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January 8, 2013
I hope this book would be as interesting to a general reader as it is to people with Peace Corps experience/relation (such as most of the reviewers to date) or a Bulgarian, such as myself.
It is neither a novel nor a travel guide nor anything else I had read before. As the author intended, it is just a fresh breeze... in the memoir genre.
If you are interested in precise, deep and consistent encyclopedic information about Bulgaria, this is not the book for you (the few "misspelled" Bulgarian words, for example, are a rather charming inaccuracy). The uniqueness of the book is in the telling of a simple human love story which would be in many ways different if it did not happen in Bulgaria!
Bruce and Stormy seem to be really amazing people. No wonder they made so many friends in Bulgaria in such a short time. I have come to appreciate more the free and open American spirit (Yes, to me this wasn't a book about Bulgaria only). Words like charity, volunteering, patience, objectiveness and tolerance were redefined for me by an American ex-pilot teaching Bulgarian kids.
Thank you, Bruce for your service and your memories - people should really read them! Did you bring a 2-liter plastic Coca Cola bottle full of home made rakia to the States? :)
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