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Medline Bath Bench without Back, Gray
Size: Without Back|Change
Price:$23.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 13, 2018
I purchased this bench after having foot surgery which required that I keep my foot bandaged, and dry, for 5 weeks. I loved that this bench was so easy to put together. No tools are needed as it has knobs in place of bolts. It is also very comfortable and fits perfectly in the bathtub. However, I recommend that the knobs be checked at least weekly to ensure that they're still on tight. Since some of the other reviews mentioned that the bench legs had splayed, I decided to start checking the knobs and have found that all of the knobs need to be re-tightened each week. It is a minor inconvenience and the reason for a 4-star instead of a 5-star review. With that said, I would still buy this product again.
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on October 15, 2013
As the years roll by and it becomes progressively a little more challenging to shower and tend to one's feetzees while standing (which used to be a breeze!), I occasionally wondered if I would be a little more comfortable if I had a nice bench on which to sit. Still, because "comfort" was the consideration, I delayed purchasing this wonderful bench because I didn't want to feel like a mamby-pamby whiner, or a diva.

Then? Arthritis (knees). Not too bad at first, of course. More of a twinge and a nuisance every not and again. Until ... it inevitable became intense (trips to the ortho doc, cortizone injections, and so on). Turned out it was more than a little uncomfortable to stand on one leg while tending the piggies of the other foot. Now, it became a matter of "safety," which kicked thoughts of mere "comfort" out the bathroom window.

A few weeks ago, I asked myself how it would feel, after a possible future tumble onto the tiles, to try to explain to my adult children why I hadn't purchased a shower bench -- why I hadn't done something so very simple and inexpensive to protect myself. I didn't like the idea of trying to explain that it was a matter of my stubborn pride. So ... I ordered a grey Medline Bath Bench (without back, which I'll probably want in about 10 or 15 years, LOL!).

I decided on the grey color because I had seen friends' benches that had begun white but had stained or yellowed over time. Yuk. This shade of grey is lovely; very peaceful and easy on the eye.

Did I mention how LIGHT this bench is? Why I could pick it up using one or two fingers if I had to. Because it is so light, it is no trouble at all to rinse clean after using. I prefer to tip mine to it's side so it drains thoroughly -- although, I don't know why I would have to; the seat has nice holes for draining -- I just feel better tipping it.

Don't let the lightness of this bench fool you into thinking it may not be strong or stable. It is VERY strong and I am assured by the thick rubber feet that it will not slip and slide about. It stays completely still while in use; I never feel as though it will slide while in use, or slip away from me when I seat myself or stand up. I just love this little bench!

There are several height options (the legs adjust), because what is safe or comfortable for me now may change over time. In that case, I anticipate no trouble at all in simply changing the bench height to suit my needs.

I look forward to this bench's lasting me at least a couple of decades or more. It truly seems that it is sturdy and comfortable enough to make it!
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on April 16, 2014
Due to a motorcycle accident where I sustained multiple injuries, two of which were broken bones in both my feet, I needed this to make showering a possibility. Which I can attest that sponge bathes get old and you don't truly feel clean.

I used it for 9 months as I recovered, surgery after surgery. It worked well. I adjusted it to it's maximum height which made it easy for me to sit without feeling like I was squatting in the shower. Also, the height made it easy to shift in and out of the shower with limited use of both my feet and hands.

However, the met pieces over one of the legs warped. I'm not very heavy nor do I move around a lot while seated on it, so I have no idea how this happened. The stool itself remained sturdy. In that regard, it was unnoticeable. But, the warped areas created an open mouth so to speak and water would pool in the seat. This just created an extra step when taking it out of the shower to clean the shower (and it). I just leaned the stool about 45 degrees on that side and the water drained. For a minor step to be added and the stability of the structure wasn't compromised, I'm not going to dock it more than one star for this issue.

Needless to say, my recovery would have been just that much more miserable if I wasn't able to take showers, in spite of the fact that I'm 32 yet felt 82 seated on it. If anyone is going through medical issues or no longer have the stamina or stability to stand during a shower, I'd recommend this product.
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on January 1, 2014
This is a great little bath bench seat. much sturdier then our old bath seat. And the legs on this one are adjustable. May be a bit large for a shower only, as the legs are flared outward a little. But overall it's a nice bath bench.

I purchased an item from BaBings and received a confirmation of purchase.
The next day I received an email that my item had shipped, along with a UPS tracking number.
Several hours later on the same day, I received another email that I was being refunded my
purchase amount, because the “Item was out of stock”. I wen to the UPS Tracking website to see that
the shipper “Voided the Tracking Number created”.
Several days later I went back on Amazon to see the identical item back for sale with a the same quantity of ‘3’.
Only this time the price was considerably more money.
If BaBings mispriced the item, they should have honored my purchase and update the Amazon price.
Not an honest way for a third party seller to do business on Amazon.
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on March 21, 2015
VERY stable. I feel very safe sitting on this. We use it in the shower, to wash the dog without bending on our knees, in the garden, all sorts of ways. It has quickly become our handy tool next to using our kitchen ladder. High quality.

