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on January 23, 2012
I ordered this case for my iPad 2 after reading the mixed reviews. I have to say that the case is absolutely beautiful in person and I love it! I will confirm that the sleep/wake function does not work very well however, but this is not a big deal to me as I can easily touch the switch at the top of the iPad to turn it off. The cover does smell like new plastic, but it is not as overwhelming as some reviews made it seem. It does not need airing out at all. There was also a review from someone who stated that the case did not secure the iPad at all. I also saw a review on YouTube stating the same thing. The case does fit properly and easily snaps into all four corners and I am happy about this as this was my main concern. There are three ridges to hold the iPad upright, and the first one does not hold the iPad in very well at all. It slips out without even a touch. The other two work perfectly. In portrait mode, all three ridges hold the iPad upright. All in all I would recommend this case if you just need something to keep the iPad in and keep it secure. If you need perfect execution of all the features as advertised for this case, perhaps it would be better to get the Targus 360 instead. This case is strictly for covering the iPad and for extra security while you're carrying it around. If your going to be blogging and need the ridges to properly hold the iPad upright or if you are always on the go and need to know that when you close the case the iPad will turn off, this case is not for you. I hope this review helps the next customer.
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