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February 18, 2013
How good is this book? When I bought the Kindle version, I had just finished the 3rd season of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix. I was so taken by the book that I found myself -- on several occasions -- turning off Netflix to pick up "Without A Spare". I finished reading Ms. Kassel's book before I finished Season number 4. Yes, it's that good.
This reader was captured by the author's openness to the world, her willingness to travel off the beaten and controlled path --where most people dare not tread -- armed with little more than an unbridled faith that her curiosity would return rich experiences. Her instincts were correct. The individual stories leave you amazed by the breath of the physical experience. But the greater story for me was the incredible interaction with strangers. It's as though Bonnie Kassel's willingness to experience the world opened a pathway to a higher understanding, a higher destiny; a destiny that left me envious and turning pages at a quick clip.
I believe it was Woody Allen who said that 90% of life is showing up. Bonnie Kassel showed up alright, and if a higher authority were to give grades for how well lives are lived, she would get an A+. Through the stories of Without A Spare, Ms. Kassel shares some of that life-well-lived. What a gift.
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