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on April 5, 2017
The author does a good job. The book is well written and laid out for easy navigation. But like so many many books of this nature there is a ton of fluff to get to the meat of the subject. I have tried the base recipe and the bread is awesome. I wish bread book authors would spend more time showing the real techniques they use, step by step. Trust me - with this kind of dough, the shaping and cloaking are absolutely critical. So, for me, the book was a worthwhile buy (I bought used). But for the percentage of the book I will actually use, it is probably just as easy to get form the library. I'll be watching his next book though and if the recipe content goes up I'll probably also pick up. (for you beginners, some of the fluff is probably well worth your read.)
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on April 19, 2009
I have read all the glowing reviews about this book, and am troubled because I haven't had such a positive experience. I'm certain I'm doing something wrong, so I thought I'd put this out there to see if anyone has any ideas as to wherein my error lies. I followed the recipe precisely, although the initial rise went an hour longer than suggested. But the dough rose beautifully that first time. I stored the dough in the refrigerator in a food-grade storage bucket with a lid that I left open somewhat. I cut off the first piece of dough and let it rise the recommended time. It didn't rise much, but the book says not to worry about that, that it will rise in the oven. The problem was that it didn't rise much more in the oven. Although it was edible, it ended up being much too dense. Each subsequent loaf from that batch rose increasingly less, and became increasingly dense, to the point of being inedible by the fourth loaf. Any ideas from you all would be greatly appreciated.
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2011
i just got this yesterday- august 2011. this book was written in 2007. so when i saw the negative reviews based on how many errors there are i thought i could disregard them. i even went to the authors website where they assured all errors were fixed in later printings.

so i ordered the book and spent last night reading it. the book is filled with awesome recipes. none look too hard and you dont need alot to get started. overall i am very excited to jump in.

however, this morning i thought hey why not make sure everything is corrected. i went to the authors website and picked a random correction to check and whew it was right. but on the next page the correction was NOT made. so i had to go through the whole list and found about 1/4 of the errors are not corrected.

i am really excited to try these recipes out, and im glad to have the book- but now i have to wonder when i try something is it going to be right.
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on July 1, 2011
I successfully made some great bread using the recipes in this book, which was the intended result, but getting there was a bit of a task.

In the Kindle edition, there are no ways to use the index to locate a recipe. Yes, you can search, but that's often a lengthy process. The recipes in the book are not located in an easily identifiable location using the table of contents, so that was another problem.

Lastly, while I enjoyed some of the introductions to each recipe, I found them difficult to navigate using the Kindle.

I had never purchased a cookbook of any kind for my Kindle before, so I wasn't aware of the problems that could exist in a book such as this. I have also never paid so much for another Kindle book before, and was sorely disappointed that I can't use it with any kind of ease.

I tried to use the Kindle for PC app to at least print some of the recipes for my own personal use, and that just isn't happening. I kind of feel short-changed, in a way. I wish I had purchased the print edition instead.

Maybe in a future edit, a listing of the recipes can be linked in either the table of contents of the glossary, because, otherwise, it's just too difficult in a Kindle format.
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on March 15, 2010
So far I have only made the master Boule recipe. I have to say that it is very simple to make, and the bread looks beautiful when it comes out. The taste to me was bitter and not what I expected. The second batch I made, I added 1/3 cup sugar and cut the salt by 1/3 and it was much better. Haven't tried the other recipes yet, but I hope they get better. I invested a small chunk of $$$ to buy the supplies; pizza paddle, containers, baking stone, oven thermometer...and as of right now I would not call this a good investment considering the results. I think once I find the time to *tweak* the recipes in the book I will be happier. If you are a serious baker short on time you will probably like this book. If however, you are living on a budget and trying to save the $1.50 - $3.00 price tag on Walmart bakery breads, (like me) this book is probably not for you.
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on April 10, 2010
I always wanted to bake bread, so I was looking for easy way to make bread. I purchased this book.
If you are a beginner this book is for you. really easy to make and the shape of bread is really great but the only thing I didn't like it, every time the bread came out of the oven there was a extreme smell of yeast. may be if the amount of yeast cuts in half the problem be gone but I never tried.This is not a book I stay with it for a long time. This book helps me to be brave enough to bake bread in traditional way (kneading) I think The Traditional way make the better taste. I recently bought Baking with Julia Savor the Joys of Baking with America's Best Bakers so far so good...
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on November 3, 2010
DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on bread making but I have been experimenting with bread making for about two year.

I found the book easy to read with a reading level appropriate for the amateur bread maker. But since I am not an overworked person (retired) I prefer the methods presented in Jim Lahey's book titled My Bread. I tried the basic recipe in Artisan Bread in five minutes a day several times and was not happy with the results. But, if you are working many hours or have many household demands on your time, then this approach is better than "store bought bread". Even if you choose to not use the approach outlined in the book, the book contains has much good information.
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on May 5, 2009
I love the end results of this bread. The brioche master dough recipe is wonderful for many, many good sweet breads. Melts in your mouth. A word of caution--there are errors galore in this book, so use your head and if something doesn't sound right, change it because it probably isn't right.

Jeff needs to really edit this book before making another printing.
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on January 27, 2014
Maybe my expectations were wrong, I was looking for simple core bread recipes, which there a few, but the rest really are fufu variations that I am not really that interested in. I would've liked to see me core recipes, like you'd see going to a European bakery.
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on September 19, 2014
Bought this for the wifey, but she only uses it during the winter months.
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