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August 11, 2009
Getting To Zero Waste, a semi-technical, political book, is astoundingly, a real page-turner. It replaced Faulkner at my bedside, and was the substance of much pillow talk with my wife who recently told me, "Now I'll have to read it because I've talked about it so much." I've found myself speaking about it with the many visitors we have had since I started it, often folks from out-of-town or foreign countries who are interested in what's going on in the US, and who, staying with us, need to know the drill on "recycling" -- a word that now has earned permanent air quotes.

What's so terrific about it is the clarity of the writing, the passion of the voice, the personal, non-academic experiences reported, and the completely enveloping sense that we have been snookered, here, just where we thought we were being responsible!

Marc Estrin
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