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VINE VOICEon April 17, 2008
Prior to finding and ordering the Hoover FloorMate H3060, I cleaned the 2,000 square feet of tile in my house on my hands and knees as I felt that was the only way to get the floors really clean. After months and months of this painstaking work, with wounded knees, a severely arthritic back and my entire day and weekend being spent trying to recovering I was determined to find another method before I was crippled and I'm only 40.

While scouring Amazon one day I came across the 3060, read the reviews, some good, some great, some not so good but I was desperate so I decided to take the plunge and risk it. Boy am I glad I did! This machine, which is light as it could is not perfect by any means but it is pretty darn close.

The Way it Works:
There is one compartment for the cleanser and one compartment for the pick up (dirty water), you fill the cleanser compartment with cleanser (how much I will go into in the next section) and very hot water. You turn the knob on the side to wash/clean, step on the "recline" button, press power and off you go. There is also a trigger on the handle to shoot out extra cleanser for dirtier or stained areas.

Tips for Best Performance:
In this section I would like to discuss how this machine works best, for me and hopefully this will also help you!

**** Prior to doing anything I run my dyson vaccum over all the floors to pick up all dust etc. The wet cleaning will work best if you do this otherwise it will basically be pushing dust bunnies around.****

First I will start the cleaners....
I believe the instructions tell you to put a capful or a capful (using the cap of the cleanser compartment) and a half of the Hoover Floormate cleanser then fill to the line with very hot water. I have tried using MANY different cleansers from Mr. Clean to you name it, I've tried it. I can guarantee you that they do not leave your floors "looking" as good as the Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner. Here is why: All the other cleansers will leave a film with this machine unless you go over it extensively with the rinse cycle which is now turning about 20 minutes for 1,000 square foot job into 40 minutes and not much return. Secondly, for our house the intense smell that is left from any type of amonia cleanser is enough to put the entire family on respirators - it's a good form of torture if you are having some house guests you want to leave quickly - it will leave their lungs and nose burning. As I mentioned I've tried them all with this machine and have always gone back to the Hoover Floor Mate Hard Floor Cleanser as it cleans very well and does not ever leave a film. But, I use a lot more cleanser than they recommend, about 3 capfuls (which when you see the capful is not much). I should also mention I am cleaning a grooved tile that looks exactly like hardwood with a fairly thick grout line and a polished porcelin tile that looks like marble with a very very thin grout line.

The "pick up" compartment...
In various reviews you will read some people mentioning that the "pick up or dirty water" compartment needs to be emtpied often, this is true. I typically have to empty it twice while cleaning 1000 square feet. To me, this is no big deal. You look at the large compartment thinking that you would have to empty it when it's full, not so. This machine will fill the compartment less than half and then it will make a very loud continuous noise, the brushes will stop spinning and this is your clue...it's basically screaming "EMPTY ME"! I VERY carefully take the compartment out, carrying with two hands (one underneath) and dump it in the toilet and then flush, simple as that. *TIP make sure you pracitice taking it out when it's empty so you are very clear how to do it and where to hold onto it because you don't want to do what I did my first time and spill the filthy contents all over the floor (which you can easily do if you don't hold it tight and know how to take it out).

The pickup...
I also own a Hoover Steam Cleaner for carpet and by owning that which is great (though with limitations), I can confidently say that this machine does an excellent job of picking up the water/dirt BUT I have a 4 year old and polished tile which is very slippery when wet so to be safe I scoot along the floor on a towel to make sure the floor is extra dry. For very wet area's I will also turn the dial to wet pick for just that particular area. But, in general you push forward for clean and back for pick up though it pretty much picks up even when not pulling back, it's that good. *** Please note, I did read a few reviews saying that during pickup the suction is so strong it's hard to move the machine. There is a reason for that...Once the floor is dry there's nothing to suction up - this is normal. If you experience this, it's because the area is dry already OR if you are just beginning to clean it and this happens make sure you've got both compartments in securely AND that you have the dial switched to clean/wash. Otherwise, again this machine is EXTREMELY light.

The brushes, grout cleaning, and the "portable detail kit"...
It comes with two sets of brushes, one regular one that supposedly gets deeper into the grout. If there is any flaw to this machine it is that it does not really clean STAINS out of the GROUT very well, everyday dirt yes, ground in stains no. But, if you clean your floors regularly with this machine, it will keep your grout very clean (I have white grout and it looks just like the day it was put in). The main brush set is excellent, the brushes that are supposed to work on the grout are not great, I never use them anymore. In regard to the brushes you really should clean them after each use for best results. I just throw them in a clean bucket with bleach and very hot water and they are like new. In regard to the portable detail kit, my advice is throw it out or store it somewhere because you will try it once out of curiosity thinking it's going to be great but it's terrible, it does not have enough power to work at all and will be a lot more trouble than it's worth.

