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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 1, 2015
The iOrange-E USB Type-A to Type-C cable has really exceeded my expectations for USB accessories made by 3rd parties (IE, cables not provided by Google, Apple, etc).

The connector quality is very good (the type-c end is not quite as solid as the ones from Google, for example, but it still has good insertion/detatch feel), and the aluminum housing meshes well with both the aluminum body MacBook and Chromebook Pixel. Definitely meant to be aesthetically close to both of those products. The braided cable is a very nice touch too.

On the technical side, this cable conforms to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1, meaning that it correctly identifies to the Type-C device that it is a legacy USB cable using a 56k' pullup to Vbus. For charging, this means that this supports BC 1.2 charging speeds, up to a maximum current of 2.4A at 5V.

Other cables that you can buy on Amazon claim that they support 3A charging, however be very careful of those cables as they may not conform to the USB Type C specification, setting the identification resistor such that it looks to the Type C device that it can support 3A charging while the Type-A connector on the other end and any device you plug into cannot possibly support 3A. Any A-C cable that you find that claims to support 3A charging may cause damage to legacy USB Hub, PCs, and chargers. This cable from iOrange-E will not have that problem, as it does correctly follow the spec.

It is also worth noting that this cable only supports USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps), however this shouldn't be a deal killer as most of the Type-C capable phones and tablets available thus far (Nexus 5X/6P, Nokia N1, OnePlus Two) only support USB 2.0 speeds anyway. This does limit this cable's ability to be used with the MacBook, though, which requires USB 3.0 pins in order to use Target Disk mode.

Another benefit of only supporting USB 2.0 is that that reduces the number of required wires, meaning a thinner cable, and one that can be much longer. Notice that most of the USB 3.0 supporting cables top out at 1M length. This cable is 2M long, which is long enough to snake around the back of my standing desk to my PC on the floor and charge my phone.

So to wrap it up, it's a great cable, finally a 3rd party cable that meets Type C specifications!
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