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October 14, 2011
First off, I stink at trivia. This was confirmed when I lost to a single easy computer. This game works well on the kindle and I enjoyed playing it. Games includes 3 modes; Classic: which is your normal trivial pursuit, you can select if you want a computer opponent to play against and their difficulty as well as how many tokens you need to win. Pursuit Mode: which is a single player mode where you try to get from start to finish in the least amount of questions. You can move 1-6 spaces depending on how quickly you answer and even if you get it wrong you still move 1 space. At the end it gives you 1, 2, or 3 stars depending on how many questions you saw. Pass N play is a group mode that you can play with your friends. In pass n play mode you can still select Classic or Pursuit mode.

So now you ask me why did I give a less than perfect score if it was done so well? I have a few complaints that prompted me to give a less than 5-star review. First, when you're playing with a computer opponent there is no way to skip by what the computer is doing. You have to sit their and watch, so when they keep hitting the roll again spaces over and over and over again, it starts to get boring. Having the option to click the next page button to skip the animation would be nice. Second is the dice rolling animation, it takes 4 seconds to roll the dice. This time adds up and unnecessarily adds length to the game play. I want to spend my time playing the game, not watching. One last annoyance, after rolling and you get to select what square you want to go to on the board, the selection process is backwards. It automatically selects one for you, if you want the square that appears to the left you have to hit the right side of the 5-way controller. Overall, If you like trivia this game is worth getting. I would still buy even with the annoyances. Thanks for reading.
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