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on May 13, 2011
Just arrived. Took it out for a spin around my neighborhood and it just works. Setup took under five minutes. It suggested I download the app. I did and it made the setup that much easier. Not having to press and hold buttons to set/change stations is quite nice. The interface of the app is a much larger display to read. Well worth the download.

I live in a VERY saturated city and the stations hold well. However the stations suggested by the SmartScan feature were not the best by a long shot. Fortunately I knew and had already set the best channels on my radio. The phone works very well. My voice, according to my parties, came through very clear with no background noise. It was hard to tell I was in my car. Their voice on my end was also very clear. Conversations can be had without shouting by either party.

Static still creeps in but that's common in a saturated market such as mine. I have yet to find a transmitter that was static-free. However, I came close with the last RoadTrip model. Changing the output to mono gave a clear static-free sound. The loss of the sound stage was noticeable but not unpleasant.

The design is very sleek. Soft blue lights provides a very pleasing effect at night. The display is very easy to read and very nicely designed. The menu can easily be navigated without reading the manual.

It's nicely built. However I found the swivel on the holder a bit looser than I'd like. That's my only concern so far. So, I'm keeping the box and packing materials handy just in case. There's no need to remove even the bulkiest case (short of military grade) I can imagine. The holder is adjustable and is nicely padded with soft rubber.

Bottom line:

It's the best FM transmitter I found so far for the iPhone 4.
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on September 16, 2011
I was a little hesitant to purchase and FM transmitter for my car. I heard they didn't work as advertised and that I would hear a lot of static with my music. But when I bought a used car and an FM transmitter was the only way I'd be able to listen to my iPod, I needed to get one.
The Griffin Roadtrip Hands-Free was the only practical option when it came to FM transmitters. It plays and charges the iPod just like it's supposed to and the ability to talk on the phone through the car stereo and microphone is really nice. The only design flaw I can think of right now is that instead of pausing the iPod when a phone call comes in, it mutes the music. I have songs on my iPod because I like the music and I don't want to miss them if I have a long conversation on the phone. You can still manually pause the iPod, but it creates an extra step.
In terms of performance, I've heard that sound quality can depend quite heavily on the location of a car's antenna. Mine is built in to the rear window and I'd say sound quality is pretty good. If I listen hard, or during pauses between songs, I can usually hear a little static. The biggest factor in sound quality is the competing radio stations. I've found a station that maintains good quality for my trip from work to home, but if I deviate from that path, I usually have to use the Roadtrip's built in station finder. It usually does a good job of picking clear stations, but sometimes it only lasts for a few minutes.
In terms of the physical layout, the buttons are easy to find and press, and the lighting of the screen is not too bright for night driving. I love being able to rotate the iPod dock and move the neck around. It holds the position well, though I've only had it for about two months.
If you're looking for a good FM transmitter, I'd highly recommend you purchase this one. It's not perfect, but in my eyes, it's the best one one the market.
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on June 1, 2011
I was awaiting this car adapter for my iPhone for months to be released as my current Belkin TuneBase product which I have two was working except the LED numerals are burning out in each.

The stalk strength seems sufficient for most use. The adapter holds an iphone but a bit looser than the Belkin product - a little wobbliness can occur.

I haven't tried the Bluetooth mode yet but the biggest problem with this device is weak FM signal transmission. I bought two of these and each behaves the same. In sport utility and crossover vehicles, the FM antenna is often not located near the front window. In both of my cars they are on a rear quarter window. The FM is almost complete static unless I cup my hand behind the unit - essentially turning myself into an antenna. In a car with the FM antenna up front, the signal strength seems sufficient.

I discovered through trial and error that one can wrap a narrow gauge wire around the top of the stalk where it pivots to connect to the base. This appears to be near where the FM transmitter is located. This wire behaves like a passive antenna and one can then position the length of wire to an optimal position to optimize the signal output. I decided to wrap the wire around the antenna feed that leads into the back of my car radio. So it's actually not completely wireless - a user modification is required if you have a sport utility or your car's FM antenna is not near the front.

I was under the impression this had a 5 watt FM transmitter but reading up, I think the specs only mean it draws 5 watts of power to power the whole unit. There is no way a full 5 W FM signal can't reach an indoor antenna 6 feet away. I believe this could be an electronic engineering deficiency in its design.

If this flaw gets fixed, then I would increase my rating to 5 stars. Right now, it has to be a buyer beware for you alpha adopters.
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on January 18, 2013
Loved the physical form factor, and good when it works, but the flimsy construction of the buttons, and its behavior make it difficult to use. The buttons get jammed often. Don't think I am pushing to hard, but maybe. No way to keep it set once configured. I have to play with the frequency every time I plug it in. Tried using the iTrip app for the iPhone. I don't have to mess with the physical buttons now, but it is just good enough to show how it could work. Very frustrating. For example, the app remembers the configuration, but won't automatically set my preferred frequency. Starts auto scanning for frequencies on its own. Not really thrilled with the way I can access my music, either. Kind of sorry I bought it for the price. Looking for a better option. One last thought, it is ridiculously difficult to remove from the lighter socket. Still trying to figure out how to remove it without damaging anything, and yes I did read the manual.
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on October 4, 2012
The basic design as a phone holder is so laughably bad, I can't believe it got out of the factory. The weight of the iPhone makes it flop over at two different places (the top and the base) when going around corners. I've tried glue and duct tape and nothing works. On the mountain roads I drive, this is extremely annoying.

