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on February 8, 2012
Michael Mann -- a world class scientist and communicator about the seriousness of climate change -- has finally put all of the recent history (sordid, indeed) about climate denial, attacks on climate scientists, and serial and intentional efforts by climate "skeptics" and "deniers" (a word many of them self-apply) into a book. As the title suggests, there IS a war on. That war is not really about the science, as Mann shows, but about efforts to confuse the public and policymakers by pretending the science is wrong (it isn't) and by attacking the scientists who are willing to speak about it publicly. Much of the contents of the book is old news: we know about the efforts to slander/libel the work of Mann, which led to seven public formal independent reviews, each of which confirmed the accuracy of his work (described well in the book); we know about the efforts of serial deniers to confuse policy makers and the public (in fact, take a look at how the trolls are being marshalled to insult and criticize the book here at Amazon!).

If you are up in the air about the science of climate change; if you are interested in the true history of the battles between scientists on one side and often-paid skeptics on the other hand, get this book. Toward the end, Mann talks about the misinterpreted, out-of-context emails stolen from a university in the UK, with the observation and famous quote "If you give me six lines written by the most honest man, I will find something in them to hang him." This describes the classic tool of using misleading, cherry-picked piece of information to argue against climate change -- a tool used in bad data analysis, bad policy, and bad science. Mann carefully and clearly describes that episode in a way that -- if you had previously been confused by the rhetoric -- will convince you that the science is stronger than ever.

Check it out.
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