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November 16, 2015
Full disclosure right off the bat : Cambond got in touch with me about 2 weeks back and offered to provide three cables (this 6.6ft cable, a 1foot cable, a 10 ft cable) free for my evaluation. That's why I don't have a verified purchaser tag on this product.

Benson here again, continuing my reviews of USB Type C legacy cables. Today I am reviewing Cambond's USB Type C to Type A 6.6ft cable.

Let's talk about spec compliance. My test setup today include a Chromebook Pixel 2015, and a Chromium OS USB-PD Sniffer (codename Twinkie). Please check it out by searching google for "Chromium USB-PD Sniffer". This product is also available on Amazon here : Plugable USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) Power Delivery Sniffer

I've attached a picture of my testing setup with my Chromebook Pixel.

Here are the results of my test, with the cambond cable attached to a CDP USB Hub, and the other end attached to Twinkie acting as a pass-through, and Chromebook Pixel 2015.

localhost ~ # ectool --name=cros_pd usbpdpower 0
Port 0: SRC
Port 1: SNK Charger CDP 4750mV / 1500mA, max 5000mV / 1500mA / 7500mW

So far so good. The Cambond cable correctly identifies itself to Chromebook Pixel as a Default USB Power cable, so Pixel negotiates with my BC1.2 compatible hub to 1.5A of charging capability.

Next up, I'll try a DCP charger. The one on my desk is this one : Dell 10W Adapter Spare Wall Charger for Venue 8 Pro/8/7 (XDN34)

Running the same command :
localhost ~ # ectool --name=cros_pd usbpdpower 0
Port 0: SRC
Port 1: SNK Charger DCP 4656mV / 2000mA, max 5000mV / 2000mA / 10000mW

In this case, the Pixel has negotiated up to 2A of charging through the Cambond cable to the Dell charger.

Switching over to the USB PD sniffer, I'll run the "adc" command to get a voltage reading on both CC lines:

> adc
CC1_PD = 421
CC2_PD = 19

The important number to look at here is CC1_PD, which indicates a voltage of 421mV. If you refer to the USB Type-C Specification 1.1 Table 4-25.
Look at the row labeled vRd-USB, which indicates the legal voltage values to read from the CC pin in order to be categorized as "Default USB Power". The range is Min : 0.25V Max : 0.61V. For this cable, I measured a value of 0.421V right in the middle of this range, indicating that yes, this cable has a 56kΩ resistor and is within spec for CC termination.

For other more subjective judgements of this cable : The housing of both ends of the connector are a nice aluminum finish, definitely designed to be right at home with the all aluminium MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, and Nexus 6P devices. The cable itself is a braided kind, which feels very good especially compared to the cheaper plastic kind used by others.

In conclusion, this is a fine cable for your Nexus 6P/5X to use with all of your older USB Type-A chargers, hubs, and PCs. It also works great with Chromebook Pixel 2015 and will work great on USB Type-C spec compliant devices to come!
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