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For Baldacci fans, this is a lot better than some of his previous works which appeared (to me) to be written by someone other than David Baldacci. This is typical Baldacci with a complex, interwoven tale that gets your emotions and heartbeat moving a little faster as you read the various situations. He does a great job of building it up and then slamming the conclusion home, and leaving you wanting a little more. I would expect to hear of a sequel with the main character in future novels.

Not all is peachy-king with this novel, as there is a little bit of preachiness supporting the environmental movement that took a bit away, it's a little unrealistic to believe a lone agent woudl be sent to solve a mystery of this magnitude, and I really wish there had been some background information on the mysterious jailed brother.

Overall, however, I thought this was an enjoyable book and a good comeback from Baldacci.
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