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June 8, 2015
Honesty forces me to start by admitting that I'm part of Anita's Peace Corps experience. I served with her during the time this book took place and I consider her a friend. Given that, I doubt my impartiality despite the fact that I haven't seen or talked to her for many, many years. But my Burundi experience has been on my mind lately, what with this being the 30th year since Anita, I and our Peace Corps compatriots left on that great adventure. It's also been on my mind because of the most recent problems in that most troubled country that has put Burundi back in the news. And 'Turtle Tushies in the Land of Banana Beer' has sparked memories and recollections in ways I hadn't anticipated. I found myself re-experiencing the oddest things while reading Anita's words: the smells of the marketplace, the tastes of Burundian food, the feel of Burundian soil crunching under foot while walking the hills. I wasn't prepared for that. This book won't enlighten you to the politics of 3rd World development or the intricacies of Central African tribal politics. It's told simply with a heartfelt love for a place that is both beautiful and profoundly troubled at the same time. And I think that with a little effort on the reader's part, one could be transported for awhile to a time and place that was special -- and worth visiting, even if only in the imagination.
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