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on November 17, 2016
Product as described... sort of.

Purchased to replace white parts for 2008 American Standard stratocaster. The backplate did have a protective film on it, but it weighs significantly less than the original backplate which came with the guitar. Completely different texture. Cheaper, thinner, less dense plastic. Selector switch has a visibly pronounced plastic seam.

The pickup covers and knobs are acceptable, but only because they aren't visible from any distance.

Fender would never use these parts on their flagship line of guitars. I cannot comprehend why they would attach their name to such low quality replacement parts.
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I have a 2006 Mexican Standard, and the plastic accents were getting a little scuffed so I figured it was time for a makeover. The finish was tobacco sunburst with white, and I didn't like how dirty the white got, and how readily the scuffs showed in the white, so I decided I was going to get off-white, and was surprised by how many options there were. I was back and forth between Aged White and Parchment, and I will admit that the final decision was literally a coin toss. Man am I ever glad that it came up heads, because I love this finish. it is the perfect degree of yellowed white, and really does look like legitimately aged bakelite. I decided to replace the pickguard with a red tortoise, and the off-white/cream color of these accessories really complements that better than the white does, and I'd suspect probably better than the Parchment as well. I'd strongly recommend looking up on google a comparison between all the finishes, I was able to find someone who had purchased all of them and laid them out side by side.

The major critiques I have though, and which lost this set a star, were primarily due to the small details. The backplate didn't fit perfectly right. I don't know if this is sized for the American standard or what, but the hole placement was about 1/16" off. I had to bondo and redrill. Similarly, the holes in the backplate where the strings were supposed to go through were 1/8" off, and it's a pain to get the strings into and out of the holes without taking the whole thing off. It's minor but it's worth mentioning.

The spindle-shaped accent that goes on the end of the vibrato arm was similarly just-slightly-the-wrong-size-for-my-Mexican-guitar, I'd guess somewhere in the realm of 1/64" too small of a diameter. I couldn't even hammer the thing on all the way. I couldn't heat it up and get it to mold around the arm. It's currently on about halfway and looks good enough, but that's the absolute best I could do. I don't know if there's a secret science to these or what but in the past when I've changed them out I've just slid the old one off and the new one on but for whatever reason this was just slightly too small and impossible to get on all the way.

Besides those complaints, it's more or less exactly what I wanted and overall love it.
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This is not a bad kit for $16, but the tremolo cover is junk, and below expectations from Fender.

I ordered the aged white. Two issues with the tremolo cover specifically:

1) It ships without any protective film and it is very likely to show up scratched up from the other parts rubbing against it during shipping. Mine looked "heavily used" when it arrived. I wish I had noticed the other reviewer who said he has purchased twice and had this issue both times. I can attest...mine was that way too.

2) The tremolo plate is's thinner, not a 3 ply, and quite flimsy by comparison to any other backplate I've ever seen except one I saw once from a Fender Squire guitar. I have 6 strats and none of them came with a back plate this cheesy. It's pretty much a throwaway, or a "no limit auction" e-bay piece. I tossed mine but kept the rest of the kit. Fender should bundle a 3-ply tremolo cover with a single hole (vs. 6 hole) cutout with this kit.

It looks like the Black and the Parchment covers are 3 ply, single hole, and the aged white and white are single ply, thin 6-hole. So I'd recommend unless you really really want the "aged white" - consider getting the parchment colored kit.
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on January 30, 2016
I purchased the aged white kit. I bought this for my arctic white strat. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the colors matched the body exactly, even though I was just going for a vintage look and I thought it would be more yellow.

The reason I'm giving this a 3 star review is because of the very cheap back plate. The back plate is actually the only part of the kit I didn't need, since I bought one that matched my pick guard. However it's a big part of the kit and I want to make sure others know about it. It's a very flimsy, cheap plastic. The stock one on my MIM strat is much better quality. I also purchased an aged white pearl one (official Fender as well) and it's very sturdy and good quality. I paid $20 for it which is more than this kit, so if you're looking for a better quality plate you'll have to do the same as well. But even so, the stock plate on my MIM strat is better quality than this. Also make sure to look at the pictures, you'll see that it's more of a mint green than an aged white like the other parts.
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on September 18, 2016
The color varied significantly from piece to piece in the parchment kit, with the pickup covers being nearly indistinguishable from the white covers they were intended to replace, and each knob varying in shade. The tremolo arm tip was not threaded and was unusable.
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I ordered the "Aged White" accessory kit for my Candy Apple Red strat. which I also ordered a "Crème" off brand pickguard for it as well. This "Aged White" is a color I would describe as "CREME" as well, as it matches up very well with the pickguard. I would say they look exactly the same color as they do in the photo. The items are all really easy to apply and everything lined up as planned. This is a really cheap upgrade and dramatically improved the look of my Fender Strat! Worth $20 for sure. Really did give my 2014 Strat a nice look that I would describe as "Retro" rather than aged, which is what I wanted. Hope this helped! :-)
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on February 28, 2018
I don't use a backplate, so these are excellent aged pieces for my 2009 Olympic white American standard strat. The body has faded a bit from gigging over the years, and these match it really well. As the other reviews state, the backplate is cheap but who looks at that? They're exactly like my stock pieces, only faded into a cream off white color.
review image
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on November 27, 2016
This kit seemed to have everything I was looking for, but the rear plate didn't fit my Strat - mine is inset, with a narrower profile than this one. The switch tip fell right off of my switch, so it's useless. Haven't figured out what to do with the whammy tip - it doesn't fit the 5mm bar I have. The knobs are okay, but somewhat cheap. I'm buying knurled aluminum knobs made by Ernie Ball instead. The pickup covers are the only parts I used from this kit.
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on February 3, 2014
I've been working on putting together a vintage style strat, so I was looking for the right hardware that will make that vision come to life. I ordered the parchment pack, because I feared that the "aged white" would be too yellowish. The parchment color ended up being VERY close to white. They were actually whiter than the original white pieces that came stock on my strat. To resolve this issue, I simply soaked the pieces in a ziplock back with water and coffee grounds. This made them much closer to the aged, but not yellowish color that I desired. This product is spot on in terms of fitting together perfectly, though. I'd highly recommend this product, but if you're looking for the vintage color, go with the "aged white" color package.
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on October 7, 2015
Item looked exactly like it does in the picture, it's more of a yellowed cream than something pure relic. I've read a lot of the reviews for this where buyers were unhappy it didn't look "aged" enough. To be honest if you're dead set on something that looks really old and "vintage" you would be better off taking standard white covers, plates, etc., putting them in a bag with some nuts and bolts and then shaking it until you get your desired scuff look, then soaking them in either iodine, coffee, or cold tea until you get the desired color.
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