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February 11, 2003
This Wagner MMC205 is the one to have. No hassle when you have to ask the seller if they mind having pin holes in their wood. (Taking measurements at the end of the wood helps to avoid that, but still a minor consideration) It actually measures moisture content 3/4" of an inch into the wood. So surface moisture, which can vary based on humidity in the air, or a recent rain, etc, does not become a factor. It does so without any tampering with the wood. (No holes) Pin models, only go so deep, unless you really gouge the wood.
Another consideration, is that the more expensive Wagner meter measures wood above 20% moisture content. Considering that usable wood starts at 12%, and if you want to make furniture you will need wood around 4 to 6%, the need to know measurements up to 35% is not all that neccessary.
Their isn't any calculations neccessary with this meter as well. They do give you a handly little booklet, with all of the wood types listed. That way you can set it for the specific wood type to get a very exacting measurement.
It comes in a handy carrying case. Large easy to read numbers. Takes a few uses to get the hang of it. Like holding the setting down, in order for it to go into the changing mode.
When buying wood, the amount of time is has aged-cured, or been properly kiln dried is of the essence. If you buy wood that has too much moisture content in it, you will be forced to either age it yourself, or suffer the movement as it cures over time.
It is interesting to actually take this meter into some of the larger retail Home stores and measure what appears to be kiln dried, planed wood. Sometimes those pallets are left out in the rain for awhile. Since they are strapped together, a good soaking has the oppotunity to go deep within the grain. The individual boards in that case are not exposed to the air again, until they are unwrapped.
In conclusion, moisture measurements are essential in woodworking. This unit is at a good price point, if you want to do the best job, without breaking the bank. If I had to do it all over again, I would still buy this one. Highly recommended.
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