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on July 26, 2011
Although setup is quick, it is the high performance 802.11n dual RF bands and the creation of my own cloud storage (HD on USB port) that makes the AirPort Extreme a best-in-class choice!

After reading the other reviews, I knew this was going to be quick and easy. I started a pot of coffee thinking I could enjoy a cup while plugging in the AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) and configuring it. Here are the steps:

1. Attached an ethernet cable from the AEBS to my ISP connection. Plugged in the AC adapter and power cord. AEBS powered up. Status light flashed green for a second, glowed amber for several seconds, then flashed amber until the AEBS was configured from a computer.

2. From my MacBook Pro (wireless access works fine for this step), the airport utility app had already launched and was waiting for me (otherwise, go to Applications\Utilities\AirPort Followed instructions that included typing in a router name and two passwords. The default AEBS configuration selects channels and RF bands automatically to optimize speed.

3. Plugged a spare hard drive (in my case: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted 1 TB HD) into AC outlet and the USB port. As soon as the HD had started, it showed up as a MBP network drive device on 'Finder'. I then created a folder, transferred a file, and read it back.

At this point, the coffee machine beeped to let me know my coffee was ready. I was done before the coffee was even ready - about three minutes from opening the box to being operational! Gotta luv it.

Basic Performance Testing:
Not about to let the coffee go to waste, I proceeded with some performance testing. I conducted some very basic data throughput tests by transferring files from the MBP through the AEBS to the HD. This test arrangement kept my ISP download and upload data rates out of the equation. For the wired tests, the MBP was connected to one of the three AEBS Gigabit ports.

Test 1 (a control test configuration between MBP and HD via USB on MBP):
Write to HD: 33.8 MBytes/sec
Read from HD: 34.3 MBytes/sec

Test 2 (wired data transfer)
From MBP to AEBS via Gigabit port, then from AEBS to HD via USB): 13.6 MBytes/sec
From HD to AEBS via USB, then from AEBS to MBP via Gigabit port): 18.3 MBytes/sec

Test 3 (wireless data transfer - 5 GHz RF band)
From MBP to AEBS, then from AEBS to HD via USB): 7.8 MBytes/sec
From HD to AEBS via USB, then from AEBS to MBP): 12.6 MBytes/sec

Test 4 (range test, 5 GHz RF band between MBP and AEBS with a max capacity of 300 Mbits/sec):
3 ft, devices in close proximity: 300 Mbits/sec
50 ft, indoors, no ext walls in path: 243 Mbits/sec
70 ft, outdoors, one ext wall in path: 144 Mbits/sec
80 ft, outdoors, one ext wall in path: 104 Mbits/sec

Default settings seem to provide high bit-rate connections. Using 'manual setup' in Airport, I tested several variations on the configuration without improving the rate/range for the 802.11n wireless provided by the default setting of the APBS. Reading data from the HD back through the AEBS to the MBP was always faster than writing data to the HD. Including ethernet into the data transfer path (Test 2 compared to Test 1) reduced data rates in half. Including WiFi into the data transfer path (Test 3 compared to Test 2) reduced data rates to 2/3. Range test performance was very good for distances within 50 feet.

My own storage cloud:
Originally, I envisioned just using the HD (USB port on AEBS) as a network drive for a SVN (i.e., software version control) repository in support of software development on my MBP. But, I realized that this drive is a common storage location for all my devices (MBP, iPad, iPhone, iTouch) that is accessible wirelessly on my local WiFi. And with a VPN connection, from anywhere with WiFi access to the internet. Simply stated, I have my very own cloud! We aren't talking about a skimpy few GB either, but a full TB of dedicated exclusive mine-only cloud. Now, that's cool.

