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Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2011
 I owned this trash can for over 6 months and I am very pleased with it.

In case someone reads only the first few lines of this review, I'll start with the correction to the product description. At some point Nine Stars changed the design from using 4 D batteries to using three C batteries but did not update the product description (see photo of the trash can lid upside down - Photo#1). When I purchased this can and was anxious to try it out I had "D" batteries ready, but then had to rush out to get "C" batteries. Not a big deal, just FYI!

Photo #2 and #3 shows the trash can open and closed.

The outside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover on are:
28" height x 16" width x 11" depth
The inside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover OFF:
22" height x 15.5" width x 10" depth
The tall can with the lid open is 37 inches
The inside dimensions of the large trash can with the cover ON:
11.5" wide left to right and 6.75" front to back
A dinner sized paper plate of 9" in diameter can be deposited without bending width-wise, but has to angled down since the front to back is narrower than 9".

The tall can with the lid open is 37 inches
The trash bag that fits this can best is 13 gallon trash bag. My favorite is Kirkland extra lager 13 gallon Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags - 13 Gallon - Xl Size - 200 Count

The Trash Can operates on three "C" batteries. The battery compartment is under the cover. The battery compartment is easy to reach, and batteries are easy to change. The switch to turn on the Trash Can is also under the cover. Photo #1 of the Trash Can cover upside down. After 6 months of constant use the can is still operating on the first set of batteries.

The cover operates smoothly and closes well preventing odors from escaping. The Trash Can automatic opening mechanism is rather sensitive so I turned it around to face the wall so when I walk by it does not open automatically. It is still convenient to use, yet this prevents it from opening and odors escaping when I go by.

The Trash Can comes with a handy ring, which allows you to neatly tuck in the trash bag inside the can. The first time I put it on the trash bag was visible on the outside. The correct way of using the ring is to insert the bag into the ring, fold the sides of the bag over the ring, place the ring on the sides of the waste basket inside the Trash Can and tuck in the sides of the bag between the basket and the Trash Can.

The two problems I encountered are related to the batteries.

(1) Wrong size specified in description as I mentioned earlier
(2) I normally prefer to use rechargeable AA batteries with jackets that convert them to C or D batteries as needed. However the construction of the large Trash Can is such that the batteries with jackets do not make proper contact in the compartment and are ejected. The regular "C" batteries work fine.

As I was doing research on this product before the purchase, I found a comment by H.Campbell that described how to solve a problem when the lid does not fully open even after the battery has been changed. This problem was mentioned by a few people, yet the solution was hard to find and easy to miss. I am including the solution in this review so it is easier to find as several people mentioned this problem.

Resetting the lid mechanism after the battery change:

PROBLEM: The lid only opens 1 inch even after a battery change.
SOLUTION: Manually push the lid into the fully open position and then forced the lid back a little bit more until you hear two clicks from the hinge area. Release the lid (it will go back into the closed position). From there on the automatic lid opener will works like new, going into the fully open position, as before.

Overall I am pleased with this Nine Stars Trash Can. The small issues I encountered are not deal breakers. The Trash Can looks good, and opens and closes well, and still runs on the original set of batteries.

Update 6/24/14
Someone asked me where to find a replacement ring for the large trash can. I searched Amazon for "replacement ring for DZT-50-9" and found that it is being sold separately:

I am enjoying the convenience of touch-less trash can! It is like having a helpful hand whenever I need it. Recommend!

Ali Julia review

Update 7/26/2013 The trash can is still running on the original set of batteries (26 1/2 months)
Update 10/21/2013 Still running on the original set of batteries (29 1/2 months)
Update 12/1/2013 The original batteries are still good - 2 years and 6 months of daily use.
Update 4/26/2014 This week the original battery died! 2 years and 10 months on the original set of batteries. This is much better than I expected!
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