HOWEVER, it did not come with any hardware!!! We wrote Amazon and they offered a percentage off or we could return the whole thing for an exchange. I needed it now and so we opted for the percentage off and my husband purchased some lug bolts with wing nuts to hold it together. Shame, shame for not including the hardware.
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on January 21, 2010
I purchased this for my wife who is only five ft. tall thus we needed a bench adjustable for her size. The height adjustment is user friendly and I am very pleased with it.

The assembly was very easy and there were no tools required. The legs are held on by five hand screws that have nice large wings which make it easy to fasten them down. You fasten these to metal nuts that are molded into the bench. The only thing you could get wrong is to try to assemble the B leg before the A leg. However, that should not be a problem as everything is well marked.

The warranty for this product is three years and there is a 1-800 number for the warranty.

This is a very well thought out bath bench that we use in a shower. It is not designed for a small shower or small bath tub. If you are wondering if this will suit your location, use the following information. The important dimensions are as follows. The width of the feet: 17-1/2 inches on the outside. The depth is actually larger from the front to the back and this is 18-1/2 inches.
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on October 22, 2010
After reading the reviews I figure there must be two of these benchs. I only had to attach the legs, and there was no need of tools to do so. It took less than five minutes. I use it in the shower. I find the bench comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy. I weigh 169 pounds, and would hesitate to put more than 200 pounds of weight on it. I notice there is a similiar bench available with braces for the legs, which is what I'd prefer if I weighed more than 200 pounds. The plastic seat, which appears hollow, may or maynot accomodate more weight. Because of the reviews I placed the bench in my standard-size bath tub and thought it fit ok. If the bench were any smaller I believe it would be useless unless you are a tiny person. The bench is what I expected, and a nice product for the money.
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on July 31, 2011
This bench works fine. I would recommend it for someone who suffered a foot injury and needs to be off it for a while (like myself), but not for disabled/special needs people. It assembles together in minutes and does what it's supposed to and it only costs $30. It's best used in a shower so if you're buying it for a tub, measure accordingly allowing for arm room and stability. Also keep in mind if your tub has an upward curve that would make this wobbly. I'm about 70 kg (well under the bench limit) so I can't comment on the weight capacity, but it holds me up fine.

If you are elderly or need it for a disabled person, don't buy this bench- look into commercial quality equipment (like hotels use). It will cost more, but will be immensely safer.
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on June 28, 2013
I am unable to stand very long because of Sciatica, IT HURT so badly I couldn't enjoy my time in the shower. In fact I was used to shaving in the shower but couldn't because by that time my back was hurting so badly I was afraid my legs would give out and I don't have one of those "Help I've Fallen" biz gizmos. I couldn't even dry myself standing in the tub, instead I had to sit down immediately and dry myself sitting in the chair.

I used to LOVE taking long showers! It used to be an invigorating experience. I used to look forward to my shower on work days. It felt good and made me ready for the days trials. But now it's the first difficult thing to do every day.

But getting this bench and an Ana bath 5 inch chrome combo shower has changed everything. I now LOOK FORWARD to my morning shower. It has two head, one stationary and one on a 60 inch chrome hose. And you can easily remove the water restrictions and with the three way fitting you can have both head running(Think Tropical Storm in the morning) or just the stationary or just the handheld. Whatever you want.

The items were shipped VERY quickly to me, in fact they both arrive within 24 hours of my call to amazon inquiring about them.NEXT DAY and they didn't charge me-THANK YOU AMAZON!!

My bench arrive and when I opened it found it WAS exactly as advertized. It took maybe ten minutes to put the bench together. I have a standard size bath tub and while tight, it fit my tube perfectly.

And I couldn't wait to try it out. It was WONDERFUL!!!! I could stand a minute or so and then go back to sitting down. Heaven! I could even take a shower so long I ran out of hot water.

I gave this bench 5 stars because it does what I needed PERFECTLY. It's quite stable even though I have the extendable legs on their highest setting.I highly recommence it to any handicapped person, or anyone who would like to simply sit down in the shower and luxuriate!
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on July 22, 2014
This bench is so sturdy, fits easy in a walkin shower and is the perfect height so there is no problem rising from a sitting position. It took a while to find a bench seat for my mother as she needed one that allowed her to get back up without having to strain and also a good height that she could comfortably shave her legs. This seat is a winner and she said it's the best item ever! To help with a decision, my mom is 5'2" and 116 lbs. but I tried it out before I let her use it as I didn't want her to tip over on it. I am 5'6" and 130 lbs. and I actually tried to tip it but the rubber grips on the legs hold it perfectly in place. It was also easy to put together and I just recommended it to my sister who is recovering from open heart surgery. She purchased it immediately as she said it's the same one that Baylor Hospital in Houston used for her! I'd say that's a great recommendation!
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