Customer Reviews: The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People
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on September 9, 1997
There are many events that occur in this world that, at the time of their occurrence, are not well understood by the public at large (often because of deliberate mis information being released by the governments involved). In addition, the individuals who make decisions regarding what to do, especially in time of war, do not want to compromise the sources of the information they used to make their decisions. This book does an excellent job of presenting detailed background information, much of which is supposedly gleaned from "old spies" as to some of the information, and dis information, used by various individuals to make very momentus decisions that related to foreign policy and the conduct of war. While the title of the book is somewhat misleading (a better title would be "keep the oil flowing and the US supreme in the Middle East)
the discussion of intelligence, counter intelligence, and personal biases holds your attention. The main weakness of the book is relying on the word of unnamed "old spies", however the book is well footnoted for further research if one was so inclined.
The revelation that the British still have a desk at the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, dating from a World War II, whereby the British can wiretap US Citizens (without a court order), and then share the information from that wiretap with any US Agency (under another WWII agreement still in force relative to sharing of intelligence information), thereby allowing a US Government agency to obtain wiretap information on US Citizens without getting a court order is especially interesting.
I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in the world of foreign policy, intrigue, and intelligence methods.
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on November 13, 1997
John Loftus and Mark Aarons don't just open a can-of-worms in this disturbing book but rather a Pandora's Box of accusations that if only partly true begs a massive reversion of our current understanding of the major political players of this century. "The Secret War Against The Jews" is divided up into three historical periods: The Age of Bigotry, 1920-1947, The Age of Greed, 1948-1973, and The Age of Stupidity, 1974- 1992. "Bigotry" examines the dawn of middle east oil development and key players Jack Philby, Ibn Saud, an the Dulles brothers. The second section, "Greed," expands the activities of these individuals in and out of the WWII. The third and last section, "Stupidity," deals with the Iran-Contra players namely V.P Bush, Bill Casey, and a host of evil characters. Perhaps a better title for this book should have been "The Secret War Against the Public," for as the authors point out we all are the Jews.
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on March 6, 2001
This book details the consistent anti-Jewish and anti-Israel efforts of a series of American and British notables using information from the archives of all the intelligence communities. Some of the names that come up for serious indictment are: Allan Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller, W.A.Harriman, Henry Kissinger, Jack Philby (father of the British mole Kim Philby)and a host of other well knowns. It documents the blackmailing of FDR by King Ibn Saud for continued oil supplies at the outset of WWII in exchange for FDR's 'neutrality' on immigration of Jews into the Mandated Territories in Palestine. It also describes the key efforts by Allan Dulles and Rockefeller to maintain material supplies to Nazi Germany via their American clients. Dulles' role in securing many German war criminals save haven in the US and South America is also documented. It is important to note that there are 115 pages of references and notes to support the accusations enumerated. Though this book is in print for seven years there has never been a libel or defamation suit brought against the authors. They quote such statements as that of Justice Goldberg: "The Dulles brothers were traitors". The authors clearly show how the public image that many of these covert anti-Israel celebrities polished was at total variance with their behind the scenes actions. Kissinger for one deliberately withheld vital information and supplies from the Israelis at the start of the 1973 war because he thought it would be good for them to "get their nose bloodied". And it was Gen.Alexander Haig, not Nixon and Kissinger, that saved the Israelis with timely armaments to turn back the massive tank attack the Egyptians had mounted in the Sinai. Anyone who wants to see how individuals with power can subvert the principles of our democratic nation must read this book again and again.
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on August 3, 2003
When I first came across the title of this little-known book I thought, "another book about Jewish paranoia" of global conspiracy. But right from the beginning, I lost my scepticism because of all the documentation and attribution assembled by the authors.
The book details Western conspiracies (mainly by Britain, the U.S. and West Germany) to forsake the Jews and Israel for Arab oil and Arab interests. The authors begin in 1947 with the beginnings of the formation of the Jewish state and the blackmail she had to resort to in order to get the votes no one wanted to cast. The Rockafeller's are exposed, the Dulles brothers are castigated as committed anti-semites who are as rabid as the Arabs in their desire for Israel's destruction, and the United States' complicity in harboring Nazis after WWII, are all dealt with in depth, all with accredation.
Western kow-towing to the Arab countries is prevalent by every US administration in the name of the Arab "black gold" and Britain is highlighted as the most rabid of anti-semetic governments. Some of the conspiracies dealt with include: the Vatican, Robert Maxwell, the USS Liberty, the Yom Kippur War, the Pollard incident and Iran-Contra, all held together by the double-dealing that started with the Dulles brothers.
This book is certainly an eye-opener if you can accept all the attributions to the "old spies" that are quoted. By the end of the book you begin to understand why Israel's position today is so tenuous, and why the Sharon government has thrown out the "high road" in favor of a "high hand". Puts a lot of Middle East politics in perspective.
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on January 22, 2000
I believe almost everything in this book is true. I think the assumptions are correct, the assessments realistic and true. But, its impossible to accept at face value, because 100 pages of footnotes marked confidential do not a proof make. By the very nature of the subject, there is subterfuge and deception, secrecy and deceit. In the end, you have to believe a good part of this book without seeing all the footprints. And then, its scary as hell.The holy trinity of oil, prejudice and profits mean that this world won't change any time soon.
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on September 2, 2003
FDR appointed Allen Dulles as Secretary of State to spy on him and eventually prosecute him for aiding the Nazis during WWII by extorting high oil prices from the US. Wall Street and Oil magnates helped Hitler build his industrial complex and then aided Germans in escaping with their assets to Latin America.
Ben Gurion blackmailed Nelson Rockefeller into delivering the OAS states' votes in the UN to recognize Israel. Rockefeller agreed if the Israelis would not pursue Nazi War criminals in Latin America. Israel then blackmailed the Soviets into support in exchange for not revealing their secret agents to the British and US.
The Israelis attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 not as a mistake, but on purpose because the ship was monitoring Israeli troop movements and sending them to Nasser. The CIA was caught in an act of War against Israel and agreed to the coverup.
Nixon recruited known Nazi war criminals to help get the ethnic vote. George Bush Sr. dealt with a known Arab arms and drug dealer (and an unknown Russian spy) in a grossly illegal arms for hostage deal that in its course greatly armed Sadam Husseim and known PLO terrorists.
If these tidbits sound so unbelievable that it sounds fictional then you understand the challenge of this book. There is solid evidence and circumstances that support much of these radical allegations, but with so many undisclosed sources ("old Spies") you also have to trust the authors more than the evidence.
It is a fascinating read and much of it may well be true. At the very least it should be extremely thought provoking.
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on November 10, 1999
Stunning revelations. No wonder the New York Times steadfastly refuses to review this book. Many of the ideas put forward in this book I had heard for years from my father, a Holocaust survivor. My family, though empathetic towards his life's experiences, always considered him paranoid. Here, an Irish Catholic brings forth the documents and research necessary to prove my father's political theories correct. A must read for anyone interested in the position of the Jews in the world today.
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on April 14, 2003
This is a withering expose, almost unintended and beyond its basic purpose of documenting the 'secret war against the Jews', of the most unintelligent aspect of government a la Machiavel, the Intelligence factor lurking in the shadows. The problem, of course, is that the facts of unnamed 'sources' from the 'old spies' are not fully trustworthy and the whole book is no doubt plausibly deniable. The material requires cautious reading therefore because of the danger of still further disinformation. What a portrait starting with Jack Philby, Ibn Saud, and the Oil Companies, of sordid politicians and their obscure affairs, starring notably the infamous Allen Dulles! The book outstrips its theme in many ways, and while I am all ears to any case for the behind-the-scenes espionage against the Jews (the evidence is certainly convincing), the implications move beyond this question to how we are to take our politics at all, given this degree of dishonesty by all parties, up to and including Bush 41, the object it appears of Syrian blackmail. If one cannot take all the claims as established, one can certainly take the warning to beware of politicians once and for all as beyond redemption.
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on August 30, 2006
Having been involved in intelligence work early in my life and having kept watching intel shenanigans, a book about the secret war against the Jews got my attention and I had an opportunity to read and research much of its contents. I found answers to questions I had not found since the creation of Israel. Why would such a widely divergent group of political leaders suddenly see eye to eye and approve something as controversial and futile as creating a Jewish State surrounded by masses of Arabs seeking their destruction? It is amazing how the founders of Israel were able to use the weaknesses of these world leaders to effectively blackmail them. In view of the current situation in Lebanon, Syria and Iran it was very educational to learn about the USS Liberty betrayal and subsequent conspiracy to hide the facts.

