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on April 21, 2005
Season #4 of "All In The Family" includes many more memorable (and very funny) moments at the Bunker household. This three-disc DVD collection holds all 24 episodes from the fourth AITF season (1973-1974). There are eight shows on each of the three discs.

The season begins with Episode #62, "We're Having A Heat Wave", and continues through Episode 85, "Mike's Graduation" (which turns out to be a not-so-happy day after all for Archie). During the course of this fourth year of the popular sitcom, we get our first look at a new batch of Archie's neighbors -- George Jefferson and The Lorenzos (Irene and Frank) -- who prove to be worthy foes for the outspoken Archibald Bunker.

Other 4th-season highlights include: "Edith's Conversation", "Pay The Twenty Dollars", "Archie And The Computer", "Archie Eats And Runs", "The Games Bunkers Play", and "Second Honeymoon".

There's also Episode #71, "Archie In The Cellar" (aired November 17, 1973), which has a tipsy Archie Bunker confronting "God" in one of the most hilarious scenes in the show's long history -- "Forgive me Lord, the Jeffersons was right!" (LOL!)

The video quality on this DVD set is about the same as the previous AITF full-season collections (to my eyes anyway) -- not very sharp, but watchable. The shows were done on "tape" (not film), which accounts for the less-than-stellar picture quality I think.

There are no Special Features included here (except for some "Previews" for other Columbia/Sony TV-on-DVD products).

I like the inner packaging of this set. It's designed exactly like that of the third-season AITF collection, with the discs popping off their respective "hubs" (holders) without a Herculean effort required to remove them.

Foul Language Warning ----

A hunk of very foul language coming from the lips of Archie Bunker (which would normally not get past the TV censors, circa 1973) remains intact on the soundtrack of the first episode of this boxed set ("We're Having A Heat Wave"). Worse language than usual for Archie, that is. At about the 07:50 mark into that show, Archie screams one of the few taboo words that you still can't say on TV even nowadays. Hard to believe that this expletive (with the initials "G.D.") was actually allowed to be aired. But, evidently, it was permitted, for some reason.

Other information about this set......................

VIDEO -- Full Frame TV ratio (1.33:1). In color.
AUDIO -- 2.0 Dolby Digital Mono (English only).
ANIMATED MENUS? -- No. The Menus are all "static" in nature. No music.
PAPER INSERT INCLUDED? -- Yes. A fold-out type of booklet/episode guide.
DISC TYPE -- Single-sided / Dual-layered (with disc art adorning each platter).
PACKAGING TYPE -- 3-panel "Digipak" case, with outer cardboard box.


Season Four of "All In The Family" provides another solid year of laughs (and a few teardrops along the way too). It doesn't rank quite as high on my "favorite years" list as some other seasons of the series, and the DVD picture quality here is certainly nothing to write home about, but it's still a good year's worth of episodes with Archie and family nevertheless.
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