Why buy the 5th generation AEBS:
- High performance 802.11n wireless performance
- Easy and quick setup
- USB port for attaching a hard drive or printer
- Capability to create my very own AEBS WiFi storage cloud for all my devices
- Guest access to ISP without access to other devices or attached USB device
- Sleek clean stylish look

I am so completely pleased with this purchase.
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on July 12, 2012
It started with my iphone, then the ipad, then the apple tv 3, and now my entire network is all apple with two extremes and 3 expresses (for airplay). I'm very proficient when it comes to networking and pc set up and was so tired of all the messing around with my netgear router that I just replaced it with the apple airport extreme - took about 10 seconds to set up, including port forwarding for my iomega ix2-200d NAS. I wish PC related components were so simple to hook up. Honestly, I can't believe I am raving about apple products but, well, I am. Who knew?
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on January 19, 2013
Up front: I'm NOT an Apple nuthugger by any stretch of the imagination. We have two iPhone 5's in the family and an iPad 2 and a "New" iPad. That's it. No Mac Books, iPods or the like and no Apple TV's.

I purchased this along with the Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem for a single level 2200sq/ft apartment complex we own as a vacation spot. It replaced a Cisco 4500 modem and an outdate Motorola Docsis 2.0. Both products were purchased from Amazon and shipped immediately. I got both items within 48HRS of shippong notification [Amazon Prime rocks!]

There was nothing wrong with the previous Cisco modem for the most part, but I wanted to update to the 3.0 version after going that route in our residence [much faster transfer]. The previous Cisco would give me "freezes" and "deadspots" every so often but nothing too concerning as a simple location change fixed it. In the far corners of the house [bedromms] the signal was VERY low and internet download/upload speed was even slower. It did get frustration at times but, again, it wasn't too bothersome.

I'll make this very short, quick and simple and save all the technical hogwash for those [nerds and geeks] who choose to pursue that path [no offense]: The Airport Extreme 802.11N [5th Generation] is simply AMAZING in EVERY aspect and I cannot praise it enough on these pages!

Hook up and INSTANT connection from start to "signal" was pretty much BAM! and the signal stays full-blown in EVERY corner of the house! Hell, I can go down to the pool level [4th floor] of the condo and still get an awesome signal [minus ONE bar]. It found ALL of my Apple AND Windows PC/Laptop/Tablets/SmartPhones immediately! All I had to do was setup a Username/Password for a secure connection and I was enjoying my gizmos litterally within a couple of MINUTES! With multiple gizmos used, the signal is STILL brilliant! I am so impressed that it simply blew my mind and left me somewhat speechless as I've had issues with these types of things before....... in the past! Add: it looks VERY slick and classy and is CLEARLY well constructed..... a few seconds holding it will solidify this. Kudos Apple as you have a top tier product with this one!

I'm so impressed that I'm scrapping our [other] Cisco wireless router when we get home and replacing it with the Airport Extreme 802.11N [5th Generation] immediately.

Amazon - as usual - were OUTSTANDING!

Like Nike says "Just DO it!"

One of the very best purchases I've made ANYWHER, ANYTIME.....period!
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on January 24, 2013
I preface this review noting that I own many Apple products. They include a Macbook, iPod touch, Apple TV, and an iPad. I was hesitant in getting the Airport Extreme mainly for the price - I wasn't sure that I was going to improve my home wireless network by very much. I am glad I was wrong.

I switched from the MediaLink wireless router (when I bought it, it was the #1 Wireless router on Amazon). I was pleased with it's price and functionality, but with the many, many wireless devices connected to my home network, I was noticing lag and slow buffering. Anything from the two laptops playing YouTube, online gaming with Xbox Live, hiccups in streaming music with my Bose Soundlink speaker, and the list goes on. I needed solid consistency.

Setup was as simple as you'd expect from an Apple product. Plug it in. I ran the AirPort Utility from my Macbook (for Windows users, I'd imagine you'd have to download a similar utility) and ran through the setup wizard and it was good to go.

-Good coverage in our apartment. I've located it where my old MediaLink router was and in certain corners/areas I would get "less bars" on the wireless devices. Not the case with the Airport.
-Fast, easy setup and install. You plug the cables in, run the utility and it works.
-Network drive. I absolutely love the fact that I can plug in my 2TB hard drive into the Airport USB port and it's shared across the network for storage.
-It's Apple. This may be a lame positive for this product, but with my previous experiences I'm confident that I will get A+ support and assistance should I ever need it from Apple. I was less sure of the quality support I would get from MediaLink people. Another benefit is many people have this product so there are plenty of forums/articles online to search for some help (i.e. when I wanted to set up the network external drive).

