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September 28, 2011
I've played popgame's bejeweled online for a long time, and so I was intrigued when I saw this game was available. The basic premise is the same and you will have multi-levels drop if you match the right 3 jewels. I liked that the game does have a dropping visual effect, but I dislike having to use the 5-way controller to swap jewels. It works about as good as it possibly could with the limitation of the Kindle. I would rather play this game on a color device as an app-- maybe on the new Kindle Fire when it comes out!

::UPDATE:: I tried to find my Kindle Games listed on my new Kindle Fire thinking I would try this one in color. They are NOT there -- Not Every Word or Kindle Monopoly or any of the Amazon Digital Services and other games for Kindle. I have over 15 games on my Kindle 3, too.

These games only work on the Kindle 3 (keyboard) kindle or any of the Kindles with button navigation -- probably not on the new "touch" Kindles either because of touch screen navigation. If you buy this game, know that it won't work on all other Kindle devices. It's not the fault of the developer -- just a quirk in different device navigation.
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