Dry Pickup/vacuum:
This machine is also equipped to work as a regular vacuum and it actually works very well. I do not use it as a main house vacuum, I use my Dyson for that. Prior to cleaning the floors with this machine I will run my Dyson over them and use the attachment in all corners and on baseboards, as it makes the wet cleaner function much better. As I am "wet cleaning" I also find area's that I missed and use this machine in dry vacuum mode to pick up and then switch right back over to wet to continue on.

As I said before it takes me about 20 minutes tops to do 1000 square feet and I am very meticulous (this time also includes emptying the container and possibly refilling the cleanser should need be). This machine is so great, I can't get over how well it works. I have had no problems with it at all and have had it for about a year and a half. Again, if you don't expect perfection rather a great product that will make your life a lot easier, you will be very happy with this purchase!
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on May 19, 2008
I got this REAL floor scrubber when my Chlorox Mop died. I was tired of pushing dirt around the floors anyway. I don't care what the Clorox and Swiffer commercials say, they spread dirt around the floors! I got this scrubber with the additional attachments as we had just moved into a huge house with LOTS of tile floors. For starters I would say that the Floormate itself worked great! My floors were actually clean! When I took a wet paper towel and rubbed it over the floors that I had just cleaned it came up clean! Yea!!! Not complicated or hard to use. The cleaning solution was readily available in stores. One thing I would say to people considering this product is DO NOT BUY the attachments. I thought they were a joke and didn't work like the main machine at all! They just take up space. I used them once around the bathroom and got very disappointing results. Buy the plain Floormate instead. You will be very happy with it. It is time consuming to clean the floors, but at least after your efforts, they really will be clean!
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on September 15, 2009
I love this machine! I'm not a great moper, nothing ever seems to get clean that way and I can't get past the fact that you're essentially spreading around dirty water by the end. Therefore this machine is fabulous for me! There is a seperate compartment for the dirty water. You use it like a carpet cleaner, lay down the solution when you go forward and pull it back up when you come back. It allows the solution to soak into the messy spots and leaves the floor pretty much dry by the time you're done. You do have to go slow though, but it works fabulously on my kitchen tile. There are draw backs though. If you want to get into corners you will have to use attachments, and the attachments will lay down solution and do have bristles on them, however they don't have any rotating brushes so you're back to power by "armstrong" so to speak. For those of you with babies and tile floors it cleans well, but don't illusion yourself that it's a magic machine. If your kid throws sweet potatoes on the floor and you don't clean it up right away, leaving it to dry in the grout you will have to use a little elbow grease to get it out. However it gives great peace of mind that my one year old can throw everything he wants on the floor and as soon as he goes to bed, 20 minutes later the place is spotless and I didn't have to break a sweat to make it happen. I highly recomend this for anyone with small children or a great deal of hard floors. I read all the reviews and heeded the warnings from those who got models broken right out of the box, so i bought the insurance plan from amazon. However, I've had no problems from the machine as of yet. I've had it for probably six months now and it still works like a dream. I don't use it as a vacume though, just a wet floor cleaner.
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on September 21, 2010
I was in desperate need of clean tile floors! I chose this product based on product reviews and comparison shopping - there isn't anything else out there to scrub tile floors. My tile floors were filthy and I could not keep up with weekly mopping. There are 2 adults, 2 pre-teens, 1 dog, and 3 cats. We live in the AZ country - which means we have a lot of dust and dirt that gets tracked into the house. We have about 1500 sq ft of coarse tile and unsealed grout. Although this product isn't the greatest ever - it keeps me from having to hand scrub or killing my back and arms from scrubbing with a mop. I was also pleasantly surprised that the hoover cleaning products work just s well as/better than Pine-sol, Clorox bleach, and Mr. clean. The hoover grout cleaner works the best on the tile and grout - just can't find it in any local stores! The only thing I don't like about this product is that I wish the brushes were harder - so they would clean more into the tile and grout.
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on July 22, 2010
SO, I have had this thing for three weeks and used it about 4 times. My entire house is tile. That is a whopping 2,800 square feet of tile! First time I have got to walk around the house in socks and not have dirty gray footprints on my socks! I love this thing!

I don't see how it is so complicated. Maybe because I didn't read the directions....For changing out the solution and all that, for my floors I had to refill the tank about 5 times. I use hot water and Lysol.

The only con I have is that I don't use the attachments per se. The grout cleaner attachment frankly doesn't work for me. I use the Sonic scrubber or better yet, a nice sturdy bristle brush on hands and knees. I have to admit, last week, I did clean all my grout by hand and I think with hos the cleaner works and how my tile is laid out, I don't think my grout will get nearly as dirty as when I used my mop. So, at least i own't have to clean my grout as often!

