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on June 26, 2014
Let's face it. When you buy an electronic device, you'll occasionally get a dud. You can't mass-manufacture electronics and not make a mistake every once in a while. How the company deals with these mistakes is what makes their product, and the company itself, one that I'll happily use again.

When I got my AcuRite 02027 I was pleasantly surprised. It has a highly-visible display that's nicely arranged and color coded to distinguish interior from exterior readings. All the sensors seemed very accurate once I got the little outdoor sensor in the right place. Even the forecast was correct most of the time. A neat little trick is that the display is at its brightest when viewed from slightly above, so it's perfectly at home on a desktop or table.

About two months into ownership, though, the outside sensor stopped transmitting. I put new batteries in it, but it didn't come back to life. I changed the transmitting channel, and it immediately started registering on the display again. But something was wrong. The sensor was sitting next to the base station, which was showing an inside temp of 73 degrees. But the sensor was transmitting a temp of 91! And it was climbing rapidly. I watched it until it showed 113 degrees, then picked it up. The sensor itself was hot. I pulled the batteries and put in different ones, but it did the same thing. Something inside the sensor was overheating badly, making it useless.

I contacted AcuRite using the web address in the owner's manual. A couple of days later, a rep named Charlotte sent me a reply. She said that they stand behind their product, and she was sorry I was having issues. All she asked was whether I was using rechargeable batteries, which they don't recommend. I assured her I was not. She then asked me to email her my receipt of purchase from Amazon. A couple of days after that, I received an email saying that my replacement sensor was on its way. She again apologized for my inconvenience, and hoped I would contact her again if there were any further issues. There was no charge for shipping, processing or handling.

This is customer service as it should be. No lengthy process, no ridiculous hoops to jump through, no stupid charges that make using the warranty useless. Just a confirmation of the problem and a quick replacement.

Thank you, Charlotte. AcuRite will be my weather station from now on.
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on January 27, 2014
I wanted a weather station that would provide both temperature and humidity for both inside and outside. Barometer and forecast are also included, as well as temp history. I looked at every weather station that Amazon sells, plus every other supplier I could find on the internet. There were very few that had all these features, without spending at least a C note. This one has it all, plus time, date, moon phase, AND forecast. For half that cost. It has worked exceptionally well here in New England. Readings have been spot on when compared to internet figures for my locality, and the forecast has been as accurate as if it is hooked up to National Weather Service, even though it doesn't actually do that. I don't know how it achieves that, but it has matched the official forecast every time I have checked it this month. Plus, the color display looks very nice. Amazon has been out of stock on these lately, but you should ask them for one - IMO you have to spend a lot of $$ for a professional unit to get something better. Oh yeah, the first time I mounted this was on the far side of a large cedar tree about 100 ft from the house, and I found that was too far - or maybe the tree blocked the signal. So I tried the back porch and protected it from rain and direct sun. We haven't lost the signal once since then.

Followup March 8, 2014: The unit has continued to provide accurate temperatures in this very cold winter. I used Lithium batteries in the outdoor sender and it has worked flawlessly through the coldest days, including a minus 9 morning, and several near zero days. My previous unit would shut down if it got too cold.
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on November 25, 2015
While this product initially makes a good impression, its luster quickly fades. Worse, the manufacturer then fails to stand behind its product, opting instead to let its retailers deal with defective units. Consequently, I don't know which deserves less stars, the product or its manufacturer.

The Good

Out of the box, the unit sets up easily. The display is bright and pleasing to look at. The barometric pressure reading and moon-phase icon are nice touches, but I quickly found that I stopped looking at these data points during my quick glances at the display unit. The range seemed acceptable, but I didn't push it - the outdoor sensor and the display unit were no more than 25' apart, and separated only by an exterior wall and some windows.

The Bad

I purchased the item in late May. I live in the Midwest, so the daily temperatures at the time of purchase ranged from the 50s to the 70s. Both the indoor and outdoor temperature displays operated flawlessly while the outdoor temperatures remained mild.

