Customer Reviews: Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender, Brushed Stainless
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on January 9, 2002
I've burned through 3 other brands of blenders -- each time the plastic "spinner" in the motor base (which mates to a plastic spinner in the pitcher's base that turns the blade) broke. Finally we decided to try out the Oster "Classic" because it uses a metal shaft that fits directly into the pitcher's base to turn the blades rather than the plastic disks that all the newer blender designs seem to use. That does the trick. I make a lot of fruit smoothies using frozen fruit -- which can be pretty hard on blenders -- but so far the Oster Classic has been up to the task. I highly recommend it!
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on August 17, 2002
We bought this blender after a horrid experience with some Cuisianart mulit-speed blender that turned out to be a piece of ... Originally I was attracted to all the bells and whistles, but after all that leaked on the first pouring, I realized we had a problem, Houston.
After cruising the ratings here, we bought the basic, two-speed (read: go and pulse) GORGEOUS chrome beehive blender. Somehow we got the one that had the mini-jar for dressings, the food processor, and milkshake blade with chrome cannister, all for less than the Cuisinart Multi-Function Mistake. :)
This thing kicks. I've made dressings in it, and it was done with ease and they were blended well. Most importantly, I've made several batches of adult drinks involving ice, and as long as you add the ice a few cubes at a time, it turns out perfectly smooth (no ice chips hitting your teeth as you tip the glass).
I LOVE OUR OSTERIZER BEEHIVE BLENDER!!!! Simple is really all you need in a blender. If it's something that needs a bit of mixing, hit the pulse button as needed. If it's serious mixing, turn it on. In my opinion, speed 3, 6, and 9 are not required. This does it all, and looks MIGHTY fine while doing it. If only we had the counter space to leave it's SO pretty!!!!
Happy blending, anything!
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on May 4, 2005
This is my third blender in the past 3 years. First one of this brand\model. I've owned this one for 2 years now. I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I don't put ice in my smoothie, but I do use frozen fruit and this blender blends up my milk and protein powder and flax seed and fruit in just under 20 seconds. Sometimes less if I use small fruits like blueberries.

I really like this blender for the price and the quality of the components. It only has 3 settings. 1)off 2)regular on 3)high on. I only use the off and the regular on setting.

What I don't like is washing it. Since I use this item daily, I like to just rinse it out and put the lid with the little top thingie in the top rack of the dishwasher and the pitcher with the glass, rubber seal, blade, and plastic bottom upside down on the lower rack of the dishwasher. Well if I don't remove the pitcher as soon as the washer is finished, the parts start to rust. So now the metal part with the blade is rusting, since "rust never rests" right?

Now I can't really complain. A blender with a metal gear and strong motor for under $60 (I paid around $56 at Target) is great. One of my previous blenders was a Cuisinart. I paid $99 for that one and the drive was plastic. It broke when I used frozen pineapple in a smoothie one morning. Big bummer.

For all the people whose blenders broke right away, I don't know what to say. Maybe you overloaded the pitcher? I mean some things won't blend. And if you have too many solids and not enough liquid, the blender can't get everything to tumble properly in the pitcher - so not everything will make it down to the blade.

If you're not sure if there's enough liquid but you notice things aren't moving around properly in the pitcher, open the lid just a bit and add a small amount of liquid (milk, water, booze, broth, depends on what you're making) and if things start mixing properly, then that's all the problem ever was. Not enough liquid.

I'd buy another one of these, and probably will have to since the bottom part is rusting because I've not taken good care of it. But for a daily use item, $56 for two years is quite a bargain in my opinion.
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on May 1, 2005
We purchased this blender about 2 years ago, mainly based on price, simplicity of design and reviews from Amazon. After living with a high-maintenance Kitchen-Aid blender (all those little parts to clean!), The Oster seemed liked the answer to our blender dreams. Unfortunately after weekly use simply for smoothies, it quickly became apparent that this Oster was not like its formidable ancestors...

