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August 21, 2019
When you, as Christians come to the Lord in search of miracles, remember that like when you go to the doctor you need to wait before you can see him, you also need to wait patiently for the miracle you seek to occur. And yes, it’s true that the Lord is a doctor, who He proclaims this in Exodus 15:26 where He states “For I am the Lord who heals you.”

What the author, Caroline Klug, attempts to communicate to her readers that what they need to do is to transform the just sitting around waiting for something to happen which they can see to that of seeking it out for miracles are happening each and very day. There’s a special relationship which is shared between us the Lord, a relationship which we need to continuously build upon through us being open to the possibility of something happening when we least expect it.

This is not an answer book, it’s a carefully presented inspirational one where those reading it are able to reach a higher plane with the Lord by looking towards and beseeching Him directly and not towards any of the distractions surrounding us. It is for this reason; this reviewer of Christian books has given Ms. Klug the 5 STARS she earned.
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