Things began to go haywire in October, when the average daily high temperatures were only in the 50s and 60s. I noticed that the outdoor temperature stopped updating. There was no indication on the display that it had lost contact with the outdoor sensor; the outdoor temperature simply remained at 62F, even though the actual outdoor temperature was going up and down. I brought the outdoor sensor inside, put fresh batteries in both units, and then followed the steps in the manual for re-syncing the indoor unit with the outdoor sensor. When they were once again in sync, I moved the outdoor sensor back outside, but closer to the display unit so that they were now only 4' apart, and separated by just a window. The two units stayed in sync for about two days. Meanwhile, the outdoor temperatures averaged between the 30s and 50s.

When the outdoor temperature once again stopped updating on the display unit, I contacted AcuRite's customer service via online chat. The customer service rep I chatted with told me to replace the batteries in both units (again), and to go through the sync process (again). She even emailed me the sync instructions (which are already in the manual), and encouraged me to follow-up if there were any further issues.

One week later, I responded to her email to report that the outdoor temperature had once again stopped updating on the display unit. When I had received no response after four days, I sent her another email asking her to respond. When another two days passed without a response, I called AcuRite's customer-service line (the online chat option has since disappeared from their website). This call was made just yesterday.

The customer service rep I spoke with yesterday did find my name in their system, but she could not find any notes entered by the rep who conducted the initial online chat. Consequently, I had to start from the beginning in explaining my issue and the interventions taken to date. She recommended - wait for it - that I replace the batteries in both units and restart the sync process. I was furious, but I agreed to go through the sync process because none of what had gone on so far was her fault. So I did the sync steps while she was on the phone. When the outdoor temperature did not immediately display on the indoor unit, she said that it may be defective because both the indoor and outdoor temperatures should display as soon as the units are powered on (the outdoor temperature has always taken 15-20 minutes to display on the indoor unit).

This is where things got crazy. The AcuRite rep asked what the return policy is at Amazon, to which I responded that the return window closed nearly five months ago. She recommended that I call Amazon and ask them to work with me because my unit is defective. If - and only if - Amazon refused to replace the unit - I should call back and AcuRite "would see if they can do something." I asked how long the warranty period is. The answer? ONE YEAR! So despite the fact that the unit is guaranteed to be from defects for one year, the manufacturer will only replace it SIX MONTHS AFTER IT WAS PURCHASED if the retailer refuses to to replace it. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard. And, quite frankly, I am looking into filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Believer it or not, she said that my having to go through Amazon for replacement of a defective unit was my fault because I had chosen to purchase it from Amazon rather than buying it directly from AcuRite. She said AcuRite would "go broke" if they had to replace all the units that were purchased from third-party retailers. How about making non-defective units that don't need replacement in the first place?

The good news is that, because Amazon has some of the best customer service around, they actually agreed to refund my money for the purchase of this unit. The agent initially balked, citing the return window and offering to give me AcuRite's toll-free number. When I told him what had transpired on my call with AcuRite, however, he put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back and said they would refund my money. Don't be surprised if Amazon stops selling AcuRite products. I know I would if I was Amazon's purchasing manager.

Save yourself the frustration, and buy another brand.
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on January 21, 2018
Extremely easy setup. All I had to do was put batteries in the sensor, plug the main unit in and set the time zone. Done. It already knew the correct date within seconds. Even before I set the time zone. This is my third shot at a weather station. First was an Oria which was never accurate. The seller promised to send me a replacement, but it never showed up. The second was a La Cross. It was fairly accurate. Setting the main unit and the sensor next to each other only showed a few degrees between inside and outside temperature and humidity. We recently had a power outage and when the power came back on, out of all the electronics in my home, only the La Cross weather station fried. Too bad. I liked that one and only had it a month. Third times the charm right? I got this AcuRite. As stated, setup was extremely easy. I had the sensor and base unit next to each other and was astonished that the temperature and humidity for inside and outside exactly matched. I did like the La Cross screen better though. I could see it at any angle. This one is dimmer if you look at it straight on and if you are slightly lower than the screen it is unreadable. You must be above it to see the screen well. Also, this unit is not meant to be wall mounted. It provides no options to do so. I suppose you could stick some Velcro on the back or something, but the back of the unit kind of rounds up to the top so wall mounting is not the best option. It's meant to set on a desk or nightstand. I'll tolerate the screen and really like the easy setup and accuracy of the readings.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 13, 2018
When I read the features I thought this is exactly what I want (with some features I really don't care about) to replace my former AcuRite unit. However, it didn't turn out as I had hoped. The display is awesome--when you can read it. I mounted it on a wall a short distance from where everyone would sit--nobody can read it. You must be in a position where you look at it straight on--off to the side, below it (like when sitting) or slightly above all you see is a black display--even with the display set at 100%, It specified on the web page that I needed 5 batteries just like my old unit--but those batteries are only for backup, it came with an adapter that you must plug in. If your looking for something for your desk, to sit on the side table next to your chair, this is the unit, but anything else--forget it. I would return it but not very cost effective for me for the price I paid (repacking, finding a place to ship it, etc.), I'll move it to my workshop or garage. Okay unit as long as you know what you in for.
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on September 2, 2015
2 Stars for AcuRite 02027. But 5 Stars for Amazon return policy