The power is totally inadequate. Food constantly overwhelms the blade and any kind of blending totally stops. Close to its 2-year birthday, it gave up the will to live - following a weird grinding noise, smoke came from the base and then.... nothing. And now, here we are, searching for a new blender.
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on July 1, 2004
Like many of us, I turned to Consumer Reports to guide me in the search for a blender. The choice seemed obvious, but after reading some of the Amazon reviews, I could hardly reconcile the top ratings of CR with the thrashings that 'laypeople' gave it.
In fact, most of the top choices by CR were reviewed very poorly here. I know you can't trust everything you read, but it was almost impossible to find a blender that didn't have a number of major complaints.
In the end, I went with the Oster because my girlfriend's mom had hers for over thirty years and it still worked like a champ. After several months of near daily use, I can say the following:
Bad - noisy; the glass flutes make a great place for powders to get stuck and not dissolve; not so easy to clean them
Good - strong motor; two speeds are fine (I almost never use the high speed because it goes from noisy to screaming banshee); decent looking.
What can I say? This blender continues to serve me well. It was reasonably priced and been very reliable. I would give it five stars except for the noise.
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on February 12, 2005
I use this blender 3-4 times a week, mostly for smoothies (always with ice and some kind of frozen fruit, often large strawberries) and I LOVE IT. It blends very smoothly - I never have to turn it on and then off and on again for it to blend everything in the jar, it does that in one blending cycle.

Two cycles is all you need and more - especially when they work this well. I went to my mom's over Christmas and used her "Oster 6663 Designer 12-Speed Blender with Glass Jar" and it was world's apart - could hardly crush ice (even on the 12th speed, which had no difference from speeds 6-11) and left smoothies and milkshakes with a lot of floating, un-blended objects. Not so with this blender - it is as smooth as my local juice joint.

It is a blender, so there is some noise, but it was much less louder than I anticipated given the reviews here. Its never bothered me and I beleive it not as loud as the one at my moms (poor mom, need to get her one of these for next Christmas!).

And it is beautiful to have on my countertop. Easy to clean as well.
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on April 1, 2007
I never use any of the buttons on a blender other than "off" and "full speed". So I just wanted a blender that could easily handle ice and essentially had an on/off switch.

This is it, and it is great looking too.

I use this for making protein shakes with frozen fruit, and it does it with ease. The glass jar is sturdy and cleans easily (dishwasher or by hand).

The only two negatives I can say about it are:

1) the "chrome" ring at the top of the base, where the blender locks into to spin the blades, is not metal but plastic - it feels like it will be what breaks first on this unit. It hasn't broken or even shown any problems, but it feels like the weak point in the design.

2) LOUD!!!! Other reviewers said this was loud, but I had hoped maybe they were just overly sensitive. But no, this thing is painfully loud. All blenders are going to be noisy, that is a function of the device - but this one is ... wow.

I actively dislike having to use it because it is so loud, so I try to limit the amount of time it is on - not that I would normally let it run for very long - but I cannot stress enough how annoyingly loud this thing is.
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on August 23, 2009
We did a lot of research on medium priced consumer blenders before first choosing the Oster Beehive Classic, and later when that broke, another from the same series that was marketed as a PROFESSIONAL version.

Oster claims that these machines feature an "All Metal Drive" which implied to us that the parts that take all the torque and stress from grinding would be made of metal and not the usual hard rubber or plastic found in other brands. (This claim is totally FALSE as we later discovered first hand!)

One of the repeated negatives reported by others about this and ALL Oster Beehive Style blenders was a problem with the drive axle shearing off between the motor base and the four sided metal spindle that mates to the bottom of the blade assembly on the jar. This problem is actually documented by one unhappy owner with photos on the Oster BPST02-B page here on Amazon. Turns out the Oster BPST02-B is the exact same design as this one even though it is marketed as a PROFESSIONAL version.

Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender, Black

The component that sheared off on both of the Oster blenders we tried was not METAL as Oster claims, but a hard rubber material that is obviously not strong enough to handle the stress of moving the blades through frozen fruit or ice cubes on a daily basis.

See for yourself! Rubber drive coupling for Oster blenders & Kitchen Centers.