However, as a transmitter and charger, it's OK. It took me quite a while of studying the manual and using it to figure out how to best tune in a clear station. I tried tuning to the international frequency suggested in other reviews, but that doesn't seem to work on this model. I even called customer support and they couldn't or wouldn't help me.

What I eventually did was set a preset on my car stereo to 88.1. Then, as I drive through areas with different open frequencies, I use the smart scan function to find a clear station near 88.1 and tune my stereo to it. I've used this strategy while living in and driving through major metropolitan areas from Seattle to the Bay Area, and I'm always able to find a station that works.

I have an older Alpine deck that, by default, automatically skips to frequencies with strong stereo signals. But I found a manual online and learned how to override this function.

Once I have a clear frequency, the sound is adequately good for enjoying music and other audio.
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on April 3, 2012
After having previously owned a Griffin RoadTrip for use with my iPod Classic, I decided to upgrade to the RoadTrip Handsfree for use with my iPhone 4S. The unit itself is very nice and well constructed, and it holds my phone very securely in place without any of the wobble or looseness that others have complained about. It even works with my phone while it is in its case, a huge bonus. Nothing is worse than having to uncase your phone or iPod every time you wanted to use it with an accessory.

The unit features a SmartScan function that will help you find a strong, clear FM channel to use with the device. This is a welcome feature, especially in areas where finding a suitable station can be hard. An associated iOS app makes this feature even better by remembering good stations by location, so no matter where you are, you'll have a catalog of suitable stations to use and flip between.

The only complaint I have about the RoadTrip Handsfree is that it seems to be really susceptible to interference. I was able to find a mostly clear FM channel to use with the unit, but driving in close proximity to other cars, by metal railings on bridges, or metal siding on buildings, I found that a lot of static and distortion was introduced into the transmission. While driving down an open road and reasonably spaced from other cars, the static disappeared.

It's not as good as plugging into an AUX or USB port on your car stereo, but if you don't have that option, this is a really great little product. Just be prepared to deal with the trappings of FM transmission.
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on February 21, 2012
I ordered this despite all of the negative reviews I've read. Not quite sure why there are so many negative reviews, actually. I drive an 05 toyota matrix and live in San Jose, CA... maybe that has something to do with it? It fits snuggly in my cigarette lighter and really doesn't move around like other reviewers have said it does. I guess a little bit when I take a sharp turn but even then it only moves just a little. My iphone 4 also fits in it really well even with the case on.

Other reviewers have said that the app they recommend you download is pointless to have but I beg to differ. The app actually uses your current location to find the clearest radio station for you. The preset stations that come on the device aren't preset to your current location. Once you find the best radio stations to use, you can change the preset ones on the device. You can also keep that app on if you're going long distances to keep finding the best stations and the app is linked to your ipod so you don't have to go back and forth between apps while driving. The radio station the app found for me is surprisingly clear. There is a little static, I mean it is broadcasting through an empty air wave (or whatever it's called). I really only hear the static when my music isn't playing, as in in between songs. When the song is playing I really can't hear the static at all.

Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and am happy I bought it despite all of the negative reviews. I think most of the problems people are having are due to having older cars, crumby antennas, and/or "user errors."
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on January 11, 2012
Anyone skeptical about using this based on the poor reviews should give it a try. I ordered one because I didn't want to go with a "no-name" company and I figured those with issues are only a few to the ten of thousands who buy it with zero complains.
The install was a breeze and it fits nice and tight in the socket. The cradle handles my iPhone case with no problem. The tuner lets me pick the best station and with the Pandora app it makes it worth the money. The phone bluetooth is icing on the cake. I do hear static when I use the preset stations but again you can fine tune to a station of your choice. 88.9 is my tuned station and it's clear. I've tried other stations and it works just fine. It added handsfree capability to my 2004 F150 that did not have an AUX jack. I also have a voice navigation app (Mapquest FREE) for my iPhone and it works well. The voice-over lowers the Pandora/iPod volume while it relays the upcoming directions. Then the music volume returns to normal. It works similar to my Navigation system in my other vehicle.
Those who complain about static, I hear you. I bought something from an Apple store years ago and returned it because I couldn't find any station that didn't give me static interference. It was a Monster brand device. Try this one and you'll be happy you did. The worst scenario is you return it. The best scenario is you now have handfree phone, talking navigation, and music (Pandora, iHeart radio, iPod).
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on December 26, 2016
I really like this because I don't have nor will I ever want to pay for additional music services in my vehicle and I still end up changing stations because I may not like the songs playing. I just have to remember to take my emergency brake off 1st and then plug it in so the break lever and the device are not bumping. I am so thankful these are still made and sold.
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on November 25, 2012
The good part is the design. It fits the iPhone well and the clamp works. The stem seems that it is good enough to use the phone while it is in place. The plug is really tight, to the point I thought i was going to break the truck 12 ports. (I didn't) The issue is that the FM transmitter is junk. I purchased this for my work truck, a Ford F550. while mounted, it holds the phone within a couple of inches of the front of the AM/FM radio. I cannot find a clean station, so all of the music has static. I also have power ports further away from the stereo, but they are mounted vertically instead of horizontally, like they are on the dash. They are about in line with the seatbelt buckles. Same issue with trying to find a clean station. Due to this I never bothered to pair my phone with it, but i liked the idea of how it would work.
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