This is a disturbing yet revealing book that makes you wonder about how much you really know about the machinations and motivations of world leaders as compared to their public pronouncements and soundbites. If you are a serious reader blessed, or cursed, with sufficient cynical curiosity, you should read the book and judge its accuracy for yourself. I am warning you, however, you may have sleepless nights realizing how we have been and are being misled by a cynical shadow intel establishment.
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on August 18, 2013
Not a page goes by that doesn't elicit an, "I can't believe it. It can't be." Yet it's all true, thoroughly documented - this story of illicit machinations by individuals of democratic countries to fund the Third Reich, to aid the Nazis in wartime, and to protect the Nazi filth after the war.

Nor is that the only story. There is that of the US Justice Department and Great Britain's government, elected and royal, all thoroughly run by and riddled as they were (are?) with Nazi sympathizers who, for the sake of profit, betrayed their countries. Then later, when the Nazi murderers arrived illegally in the US, they were given jobs - working within the US government.

Of course, this book doesn't forget the Vatican, which funded Hitler and helped support Hitler's Germany. The Vatican laundered money for the German war effort, and, at the close of the war, provided a safe re-routing of Nazis criminals and their gold. The Vatican protected the murderers, sent them all over the world to places where they'd live peaceful, uninterrupted lives, then sent them the gold the Nazis had stolen from the Jews and others - jewels and gold teeth fillings. Quite a story.

John Loftus himself, in incredible irony, worked for the Justice department prosecuting Nazi war criminals. He was given access to the files in acres of underground vaults housing the most classified of information - and he hit pay dirt. What he found enabled him to expose the heinous crimes of those in trusted US government seats, in the Royal Family, in the Vatican.... It just doesn't stop. The reader can barely catch his breath throughout. It's a masterpiece of puzzle work.

And in case you think that it's a lot of hooey, check this out: Loftus' later book, America's Nazi Secret, contains all the censored information that finally became public, and which confirms and doubly damns the crimes recorded in The Secret War Against the Jews... - i.e., those of the US, Great Britain and Russia. But don't skip this book for the later one. The Secret War Against the Jews gives a panoramic, world view of human treachery perpetrated out of a love of money and an illogical, almost mystical hatred for Jews.
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