I am a relatively tall person and lugging around this "heavy" equipment is no big deal. It is not more heavier than my Dyson with the ball. So, if you are a small petite gal, this may not be the cleaner for you.

Like I said, it DOES work and as far as leaving your floors wet, that isn't an issue for me at all. It doesn't. When I am done, I place the unit in my garage and take it apart to clean all the brushes and whatnot. And it isn't any loader than a vacuum cleaner :-).

WOuld I recommend this to friends and family? ABSOLUTELY! I have even whipped it out and given demos!
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on March 27, 2009
I looked at many reviews for hard-floor cleaners before deciding to get the Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub with the Portable Detail Kit.

DID NOT WORK INITIALLY: After assembling it, I could not get the trigger to dispense water. I then found a small (about 1/4 inch cube) white plastic piece which had broken off from the control rod at the base of the handle. Since I'm 90 miles from a service center, I used superglue to reattach the piece. That has worked for over a month now.

I have 3 kinds of hard floors: very smooth ceramic tile, stone tile that is somewhat smooth, and quarry tile that is quite rough. The floors have been mopped for 10 years; the grout was quite dirty.

Regarding GROUT: the FloorMate did not thoroughly clean the dirty grout for any of the tiles, using its grout-cleaning brush and the grout-cleaning solution. I tried both the grout cleaning brush and the smaller grout tool attachment. I bought a stiff grout brush at the hardware store and have cleaned the grout manually. That was a major pain, but I do have hopes that the FloorMate will tend to keep the grout clean, since it picks up the dirty water instead of leaving it on the grout.

Regarding CLEANING: the FloorMate is very good on the smooth tile, good on the smoother stone tile, and okay on the rough quarry tile. As others have observed, it is awesome to see the dirty water in its tank, knowing that dirt had been on my floors. For both the stone tiles, the FloorMate is not as good as manually scrubbing, but it's good enough for me.

Regarding DRYING: the Floormate is excellent at leaving the floor dry for the smooth tile. As it cleans, it sucks the dirty water into the recovery tank. It is also quite good at leaving the smoother stone tile dry. The rough stone tile has wet spots that it will not dry, whether one goes over it in clean mode or in wet pickup mode. These spots eventually air dry. Presumably, this leaves some dirt behind.

Regarding the PORTABLE DETAIL KIT: the kit has an attachment that allows one to get to difficult areas, such as behind the toilet. I did not find that the attachment dried the floor as well as the main brush. There is also an attachment for cleaning grout which was not very effective.

DRY VACUUM: I have not tried to use this as a dry vacuum. Previous comments indicate it's no good at that task. I sweep or vacuum (with a real vacuum, not the FloorMate) the floor before using the FloorMate.

SUMMARY: I'm happy that I have the FloorMate. It definitely is an improvement over mopping, leaving the floors cleaner and drier. I think a brush with longer bristles might work better on stone. I don't think the portable detail kit is particularly useful. A sponge is about as good for the area behind the toilet, and manual scrubbing is what's needed for dirty grout.
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on May 10, 2007
First of all, I have lots of ceramic tile, a Labrador retriever, a wife with long, curly hair and live in sandy ole Florida. Also, I'm a former Wet Jet user that had to find a new product since Proctor & Gamble cheapened-up their new pads so very badly.
So ... the dry vac part is very good, although I still use a regular vacuum before cleaning (but I have area rugs, too). The machine had a tendency to streak a little at first but I attribute that to having to get up all the dirty film that the Wet Jet left behind. It's fine now and, best of all, it gets every single one of those annoying creature hairs that other methods just push around. Finally, it's not at all messy to use and I can get right up to area rugs and furniture without danger of soaking them. Floors are left very, very dry. Machine clean-up and maintenance is easy.
Now I wish I could say that it's a timesaver. For me, it's really not. In fact, it probably takes a little longer than many methods (to do the job well, anyway). However, the satisfaction of those squeaky-clean floors makes it a good trade (at least as far as I'm concerned).
If you find the Hoover cleaner doesn't go very far, try 1 ounce of CLEAR ammonia per tank. I think it does as well, is way cheaper and has less tendency to streak. This doesn't violate the warranty which only negates the use of solvent based cleaners.
(As far as old, stained grout goes ... let's get real, shall we? Show me any machine that'll clean that.)
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on July 9, 2009
We purchased a 5-year-old foreclosed home in Las Vegas that had had a renter for the past couple of years. I swear the ceramic tile grout had never been cleaned. My husband and I have scrubbed with a toothbrush, a grout brush, Zep grout cleaner and mopped and re-mopped the floor and never got it completely clean. I think a good part of it was we were liquifying the dirt and not able to get the dirty water up with a mop even after rinsing with clear water. When I saw the reviews for this floor scrubber I ordered it immediately. When I first got it together (it takes a bit of assembly out of the box but the directions are pretty clear) I didn't think there was any way those wimpy brushes would do a good job. And I wasn't very impressed when I began to use it...until I dumped the first tank of used water (read filthy, grimy, gritty water). I vacuumed the floor first, there was no grit. We've been over and over the floor so many times I would have sworn it was clean. Nope. The tiles look better than they ever have and the grout, while not yet perfect, is also looking cleaner by a long shot. I think it will take several applications of grout cleaner to get all the dirt scrubbed out. I'm glad I ordered an extra bottle when I ordered the scrubber. I suggest you do too. You'll go through cleaning solution pretty quickly. When scrubbing the grout, use the gray brushes, and clean each side of each tile so the length goes along the 5 brushes. Then clean the tile in slow overlapping strokes. While there is a lot of work even with this, it is a vast improvement over mopping because it immediately sucks up the dirty water and the cleaner does not leave behind sticky residue without rinsing. I gave it 4 stars because I think the grout brushes could be stiffer and a bit longer for an even cleaner floor. I haven't used the floor brushes yet.
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on August 6, 2010
As someone else said, this unit doesn't work miracles, but it will clean up the floor.

