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on March 15, 2017
I lost 75 pounds using this video and audio program! When I bought it I needed to lose weight but had no desire to do so. I wanted to keep eating but thought I'd give this a try. It was like a miracle. After about 1 1/2 weeks I started noticing I was only interested in eating half the amount of what was on my plate. As shocking as this was, soon after I noticed I was eating more fruits and vegetables and a lot less sugar and fat. After the 30 days I had lost weight and felt motivated to join a gym. Believe me, no one was more shocked than I! It took about 1 1/2 years, but final weight loss was 75 pounds. I did listen to the audio regularly during that time and watched the video a few times as well to make sure I remained motivated. In the beginning I watched the video every night before bed and it gave me the added benefit of making me relaxed and ready for sleep. Highly recommend!
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on October 10, 2014
This CD works! I bought it and in just 7 days my whole way of eating has changed and the weight is coming off!
I have struggled for a few years but was hard to lose because of my "sugar addiction", but this CD has completely
taken that urge away! Crazy for me........You DO have to watch the CD in the morning and before you go to bed at
night and the Audio CD every 3 days............My husband is doing it with me, and is seeing a difference also! Yes,
you hear the guy say the words, but the subliminal messages are also in the sound of the water. If this does NOT
work for someone, then they are not sticking to it and doing it the way it instructs. . I can not wait to see what my total weight loss will be in 30 days! This product gets 5 stars for us!!

UPDATE: When my 30 days what up I lost a total of 14 lbs!! Everyone noticed and I feel great!! I am so thankful to God for bringing me to this CD and I have some of my friends buying it now and trying it. The KEY is to listen 2-3 times a day for 30 days, no disturbances, and I also journaled during those 30 days. You have to be dedicated in order for it to work. I suggest anyone to try this.
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on September 12, 2013
This program is very well done compared to others I have seen. I think it takes a lot longer than thirty days to make much of a difference, but I believe over some months change will occur. It is hard to rate so far and probably needs more than three stars. In time I will be able to give a more accurate assessment of its effectiveness. I do know that the popular commercial program for weight loss takes six to twelve months. I plan to give it some time, and keep using it. I would recommend it for others to try.
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on October 28, 2004
I have had this cd for a while but didn't think it would work so put it aside. After gaining another 30 lbs. - I am now 161 lbs overweight - I decided to try it for the 30 days and see what happens. I started three days ago. Yesterday, I went out for lunch and could only eat about 1/3rd of my meal and this morning, I had lost 5 lbs. already. I listen to this cd before I go to bed at night and the first thing in the morning after I get up. I am feeling better and don't get panicky about not having enough food with me all the time like I did before. I have been carrying the same bag of snacks to work with me for the past 3 days and am not tempted to eat any of them.

