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July 23, 2011
This book is the weaving of two stories of addiction, the crack nightmare of Jeanie and April. It is also a love story. When they met, neither of them knew what lay ahead. They only knew they wanted to be together. As their relationship developed, it became clear that life would not be a simple progression toward happily-ever-after. Jeanie's long-standing drug habit became the overriding narrative.

This true life story unfolds in the voices of both women through exposition and diary entries. The combination gives immediacy to their experience as they try to work out their relationship against the backdrop of mistrust, deception, betrayal and disappointment that drug addiction creates. As Jeanie's descent into addiction becomes worse, April weighs the desire to help her against the necessity of saving her own sanity.

Once the crisis is reached, much of the narrative is contained in the diary of Jeanie's early sobriety. It captures her plodding determination as well as the dawning realization that a life without drugs doesn't mean that everything will automatically become wonderful. But it does get better.

I found that sometimes I had trouble knowing who was speaking. That may have been the ecopy of the book I had, but there were times when I had to go back and reread for clarity of the voices. I think this is a unique treatment of the subject, told in both important voices in a realistic, no-nonsense way. I'm recommending this book to friends in recovery.
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