Both blenders failed while making what I would consider a very simple and relatively non-demanding smoothie recipe. The ingredients consisted of one frozen bananna cut into 2 inch chunks, 1 cup of milk with protein powder and a handful of ice cubes. The milk and powder were first blended. The machine was stopped and the chunks of frozen bananna were added. We used the PULSE feature to grind up the bananna into a puree before finally adding the ice cubes. We again used the PULSE feature followed by the full speed setting to blend the smoothie to completion. This worked GREAT for the first several days with the end results being a PERFECT SMOOTHIE! Absolutely no complaints on the blenders results WHEN THEY WORKED!

On my SIXTH use of this model blender, when I added the frozen bananna chunks and hit PULSE, I heard a CLANG and noticed that the blades were not turning! I removed the jar from the motor base to discover that the drive axle had completely sheared off the motor base and was lying there next to the other half that connects to the motor!

OMG I said to my self!! This is the EXACT PROBLEM that I had read about in other reviews dating back as far as 4 years ago!! I had given this thing the benefit of the doubt and figured those reports must have been isolated incidents or pilot error. With SO MANY 5 star reviews, how could this thing be a dud?


When you consider that most people on this site review a product the day they take it out of the box, there is no way to know how long the thing worked for them before it broke! And unfortunately, most people never bother to follow up their worthless 5 star review with an update on what they REALLY THINK 3 months down the road! ;o)

The Beehive is a great blender before it breaks, so yeah! It is impressive on DAY ONE! ;o)

We returned the busted classic blender to Amazon for a refund and resumed our search for a blender that would last. After trying several other brands and not being satisfied with their blending performance or build quality, we decided to give Oster one more chance because their blender did impress us the most when it worked. I was very dubious about this since I was pretty sure this design flaw would doom the BPST02-B too.

Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender, Black

BOY WAS I RIGHT ABOUT THAT! Less than 1 week after we began using it, the PROFESSIONAL VERSION ALSO BROKE with the SAME DRIVE FAILURE!

At this point, after trying TWO different models from the same series there is no doubt in my mind that this product suffers from a serious design flaw that will eventually bring down EVERY SINGLE UNIT PRODUCED!

Amazing how a product this unreliable has not been recalled! Truly amazing!

So... after spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this, we are officially DONE with Oster forever! And if you value your time and your sanity, you will stear clear of anything made by Oster that uses this "All Metal Drive" system!

What did we finally end up with?

After more research we decided to have a look at what Cuisinart had to offer and settled on the newly released CBT-700.

If you are looking for a decent blender that will work as advertised, you should definitely give this one a try.

Cuisinart CBT-700 Die-Cast 700-Watt Blender

So far we have been pleased with the performance and the quality of the design. It has already outlasted both the Oster blenders in terms of how many separate blender jobs we have run on it.

See our review on the product page!
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on April 6, 2006
I adore this blender. It cuts through ice like a dream, slices FROZEN fruit in moments and sends me to smoothie heaven every single morning. I've had my blender for well over a year and have yet to encounter any problems. I was originally going to purchase a Vitamix but my husband 'fell-in-lust' with the retro-styling of this blender and I decided to give it a try.

The lid? Fits perfectly and doesn't leak even when I make a filled-to-the-brim smoothie with ice and frozen fruit.

The blades? SHARP little suckers, watch your fingers when rinsing! I found a great deal on a replacement ice-chopper, so I purchased, but still haven't had to change.

I rinse it after every use and have had NO problems what-so-ever with rust. (?)

I've recently purchased the:

Blend and Go cup - Adore it!

Food Processor attachment - Adore it!

If you're looking for a quiet / meek blender, this isn't the one for you. This is an over-the-top dream blender with two functions. Pulse and On. It sounds like it has a jet engine in it and every time I hear it, my mouth waters!
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on May 31, 2002
I've had many blenders over many years. This brand by far makes the best smoothies ever! I use ice cold water, protein powder and solidy frozen fruit. With other blenders I've always ended up with chunks even after I've given the fruit time to slightly thaw. What good is a frozen smoothie if it has to thaw first?! With my new Oster, there is no waiting, and all ingredients are smoothly blended with just a brief touch of the power switch. My Oster is so beautiful to look at, sometimes I just leave it sitting on the kitchen counter.
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