I am a 68 year old female and thought that I would never be able to lose again as I have been dieting since I was 20 and I've tried every diet under the sun until I am at my top weight. I usually can lose a portion of the weight by dieting, but then my body says no more, and no matter what I do, I gain it all back. But now I feel that maybe this time I can do it. If this works until I lose it all, this will be the miracle I have been praying for, for most of my adult life.
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on March 29, 2018
My patients and I found this DVD to be very long and boring.
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on May 26, 2010
I received the DVD/CD program on 5/18/10 and now one week later I already feel compelled to write a review. First of all, let me say that I do believe in subliminal programming. I have use some other subliminal weigh loss CD's in the past and felt some differences but I could never stick with them for as long as needed, one reason may have been because you had to use headphones and that just was practical for me. In only one week I noticed changes that seem odd for me and out of character and I know the changes are because of this program. Actually I would say the changes started after only 2 days of watching the DVD and listening to the CD. I sleep with the cd on repeat and have found it actually helps me sleep. I work overnights and often have difficulty sleeping during the day; I sleep so much better when I have the CD on. The CD is very soothing and relaxing to me, the audible affirmations you hear don't bother me in the least. I was never able to stay asleep with other programs I tried, maybe because the waves/tones/sounds were unnatural. I love the sound of the running water in this program. Maybe it's a nature thing since before this CD I often slept with my sound machine on the thunderstorm setting. I missed watching the DVD one day but since I listen to the CD so much it seemed to have no affect. For several hours during my shift at work when it is slow and I have nothing to do, I put the CD in my laptop and keep it on repeat and go about my normal bored-at-work routine of playing online, shopping online and reading a book. Oddly enough, I usually have trouble reading at work because I can't focus and it makes me tired, but for some odd reason I can read much easier with the CD on. I do find myself getting antsy for the DVD to be over sometimes, maybe I just have a short attention span but the CD is much easier for me to listen to. Don't get me wrong, I love the DVD, I just have to be in the right setting (which for me is lying in bed relaxing) to fully appreciate it. I am a visual person so the DVD is helpful, I like having something to look at. I feel this program works because of the DVD/CD combo, which makes it so unique compared to all the subliminal CD's floating around out there. Steve Murray knew what he was doing creating a sumbliminal DVD to stand out from all the others, and it works! So here is where the odd part comes in, I now need A LOT less food to feel full and I'm no longer eating "just because". I feel much stronger in my food choices. I also just read "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" by Geneen Roth and that also helped me to better understand if I'm actually hungry or feeling something else. I often have a feeling in my stomach that I contributed to hunger but after reading Geneen Roth's book I now am understanding and learning the difference and I can let that feeling go and know it's not hunger. When I do eat, I eat much smaller meals. I recently discovered Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees and I love them. I know, I know, processed food... but they work for me. They taste good to me and help with portion control. Its hard for me to cook for myself like I had to with South Beach, they make is easier for me with my lifestyle the way it is. Anywho, normally one small meal wouldn't satisfy me, but now I'm ok after I'm done and sometimes don't even finish it entirely. Please understand I'm a big girl and regularly consume large amounts of food or snack constantly for no reason. I haven't had the desire to binge at all this week, which is not normal for me, you might even say odd! The food aside, I would say the reason I'm writing this right now at 2:30am in the middle of my shift is that because last night at work I WANTED water but the water I brought with me was gone so I bought a Vitamin Water from the vending machine and it did not satisfy me, I just wanted plain water and in fact only drank about half of the Vitamin Water. I should have just bought the plain Aquafina that was in the machine, but I have this mindset that I refuse to pay 1.50 for a bottle of water, in hindsight I would have been happier with the Aquafina and the pop in the machine didn't even appeal to me. Tonight at work I'm sitting here and I'm actually CRAVING water! So I went and got some water and felt that "ahhh" feeling when I took a drink and then I laughed and thought to myself "it's the oddest thing!" I RARELY ever drank just plain water, I always had to have tea, coffee, pop or put drink packets in my water. I hated drinking water plain except for when I was really thirsty or my throat was dry. I would try to choke down plain water whenever I dieted but always ended up using flavor packets after the first glass or bottle. For the first time, I am wanting just plain ol' ice cold water with nothing in it. I gave up pop (or Soda for you weird people :-) several weeks ago and have cheated many times since then, but now I'm not even craving it. If these changes are already here after only one week, I can't imagine how things will be a 3 weeks from now. I don't think I'll stop after the 30 days, maybe I won't watch the DVD after the 30 days but I love the CD so much I would probably still continue to sleep with it on repeat. I will come back after my 30 days are over and leave an update. Oh btw, I weighed myself yesterday and I had lost 2 pounds since the week prior. 2 pounds is not a miraculous number for someone who is an overweight person like myself, but it's been a while since I've seen the scale go in that direction, so I'm happy about it and I know the numbers on the scale will continue to move in the right direction from now on :)
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on March 14, 2003
I wrote a review of this and for some reason it was not printed. But I feel VERY STRONGLY about this and so I am writing again and I hope that you folks at Amazon WILL publish this one!
This program is wonderful in every aspect!
1. And most important: IT WORKS! After only a few days you will find yourself eating more reasonable portions and better quality food. You will WANT to drink water and you will WANT to find time to exercise. It happens effortlessly, almost without you noticing!
2. The other benefits for me were that I was more relaxed in general. I looked forward to watching the video because of this. I purchased it for my husband but I am doing the program as well in order to lose a few pounds and make better food choices for myself, without angst! Afer less than a week I put down the salt shaker and stopped wanting chips for breakfast! And my stomach feels better than it has in years! And even better, I am not worrying or obsessing about diet anymore because the suggestions are now taking care of it! I am able to let go of all the diet worry and enjoy my meals.
3. The tape quality of this program is exceptional. I have viewed other subliminal tapes and heard other cassettes where the "voice under" can be heard. This is somewhat discracting. But not on this tape! Just soothing water sounds and music.
4. The length of this program is just perfect. Only 20 minutes. Now who doesn't have 20 minutes for 30 days?
This is an exceptional program. Thank you Steve Murray!
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2008
This is a CD/DVD set, produced by Steve Murray (hypnotherapist, with 24 self-help DVD and video programs) in 2004. The back cover states that "if you can watch a 20 minute DVD every day for 30 days and listen to a subliminal music CD at least every 3rd day, you can reprogram your unconscious mind to lose fat and live a healthier life.