-Cost, but actually for dual band routers with comparable specs, they are all in the $200 range, so this router is in the middle of the pack.
-Slightly obtrusive. I've set up the router by the TV to connect with the cable modem. It doesn't come with wall mounts so it rests on the TV stand. You get a nice large green LED staring back at you. Granted, Apple products have beautiful enclosures, so I can definitely deal with it.

*Note if you are replacing an older router you probably have all the hookups already. If this is your first router, you'll need to buy some Ethernet cables.
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on April 28, 2013
I'm not really interested in computers and how they function (although they seem to dominate my daily activities more and more) so I bought this router due to reports of easy setup with home Macs. Despite the reports of easy setup, it was a little frustrating for me although it finally started working and continues to work perfectly 9 months later. What was the problem? I never figured it out, it just kept indicating an error despite my following the directions, then it would indicate it was installed properly yet I could not get a signal in the same room. After doing the setup procedure a half dozen times, it started working. I was more than a little apprehensive about it continuing to function but it's still working perfectly. I'm able to use laptop, tablet and Kindle on Wi-Fi throughout the house and into the back yard. I'm very satisfied with it.
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on March 12, 2013
The device itself is excellent! It feels good and looks good. I love the design. The reason why I removed 2 stars it's because I have been unable to perform a proper time machine back up with it. I had to start from scratch like 4 times. The 5th time I did the back up by plugging my HDD straight to MBP. Apparently from well documented web search it seemed that Apple warned against it and do not recommend it since it does not work for everyone but I cannot find such warning on the device listing at Apple or Amazon. The fact that I can't back up over the network is my biggest disappointment since I purchased it especially for this. I really hope that Apple releases an update that fixes the issue. I also found out that Time Capsule do the same so I really do not think it is my HDD since it brand new. Overall good device, great design but stay away from backing up with it unless if you are from those lucky ones for whom it works. Again I am not saying backing up does not work at all but it works for some and not for others. You can always try your luck. I firmly recommend it if you have a lot of Apple devices.

Update 1: I also noticed that it would drop connection when it gets hot but a cool off period and a restart usually resolve the issue.
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on July 13, 2012
I bought the Airport Extreme doubting it would do much good. Two previous Cisco routers had been unable to bring my PC's wireless speed of 16 MBps anywhere near the 32 MBps wired speed I get when connecting via ethernet directly to my Comcast modem.

But hey, with Amazon's great return policy, I figured why not give it a chance?

After installing the Airport, my wireless speed is now 32-33 MBps anywhere in my three floor 1911 craftsman home.

One word of caution: the first time I set up the Airport it failed to get Net access and DHCP, even though I rebooted the cable modem.

Then I realized the modem hadn't really been refreshed. There's a battery in it that holds its previous settings, and you have to take out the battery as well.

I use the 5 GHz band for my two Tivo adaptors, and the 2.4 Ghz band for my PC and iOS devices.

I realize the old wireless speed of 16 MBps wasn't exactly terrible, and I could have lived with it. But it just rubbed me the wrong way that I was losing half my net speed simply because my old routers couldn't capture and broadcast it properly.

Now I'm happy as a net-surfing clam!
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on October 15, 2012
This review may seem simplistic, but so is the Airport Extreme. I was replacing a 3 year old refurbished 3rd generation Airport Extreme. I literally plugged this one in and the utility asked me if I was replacing another Airport. I said yes. It asked if I wanted the same settings. I said yes. My entire network was set up. I could not believe it. Less than two minute. I just plugged it in and it worked. Now to me that says it all for this device. Yes, you can purchase a device that can prioritize your internet traffic, but this thing just works without any tweaking. We stream Netflix on multiple devices wired and wiredless. We have an iPhone, an XBox 360, a PS3. Two laptops and two desktops. And iPod and a networked Blu Ray Player. An internet ready Panasonic TV and a Roku. Any and all of these items could be working at any one time, and there are no issues. I loved my ancient Airport and only replaced it when the wireless stopped working. This has greater range and faster speed. But like a good Apple just works......and very simply. And that is worth the premium price. Thanks Apple!
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on August 28, 2012
I seldom write reviews for products but this time I simply can't hold my joy after getting our Airport Extreme!!!!!!!

