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on October 17, 2003
This E.G. Marshall-hosted program features many, many clips of the more than 60 televised press conferences given by the 35th President Of The U.S., John F. Kennedy.
Many of these clips (circa 1961-1963) are serious in nature, such as dealing with the aftermath of the failed "Bay Of Pigs" invasion of Cuba in April 1961.
There are also several clips showcasing President Kennedy's unparalleled humor and razor-sharp wit. JFK was, indeed, fast on his feet on many occasions while fielding the dozens of questions hurled at him by the pool of White House correspondents at each conference.
One particularly hilarious and reporter-pleasing quip uttered by Mr. Kennedy occurred at the 4:00 P.M. Presidential Press Conference on Wednesday, July 17, 1963........
Reporter (Mrs. Craig): "Mr. President, do you think that Mrs. Murphy should have to take into her home a lodger whom she does not want, regardless of her reason, or would you accept a change in the civil rights bill to except small boardinghouses like Mrs. Murphy?"
President Kennedy: "The question would be, it seems to me, Mrs. Craig, whether Mrs. Murphy had a substantial impact on interstate commerce."
After the above JFK response, which was delivered by the President in a totally serious manner, the 410 newsmen and reporters in attendance burst into spontaneous laughter (with the possible exception of Mrs. Craig), prompting President Kennedy to start to break up himself. It was a perfect example (of many during his years as Chief Executive) of JFK's disarming wit and charm, and his willingness to (on occasion) NOT take his office too seriously.
If you can find this excellent video, I'd highly recommend it for any fan of the thirty-fifth President.
The running time on this VHS cassette is 51 minutes. The video is lacking in picture quality to be sure (very grainy and washed-out); but the sound is pleasing enough. However, the subpar video still didn't dissuade this writer from thoroughly enjoying its contents.
Hopefully, some day, we'll see this program released onto DVD, with all the improvements in quality that that format provides.
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