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November 12, 2015
By Sara Steven

Jennifer Scott is a magnificent storyteller. She weaved the lives and stories of four very different women, each going through their own turmoil, into a delicate, intricate web of honesty and empowerment. It was interesting to learn about Karen, Melinda, Joanna and Maddie, women who might be the next door neighbor, or someone you’ve run into before a time or two and didn’t realize just how much they become a part of your life, and your own story. The women never intended to become friends, but perilous circumstances thrust them into something that ends up becoming all encompassing.

For me, character evolvement is an important attribute. Second Chance Friends doesn’t disappoint. No one is two dimensional and each woman lends into the other. There were moments where I was worried about the women, as though they were real-life people! In a way, I felt I was another character in this circle of women, and that’s what I enjoyed most from this novel. I felt apart of something important. I witnessed how good human nature can be when given the chance, and I really appreciated that. In a time where it feels more acceptable to wallow in negativity, it was refreshing to engage in positivity.

There will be many ups and downs throughout "Friends," at times stressful, other times cathartic. I even got a little emotional a time or two, which is unusual for me when I’m reading. That’s a true testament to how well this story was written. It’s one I know I’ll never forget. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a dose of realism, and believes in never giving up on your fellow neighbor, even in times of strife. A great read!
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