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October 7, 2011
Those of us looking for more productivty tools on the Kindle are finally in luck! There is now a spreadsheet app for the Kindles! It is Anywhere Spreadsheet (A Spreadsheet for Kindle). It definately has it's limits but it's still well worth the price IMO (only $3.99).

A spreadsheet can have up to 702 columns and 500 rows. The following functions are supported when creating formulas:
Logical Functions:
AND(Value1, Value2)
IF(Cond, ValueIfTrue, ValueIfFalse)
OR(Value1, Value2)
Statistical Functions:
AVG(RangeRef0, RangeRef1, ...)
COUNT(RangeRef0, RangeRef1, ...)
MAX(RangeRef0, RangeRef1, ...)
MIN(RangeRef0, RangeRef1, ...)
SUM(RangeRef0, RangeRef1, ...)

Math Functions:
ABS(x), ACOS(x), ASIN(x), ATAN(x), CEIL(x), COS(x), E(), EXP(x), FLOOR(x)
FRAC(x), INT(x), LN(x), LOG(x), PI(), RAND(x), SIN(x), SQRT(x), TAN(x)

Graphing is also supported with one chart at a time being displayed and a max of 6 data series being charted in a single spreadsheet.

It comes with several precanned solutions to common problems such as Sales Price Calculator, Temperature Converter, etc. as well as several templates for things like tracking weight loss, running log, road trip log etc.

It can export and import files in .csv format which are then dragged to and from your PC while plugged in via USB.

I would like to see enhancements such as sorting and better (more extensive) cell formatting tools but hey, this is on a Kindle which makes this tool already pretty amazing! I can't wait to see where they go with this app in future releases.

Like I said, not a full blown spreadsheet like Excel, but it has real potential and gets the job done for many tasks. Not at all bad for being on a non-adroid e-reader! I love my Kindle :)
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