The kitchen floor in our rental apartment is a very light (white) sheet-rolled textured linoleum and is getting tired (15+ years I'd guess?), so it's factory finish is kaput at this point. As a result it gets very dirty, very fast... This unit seems to get up all the "new" stuff, but it doesn't really pull up the serious dirt and grime that is really ground into the floor--for that I think we will need to hand scrub, however I can imagine this Hoover working fantastic to pull up the scrubbing water!

I can easily see this being used once or twice a month to keep a floor nice and clean once it's been thoroughly scrubbed, and actually I'm guessing that using it those 1-2x month will eventually get up the stubborn dirt up as well, I'm just impatient.

To use it you push it forward while squeezing the trigger--behind the unit is a path of the cleaning solution, then you release the trigger and pull the unit back along the same path and it will suck up all the solution and dirt ... the suction part works FANTASTIC! the floor was bone dry after pulling the machine backwards.

The dirty water coming up off our floor was the consistency of dark chocolate milk, it was disgusting... it even picked up crumbs, cat hair, etc, that I had missed when I broom swept before washing.

The unit was easy enough to assemble, it's small and fairly light weight. I thought it felt a bit chintzy at first, but when I was using it I didn't feel like I was going to break it or anything like that.

All in all I think this was a good buy, and it beats the heck out of mopping or swiffer wet jet, both of which just push dirt... this thing literally washes: dumps water on, scrubs, then sucks it back up...
review image
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on December 2, 2009
Our new home has about 2000 square feet of white tile with beige grout and it was pretty dirty when we bought the house. Add in 3 people, 2 cats and 2 dogs and it hasn't gotten any better. I have tried several other products in my quest - some would say obsession - to get the floors truly clean and none really met my expectations. The Swifter mop worked reasonably well on the tile itself but didn't clean the grout and I would use an entire bottle of cleaning fluid and 4-5 pads every time I mopped the floors. We then tried the Shark steam mop which again worked reasonably well on cleaning the tiles but not so much with the grout. Before we spent $.49 a square foot to have our grout professionally cleaned, we decided to try the Hoover Spinscrub and I am so glad we did.

I read a lot of the reviews on the website here before purchasing and even though the grout cleaning reviews were not sparkling, I thought anything must be an improvement. The Spinscrub has been great! It is lightweight, maneuvers well and really gets the floors clean! The first time I used it, I was amazed by all the dark, dirty water getting sucked back up off the floors. This was the first time you could walk about in stocking feet and not have dirt marks on your soles! It is very easy to go back and forth between scrubbing and wet vacuuming and the floors are practically dry when you are done.

This weekend I tried the grout brush attachment and all I can say is "Wow!". I purchased the Hoover grout cleaning solution when I bought the machine (although it does come with a sample bottle) and since our grout was especially dirty I added 3 ounces of cleaner instead of 2 to the solution tank. It worked like a charm! The grout attachment sprays a line of cleaner directly into the grout and the brush has nice stiff bristles to clean the grout. Best of all, the attachment has a suction port that pulls the dirty water back our of the grout. It did take me some time and effort but overall it was pretty easy to get our grout back to normal.

Overall I would give this product 4 stars. There are some minor drawbacks -- the spinning brushes seem to fall off pretty easily if you try to carry the cleaner rather than roll it to a new location and the grout brush bristles are pretty much done after cleaning about half our grout -- but overall it has done a great job on our floors and I would definitely recommend it to others.
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