionally it asks for the date/time again upon first booting up. Not a big deal, but just odd that it loses that info sometimes. It is not often as we've only had to re-enter it a couple of times. Thought it was worth mentioning though.
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on July 26, 2011
I received a lookbook for Valentine's Day 2011. It was a very welcome gift as I am an avid reader. From day one it was fraught with problems. The charging cord is finicky, and it took two days to charge the first time (Well over four times the amount of time the docs suggested) The device does not save the wireless key, so I have to input after any time the device is powered down, which makes periodical subscription worthless. It is now July, and the device has stopped updating my bookmarks- according to it, I'm still on page 235 of Game of Thrones in my re-read, and will not allow me to create a "dogear" bookmark (a feature which it does have, and worked previously) One reason I got the lookbook over other options was its ability to read PDF files. I loaded quite a few into the device using a USB cable filling the memory. Since the system says the dogear isn't possible due to lack of space, I attempted to delete some of the pdf files or books. I have been unable to do so either though the device directly or by connecting it to my PC. All in all, I'm about ready to replace it with a competitor's product
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on October 24, 2011
This was the absolute worst. I bought it the first time and it lasted for one day then it would turn back on again. I took it back and it last about 1 1/2 months which is about 3 1/2 books later. Then just like the first time it turn off and would not come back on. I thought that it need a real good charging so I left it on the charger for a day. I attempted to turn it on again and still nothing. Needless to day I will be taking it back to the store and getting my money back. I guess you get what you pay for so I just to save up my money and buy myself a color Nook for Xmas. So if your looking for an inexpensive ereader I would suggest you take your chances with another brand but if you can hold out spend a little more money on a better quality product. That's what I'm going to do.
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on October 12, 2011
I've had my Lookbook for less than a year and would have given it 5 stars for the price I paid, books that came with it, etc. I used it a lot over the winter and liked everything about it - day and night use. However, I let it sit all summer. When I turned it on toward the end of summer, it fired right up, BUT the printing was upside down and a mirror image. I called customer service, and the fellow was very patient and led me thru lots of steps to reset. When that didn't work, he gave me instructions to follow over a period of a few days. After doing that, it was still the same, so I called back. Again, customer service was excellent, but he was stumped. He suggested that I try to return it for a refund or a replacement. I tried that with no luck (CVS). I don't know if anyone's had that same problem, but being the eternal optimist, I still wish the problem could be solved. I'll probably end up tossing it, and I won't buy another one because of this odd problem. Very disappointing for something less than a year old.Shift3 Lookbook Wireless Reader
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