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on March 23, 2005
The Warren Commission's Report on the investigation and details surrounding the killing of President Kennedy in 1963 isn't a flawless volume. But it IS the true story, in my opinion.

Lee Harvey Oswald, by himself, killed JFK. Not ONE other person, besides Oswald, has ever (credibly) been linked to President Kennedy's murder. Not one. That fact, by itself, speaks volumes, IMO.

The alternative, completely-unsupported theories that many conspiracy believers have "substituted" for the WC's conclusions are far less credible than anything printed in the 888-Page "Warren Report" or in its 26 supporting volumes of exhibits and witness testimony.

Let's just concentrate for a moment on two important pages that occupy space in the Warren Report (WR), regarding the bullet evidence that proves Oswald's own Italian-made rifle was the instrument of death in Dallas on 11-22-63. Plus, let's have a gander at the "windshield and chrome strip" damage that was discovered in the limo after the November 22, 1963, assassination of JFK. ..........

Page 77 (WR):

>>> "Although there is some uncertainty whether the dent in the chrome on the windshield was present prior to the assassination, {the FBI's Robert} Frazier testified that the dent "had been caused by some projectile which struck the chrome on the inside surface". If it was caused by a shot during the assassination, Frazier stated that it would not have been caused by a bullet traveling at full velocity, but rather by a fragment traveling at "fairly high velocity". It could have been caused by either fragment found in the front seat of the limousine." <<<


When trying to piece together the Dealey Plaza shooting, and when speculating on the possibility that the shot that went through JFK's back and neck MIGHT have somehow also caused the windshield and chrome damage to the limo (but later rejecting this hypothesis), the Warren Commission concluded (on Page #105 of the WR).......

>>> "Had that bullet struck the metal framing, which was dented, it would have torn a hole in the chrome and penetrated the framing, both inside and outside the car. At that exit velocity, the bullet would have penetrated any other metal or upholstery surface of the interior of the automobile." <<<


The "slowed" bullet that struck the windshield and (possibly, but not positively) the chrome strip was the HEAD SHOT BULLET (after fragmenting inside the head of John F. Kennedy). Given the known evidence, the ONLY possible bullet that could have caused both the windshield and chrome damage to the vehicle was the bullet that had just passed through the skull of President Kennedy. Because, given the FBI analysis, we know the limo damage could not possibly have been caused by a MISSED shot (unless the shooters were using very low-powered weapons to shoot the President with, which is just a silly notion to begin with).

And .... That head-shot bullet positively came out of Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle, which was found inside Oswald's workplace at the Texas School Book Depository Building, on the very same floor where Oswald himself was seen firing a rifle at the President's car at 12:30 PM on November 22.

It "fits" absolutely perfectly with the scenario of Oswald firing his 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle from above and behind the President. BOTH larger fragments found in the limo front seat and the "Stretcher Bullet" found inside Parkland Memorial Hospital (Bullet 'CE399') were ALL ballistically linked to Oswald's rifle to the exclusion of every other weapon on Earth. ......

Page 85 (WR):

>>> "After independent examinations, both {Robert A.} Frazier and {Joseph D.} Nicol positively identified the nearly whole bullet from the stretcher and the two larger bullet fragments found in the Presidential limousine as having been fired in the C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found in the Depository to the exclusion of all other weapons." <<<


The above WR excerpt that verifies beyond any doubt that the two fragments, as well as CE399, were fired from Oswald's weapon, should make every conspiracy theorist realize just how utterly silly the theory of "planting" CE399 at Parkland Hospital truly is.

Since we KNOW that Oswald's C2766 Carcano WAS being fired from the Depository on November 22, 1963 (and this is VERIFIED beyond any doubt by the fact there were two bullet fragments FOUND INSIDE THE LIMOUSINE that came from LHO's rifle) -- this means that any "planting" of CE399 would have been superfluous, because there was ALREADY TRACE EVIDENCE IN THE CAR THAT WOULD IMPLICATE OSWALD IN THE ASSASSINATION.

Therefore, no "planting" of an Oswald bullet was necessary whatsoever.*

* = Unless you wish to believe that the "plotters" were so fearful that their Oswald "look-alike" in the Depository would totally MISS everything in Dealey Plaza, leaving no trace of Oswald's own weapon anywhere to be recovered, that they therefore insisted upon RISKING blowing their "Patsy" plot to bits by planting a potentially EXTRA bullet which would quite possibly not even be needed (had all bullets been recovered inside John Kennedy and John Connally, which, at the time when the CE399 bullet would have been "planted", was certainly a possibility). A very foolish "risk" to take, IMO.

Every single bit of this evidence being discussed here perfectly FITS, in every way, the "Oswald-Did-It-Alone" (aka: "Lone Nut") scenario. To a tee. Right down to the obvious conclusion, IMO, of having TWO damaged areas at the front of the limo -- Chrome / Windshield -- and an exact equal number of (Oswald's) bullet parts -- TWO -- found in this same area of the car (front seat). To a tee, it fits.

Because if somebody WASN'T using Oswald's rifle in the Depository, then HOW did bullet fragments from LHO's Carcano weapon manage to get INTO THE LIMOUSINE ON NOVEMBER 22ND, 1963?**

** = Or do CTers think that the TWO large bullet fragments found in the limousine were "planted" there too (like seemingly everything else in this case that even remotely points an accusing finger at "Saint Oswald", including, of course, the only other bullet that was verifiably determined to have struck any victim on November 22 -- CE399)? Frankly, I'm of the opinion that the "Everything Was Faked Or Fabricated Or Planted" CT excuse has been worn threadbare.

There is no way that conspiracy theorists can adequately (and believably) write off the wealth of verifiable evidence that shows a Mr. Oswald to be "guilty as charged". It can't be simply brushed aside as being "all phony or fake" in some manner. Can't be done while maintaining anything resembling a straight face, at any rate.

Here's a "Clue" as to what I think the solution to this mystery is: "OSWALD IN THE DEPOSITORY WITH RIFLE #C2766".***

*** = Rather than the CT option which, I think, is: "JAMES FILES ON THE KNOLL WITH AN UMBRELLA". ..... No, wait, that's not quite accurate. The "Umbrella Man" wasn't behind a fence on the "Grassy Knoll"; he was right out in the open on Elm Street so everybody could see him fire his "Umbrella Dart" at the President. Oh, what the heck .... who can keep track of all the crazy conspiracy ideas anyway? They're more abundant in number than ants at a picnic.

I'd sooner believe it was Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with a Boomerang, rather than buy into any of the many screwball conspiracy theories that have been offered up for the gullible public to swallow.
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