Ever since we moved to a 2-story 2250 sqft new house, we've been struggling with extremely slow Wifi connections :( My hubby plays online game on Xbox Live all the time and he's constantly frustrated with the lags he experience during gameplay.

We tried a lot of things (changing settings, changing DNS, changing channels, called ISP to troubleshoot, changing locations of wireless devices, etc.) and blamed our ISP and even suspected the very thick insulation of the house causing that slow connection, but never suspected the very high rated Medialink router we bought on Amazon was the problem (my iMac actually sits very close to the router and got extremely slow connection from time to time). We finally suspected our router but thought we might give it some more time and see if the connection will improve, but sadly, that never happened :(

Thank God we found Airport Extreme!! Thank God for Apple products!! They never disappoint!!

The set-up was a bit complicated for us because we were lazy and elected not to remove the battery from the modem and just plugged the power cord out. That turned out to be a huge mistake because we only got our iPad connected after setting up with our iPad but not our iMac or our PC laptop. Thank God we found a very nice solution from the Apple support forum and made things right the second time :D (This time I used my iMac to set that up through Airport Utility. I personally think it's better than using iPad for setup because it's much more detailed.)

After we got the little green light on the Extreme, we experienced unprecedented speed ever since!!! We used to only have 2.X or below mbps download speed and 1.X or below mbps upload speed (that was painful I tell you!) but now, we got 20+ mbps download speed and 20+ upload speed (We're supposed to get 18 mbps download and 4 mbps upload speed with our Internet plan :p I have no idea how Airport Extreme helped us achieve that speed!! :p)!!! My hubby is extremely satisfied with his online gaming experience now and I'm SUPER HAPPY with our purchase!!! :D YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~~~~~~~~~Bye bye slow connection~~~~!!!!
review image review image
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on May 18, 2013
I have had many routers over the year. I normally research all the manufactures and buy the unit with the best specs.
I have had 802.11b,g and n routers from Dlink, Netgear, Microsoft and Belkin.

After having odd problems with my last two business routers, I decided to try the Airport because I have always enjoyed the reliability and simplicity of my Apple products. I was willing to sacrifice a little on performance to have something that was idiot proof. If my router goes down in my office and I am not there, it can easily cost the entire office several hours of productivity, which would easily be hundreds of dollars in lost productivity.

The Airport arrived and when I took it out of the box I noticed that it had that same Apple feel of substantiveness and quality as all my other product. It was a good start.

I noticed on the back that it only had 3 Ethernet ports on the back. Why Apple? Why? Come on everyone includes 4 ports, but that was okay I have several switches and I would need to use at least one anyway. So this was not a problem for me, but I can sure see how this would be a real pisser for someone who used all 4 ports on the back of their old router and did not have a switch.

Okay, so now you are wondering why did this guy give it five stars, right? Well it does its job PERFECTLY. It is truly a plug-n-play device. It just sits there in its pretty little spot in my office and it is kind and generous to all my other devices. It says please thank thank you and just works. The software is what makes the difference. EVERY other router I have ever had had software that was poorly written and usually very slow to respond. It is no fun digging through 50 different pages of setting just because you can.

if you are a hacker, this is not the router you want. If you want a great performing product that works right out of the box and makes sense even to the most novice computer user, but can be appreciated by an advanced user (me), then this is for you.

Is it perfect? No! Does it do what it intended to do perfectly? Almost! (If it had 4 Ethernet ports on the back, then it would be perfect).
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