I'm not a weather station expert.

Needed an In/out door thermometer for the new house I moved into recently where there are significant temperature and humidity deflections. Looks of screen are admittedly pretty but digits become unreadable at certain angles. Initial pairing was smooth. However Outdoor temperature was always 5-8 degrees higher than actual temperature. Not in a fixed ratio to the real temperature though. I have several .other reliable gauges. So this was failing in the most important functionality ie outside temperature. I sat on the fence lazily accepting the imperfection. A month following set up the outdoor sensor fell about 3 feet to the ground. Sensor lost connection with the base permanently. All suggestion in the manual failed to revive the poor piece. Ended up pronouncing it. Thanks to Amazon they processed my refund within hours of UPS pickup!

So I went back and reviewed some reviews on this highly reviewed item. Many people complained about the inaccuracy of outdoor temperature, like I experienced, and chose to live it, just like I did. I was interesting for me to note that. I think people know it's China produced so they already have low expectations!

I'm going to try the Ambient Weather WS-11 Wireless Weather Station with Temperature, Humidity, and Barometer. Not as pretty, but seems to excel in function. Keeping fingers crossed.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 22, 2017
This thermometer was purchased to replace a Weather Channel indoor/outdoor thermometer that is getting old. The AcuRite is attractive and looks good in my house. Compared to the old thermometer, the AcuRite is accurate with outdoor temperatures and stable indoor temperatures. My one complaint is that the indoor thermometer seems to lag behind during significant temperature changes such as in the morning when the automatic thermostat increases the temperature before I get up in the morning. I have two other indoor thermometers next to the AcuRite and both accurately show the indoor temperature increase while the AcuRite may lag behind by 4 to 5 degrees. Once the indoor temperature is stable for a period of time, the AcuRite indoor temperature is accurate compared to the other two thermometers.
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on September 20, 2017
Fun thing.
Works pretty well. Sometimes not so well as one must realize that the barometer reading could cover quite a large area and as such the indicated rain could be somewhere other than your neighborhood.
Overall it works quite well, temp and humidity figures off by a couple of points at times.
I have three units (two of these and a plain, non-colored one) and a through the window temperature digital unit and all give different readings, but that's to be expected.
The animation and colors are good.
Just be sure to mount the sensor in full shade out of the Sun.
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on February 3, 2016
A good weather station. My first one was defective and I had to mail it back to the company for a replacement, which was a hassle since I paid for return shipping. The date/calendar was non-functional and I could not select 2016. The replacement they sent is working great though. The remote receiver is much further away than the black and white AcuRite weather station this is replacing, which kept running down the batteries and I would have to keep resetting the clock. I prefer this plug-in model.

You can get weather stations that are much more functional than this. I have a Netatmo station as well, which adds monitoring of CO2 levels and I can check it remotely from a phone app.
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on January 16, 2018
So far so good. I went and purchased the outdoor protective housing for the outdoor sensor and equipped it with Lithium Ion AA batteries which were recommended but not included. My only complaint is that the color LCD display is difficult to view on an angle as was stated by others who reviewed this item. I have compared the accuracy of the outdoor readings to that of the outdoor temperature guage reading on my care parked in the driveway and both are always within a degree or two.
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