The 20-minute CD is gentle music with embedded subliminal messages. You do hear some messages, such as "I eat fruits and vegetables; I release all my tension and stress; I eat less sugar and fat; I have fun and enjoy life; I eat smaller portions of food; I do enjoy exercising; I eat until my body is nourished, then stop; etc. Allegedly, the messages repeat while buried within the music, and your subconscious mind will hear them. (I found the audible sentences on the CD could be just a tiny bit clearer, but were still sufficient.)

The 20-minute DVD provides 4 selection options:
-- Subliminal, How it Works;
-- Directions for the Program;
-- The Subliminal Suggestions; and
-- Subliminal Program.

You will likely only watch the first 3 once, then just go right to the Subliminal Program each time.

You hear mainly gentle piano music, mountain streams gently flowing over rocks, and the same messages as on the CD. First you see the words of the message across the screen, and then you watch the screen while the music plays. The messages are apparently being repeated for your subconscious mind while you watch the scenes. These are pretty scenes, by the way--very peaceful. My first time I watched it, I was really craving fresh cool water.

Will this product help you lose weight?--possibly. I can't say for sure. I have been very successful with subliminal programs in the past. Since 1985, I have successfully used several subliminal programming tapes and CDs to improve my shortcomings (yes--it's true). Once you find a good product, the key is to listen to it/view it for 30 days straight. The program feeds you the same message(s) for 30 days. After 30 days straight, the message usually becomes part of your reality. So, if you listen to something that says "people enjoy being with me" for 30 days straight, you usually accept it as your reality and you become more confident in yourself and you begin to behave in a warm friendly way that attracts people to you and they enjoy being with you. That is how these programs work. They re-program you. But, unless you are prepared to do this for 30 days straight, don't buy it. It takes that commitment to make the behavioral change effective. The good thing is that this program requires almost no effort, except to put a CD/DVD into the player and sit in front of the viewing device. So, every day you pop in a 20-minute DVD and every couple of days you pop the CD in the car while you commute to work (or play at home while cooking). Many people buy something like this, watch it for a couple of days, stop watching, and then complain that it doesn't work. Good subliminal programs do usually work, if you use them correctly.

I must honestly say though that of all the subliminals, the weight loss has been the most difficult program for me.
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on February 6, 2017
Seems to be working I am snacking less and have lost three pounds
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on September 15, 2015
this is misleading. It is not subliminal at all. It does have nice music and sounds of running water but you can hear every word spoken, that is not what subliminal is all about. I don't like it. I feel like I wasted my money.
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