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July 8, 2019
David L. Haase's Beware the Spider was awesome! I read this book in two sittings over the 4th of July weekend, It would have been one, but I was forced to go to sleep since we had to break camp the next morning. The storyline is one I have not read anything similar to before and was a welcome break from my typical reading. Page one begins, almost immediately, with action and pulls the reader in by giving you just enough backstory, planting the seed, creating curiousity that absolutely MUST be satisfied. Sebastian Arnett was a photographer, typically nature, more specifically exotic flowers, and while on location in Borneo, he became so much more. A mysterious woman, showed and handed to him a rare, unknown, maybe even nonexistent, mythical Black Orchid. At which time, he was bitten and possessed by Empaya Iba, the Spider Spirit/Demon, Guardian of the Mother Soil, and imbued with the power to kill with his very thoughts. What could be more terrifying than that?! How about being awakened by a call letting you know that your power is no longer secret, and that you, and everyone that you hold dear in this world, are being hunted because of your power/curse.
All of that is just in the first few chapters! From there you get to go jetting around the world with Sebastian, his lover's ex husband's illigitimate son, intelligence agents from various nations, one with a boozy name, obviously to protect his identity, and meet up with peculiar characters, some on his side, others hell bent on having his power or using him for their own gain, as well as the FBI, the military, and United States government. I cannot express enough how well this story kept moving, there were minimal lulls in the action, just long enough of a moment to catch your breath and let Sebastian and his friends heal, before you're swept away on another wave of insane action and chaos.
If you think that having a guy possessed by a Spider demon/spirit, that kills through thoughts and being chased over the globe sounds intense, get ready, because there is more, I don't want to spoil it by giving away anything more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an action packed story, a little bit of mysticism, and a whole lot of adventure. AND this is the 2nd book of the series! That fact did not in any way cause issues for me while reading, anything that you need to know from the previous installment is explained in a quick and concise manner, like I already said, nothing slows this book down!
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