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February 10, 2012
This is a good PC for those that are new to the Computer and the Internet world but not a high performance PC for experienced users. My 76 year old mom has had an Apple PC that was supposed to be easy to use but it is always doing something unexpected and as a result, she was constantly frustrated and hardly ever used it. It now collects dust since she gets stuck on something that is hard to solve over the phone.

By contrast, the Telikin we got her has a tight controlled easy interface system that is complete with features so she is not messing with installing software, answering questions in weird pop-up windows or getting confused with program windows that appear and are then gone (in the background). This thing is very easy to use and you just touch the screen or use a mouse. The e-mail is simple, the automatic Face-Book photo integration is just awesome because the F-B photos from her friends now magically appear on the photo albums. Mom now checks the news, weather, email and her calendar every morning. It is fun to actually communicate with her via e-mail a few times a day, finally. Even the grand kids email with her now from the East Coast. However, this PC e-mail app needs more folders so favorite people or subjects can be found later faster. I would also like to see more color choices for the main menu screen.

The free video chat (Skype) feature is the easiest implementation to use I have seen... Way easier than on my business laptop. We cannot believe how simple it is for her to see the grand-kids and talk to them 3,000 miles away for Free with just three touches to the Telikin's screen. This PC is so cool and mom now has some bragging rights with her friends. Pretty funny. This has opened up the world to her, literally. We have relatives in Europe that she now connects with regularly via Video Chat and Face-Book. The touch screen is intuitive to use and it looks great in her kitchen. Everything, like email and contacts, links to the other programs. Even the easy to see keyboard is designed for seniors but the mouse could be bigger.

Best feature is the Tech Buddy. If she has a question or is confused, she just calls me and I link to her PC with mine over the net. With this 'Tech Buddy' feature, I can see what is on her PC desktop and I just walk her through it while I'm at home or at work. She is actually getting pretty independent now after a few weeks. So glad someone invented the Telikin and solved this problem that novice PC users have and allows seniors to join the Internet.

In conclusion, if you need a high powered business or game PC, this is NOT for you. But if you want a simple PC that has all the needed features and games for the modern world but with a super easy & simple point and touch interface, then this is the one to get! Highly recommended for PC newbies and seniors. My 74 year old mother-in-law is next on the gift list.
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