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on February 2, 2013
Lois Wetzel is a gifted person with a clear message - we have all lived past lives and having insight into those lives is one of the most important components for healing ourselves now and living in accord with our true desires.

I enjoyed Akashic Records. It is well written. Am I a true believer now? Not a "true believer", in the sense that I am ready to dive right in to the concept. But certainly I am intrigued enough that I am now open and willing to listen to more about this fascinating topic, especially when told by a talented and empathetic author like Ms. Wetzel.

If you already believe in the past life concept, I am sure you will find much to validate and reinforce that which you already know and accept. If you are open-minded, like me, I'll bet you will enjoy this book and will come away with much to consider. Ms. Wetzel's personal history is well told and the stories here are interesting without being sensational. She makes a compelling case which piques my curiosity because, although some of the details of her revelations may require you to suspend some of your skepticism to digest (especially for a true "skeptic", of which I do not count myself), her presentation is very down-to-earth and intelligent.

I had never read anything like Akashic Records and had no preexisting beliefs to preclude my openness to the idea of past lives. I consider myself a bit more open to the idea now and am glad to have read Ms. Wetzel's very fine book. Were I in her presence, I would certainly be inspired to follow up and continue the conversation.
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