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February 4, 2015
Two terms come to mind when trying to describe “Agony”:

Original: As an avid reader of many genres I am pressed to come up with any title with similarities in plot/character development/world building to this book. It’s refreshing to read a story I haven’t read before and delve into the workings of a wholly new realm! The author has created not only a different world for readers, but fresh “sci-fi” concepts as well. I found myself more intrigued with every world visited – I couldn’t wait to see what twisted new fantasies (and in many cases, extremely depressing fantasies) the gods had in store for us.

Thought Provoking: Again, unlike many popular books I’ve read recently, this book requires the reader to think. There is so much more to this novel than a simple “who dunnit?” The relationship between the main characters is intricate and, in many cases, I found it troublesome deciding which of the main characters I agreed with the most; a process I greatly enjoyed, especially when it came to the ending.

That being said, I enjoyed this novel and found it was hard to put down; the author did a wonderful job of creating muted suspense and tension between characters. I recommend this novel for those who are ready to move beyond the thoughtless bestseller drab and onto new worlds and new ideas.
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