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Damn I hate getting old. Once in awhile my arthritis genuinely gets to where I can't stand up in the shower. I favor this bath stool over others, although it is not perfect. I can use it in a standard bathtub; it doesn't have to be an ADA shower stall. It will stand at one end of the tub so that my spouse can step into the shower without having to take the stool out and then put it back in (and when I can, I do the same). The one thing it won't do is swivel. In a standard tub, what this means is that you can shower with your back to the shower--in which case there is a limit to how clean the front of you will get--or you can face the shower, which is better if you have to shave your legs, but my god, the water is in your face.

As I said, aging isn't for wusses.

This was cheap, and it is sturdy. I suspect (though I have not checked) that it would handle 250 pounds without the plastic starting to bend. It is very stable. It has no back, which means that if you are able and determined, you can get in, wash one side of yourself, then stand up and oh so carefully move to face the other direction. Since there is no back, the stool does not have to be moved when you do this. Also a back would interfere with washing your seems obvious.

If I could have my wish, I would like a swivel top stool in the hope I could turn around in the tub on the thing. Otherwise, I think this is as good as it gets.
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on February 15, 2008
Updated review:
It has been nine years now, and there are no problems with this stool. There is no rust, and the original rubber feet are still fine, too. We do keep it clean, and I'm sure that helps. This stool hasn't been kept in the shower for the entire nine years, LOL! It was used in the shower while recovering from two different surgeries, for about a total of five months of "wet use." It has stayed in the bathroom so it is subject to daily humidity, and it is quite handy there to sit for drying feet, etc. with less risk of falls. If it helps, the weight of users varies from just over 100 pounds to just over 200. I see that it still sells around the same price point, between $20 and 25. Worth it!

Original review:
This stool was a big help to me in recovering from hip surgery. My son assembled it when it came. Assembly only took about 15 minutes or so, & he didn't hurry. It is very solid, & the legs don't slip in the tub. I like the adjustable height. Even when the stool was wet, I didn't feel like I would slip off of it because of the texture. Yet, it is still very easy to clean & disinfect. Unlike some of the other reviewers, we didn't have trouble with rust, so I don't know why there was a difference, there. The stool is light enough to move around the bathroom even while recovering, so instead of only using it in the shower I also used it when brushing my teeth, etc. The price was a great relief, as I definitely did not want to get something used. It is such a good, solid stool that we will continue to use it elsewhere even though it's no longer needed in the shower.
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on July 30, 2013
I am now the proud owner of 3 shower stools (this being the 3rd one I've bought). This one is the lowest in terms of quality. Others I've bought others which just feel more solid (this one just seems to rattle the slightest bit, even though everything has been tightened). The rubber cups on the feet of this one are a bit smaller than on at least one of the others I've bought (larger feet means more stable). The legs come down relatively straight, while another one I own the legs spread out a little (again, making the other one a bit more stable). Another one I own had nice wing screws that could easily be hand tightened, this one requires a screwdriver. The way the screws and caps attach the legs to the plastic chair just doesn't feel as solid as another model I own. And finally, this one had a two step process where you attach the legs together first, then take that assembly and attach it to the top, while another one didn't have you assembling the legs together first. On the plus side, the things you push in to adjust the height work very well on this model (little easier to push in than on at least one of the other models I own). Nothing really wrong with this stool, just not quite as good as the other two.

I should note that NONE of these stools I own are used in the shower, so I can't speak to whether they will rust or not (we use them for kids to eat in the kitchen at a portable table, for my mother-in-law to use when no other chair is available, and as a chair to sit at near a hospital style bed in order to avoid standing).
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on January 15, 2009
While I agree with other reviewers who have said that the stool is a little wobbly and needs drainage holes in the seat, overall I give the product 5 stars because it is such a relief to finally find a durable stool that makes it possible to shower without fear of injury. My tub is one of those ancient, narrow and deeply curved models, and this stool is the only one I've found that fits the dimensions of the tub; it does wobble slightly because of the curved sides of the tub, but not so much as to make me feel insecure. I like the fact that the legs have so many height adjustments, and am especially grateful for the stool's light weight and small convenient size. Others have commented on the issue of rust, and I haven't had the stool long enough to determine if this is still a problem. As for the lack of drainage holes, if you have access to an electric drill it would be easy to add a few (though of course this should not be necessary, it would be better for the manufacturer to ship it that way). Overall, I think this is an excellent product and it has made my life a whole lot easier - I don't dread showers the way I did when I had to rely on handrails for support. And it's small enough to store easily when not in use.
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on April 2, 2017
Sturdy, feels very safe. With the adjustable height can be used any where as a stool, saving space by adding extra seating.
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on July 15, 2016
it is horrible to put together. The "middle/center portion" especially. Works ok once together but you cannot do it alone. look for something easier to assemble if you are not a handy person. you have to have specific wrench size and instructions are hideous. Also feel it's pre-owned as the rubber at bottom of legs is turning yellowish and thaht happens over time and exposure.
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on September 6, 2008
The Carex Round Shower Stool is a good fit for a normal size bathtub or shower stall.

I like this product however Carex could make this into a great product instead of a just OK product by making two changes.

1. The Carex Round Shower Stool is a little bit flimsy. By adding crossbars to the legs of the stool would give this product a much more secure feeling as well as being able to support more weight.
2. The seat is molded plastic which is fine but there are no holes in the seat for water to drain from. So when you sit on it when wet and then stand up, the standing water on the stool acts as a seal between the plastic seat and your butt and the stool (because it is so light weight) tends to stick momentarily until the weight of the seat breaks the seal and falls back down. The recommendation here is for Carex to add some water drainage holes.

With those changes this would be a great product. The product as currently designed is adequate.
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on June 19, 2017
Only problem. It has been used and kept in the shower all it's life. After 5 years the inside of the rubber feet are rusting and leaving rust stains on the floor of the shower, I ordered an exact replacement today and will trash this one. Received a new one and it is also rusting. The problem is that although the seat is plastic and the legs are aluminum there are steel inserts in the rubber feet which rust and cause stains.
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on September 30, 2008
This is a well-built product. I used this when I was recovering from ankle surgery and could not put any weight on my foot. The adjustable seat height is nice, and it stays where you put it. The only thing that would've been nice is if there were small holes in the seat for drainage, under the shower head water did pool on the seat when I wasn't sitting. Also, the price could be lower. This is essentially just like any other little stool except it has rubber feet, but since it's a "medical device" it costs twice as much. But it also has the adjustable seat height which is hard to find in a regular stool. Overall I am satisfied with it.
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on January 24, 2015
Purchased due to knee replacement surgery. Fits inside my 50 year old cast iron tub which most stools did not. High quality and easy to assemble. I have fully recovered from my knee replacement surgery but, keep the stool in the tub. I enjoy sitting while showering, makes it easy to shave my legs and relax during the shower. Highly recommend product.
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