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March 21, 2015
fair to middlin'by different authors, my rating is based on an overall average. Many of the stories I were not to my taste. But first, there were three that I would rate much higher:
'Journey' by Micha Fire - 5 stars
Loved this story. It's kind of unusual, having more of a psychological plot where the main char comes to grips with her uniqueness. There's no real "action" in the traditional sense so this story may not be for everyone, but I found it superb. Definitely the jewel of the collection for me.
'Human' by Laston Kirkland - 4 stars
Can't 5 star this one because it's just a tiny bit cheesy/cliche-ish. But still a good solid story about where the dividing line between human and machine ought to fall. Sorta cyberpunk, but sorta not really. Definitely worth reading.
'On the Cold Hill Side' by David R. Grigg - 4 stars (maybe 3.75)
A meaty, post-apocalyptic tale about life without trust. It jumps around a bit, is sometimes hard to follow, and the ending is...a little contrived. But there's a good premise, and some decent action, and plenty of things to think about. Pretty decent,

The rest of the stories, well... Some were okay, some I didn't like. Too many of them seemed to me as not so much "stories" as just glimpses into the author's worlds. Seen as just that, they would be 4 or 5 star rated, but personally I think that kind of treatment is a waste of space when you could just as easily do the same thing and also have a real plot to boot. Some of them seemed like very interesting settings, but then I get to the end and nothing happened. It leaves me feeling like I read the first chapter of a book and then it got taken away. Maddening, really.

But even with that, the few good stories are a heavy push in the book's favor. The book as a whole is well produced. None of the shoddiness you see in all too many these days, e-books especially (and I'll admit, with "pulp" in the name I expected low production value. A good surprise there.)
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4.3 out of 5 stars