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on March 10, 2017
I live in hot hot hot Arizona. My apartment room does not have a ceiling fan and I have to be cold to sleep. AC can be so expensive so I did my research and thought this would be the best investment. Two days in, it's perfect. The air comes out so cool and I love that I can select the temperature vs just picking some arbitrary fan speed. The remote is so convenient and easy to use. Sounds stupid but because it is a fan, it blows like a fan. The air is cooler than I'd expect from a fan but it still blows. The fan is very quiet for a fan.

My only complaint is that the stickers on it for assembly don't come off well.
If anything changes, I will update the review.

Update: you don't choose a temperature, you set a minimum temp that the fan cools to and shuts off. Just clarifying for those as blonde as me.
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on April 16, 2012
I'm a hot sleeper, and I've tried many things to help cool me down so I can sleep. This fan has turned out to be the BEST thing I've used by far. I discovered this fan at a doctor's office and then again at a sleep center. After experiencing it at both locations, I decided to buy one for myself. I've had my fan for almost a year and could not imagine being without it now.

The fan performs all the normal features you'd expect of an oscillating room fan as already mentioned by many others so I'm not going to review those features. Instead, I'm going review one feature that is often overlooked: the temperature control.

The temperature control is the feature that puts this fan above all others. It literally behaves like a thermostat! After turning the fan on, setting the temperature control is very easy. You just press the mode button one time and use the up/down arrow buttons to set a specific temperature (2 degree increments). That's all there is to it. Once set, the fan will run until the room has cooled down to the set temperature, and then it will shut off automatically. When the room temperature raises above the set temperature, the fan will turn itself back on automatically. It does this just like how a thermostat controls an air conditioner!

The temperature control offers incredible flexibility. I don't have to babysit the fan so I don't have to run back and forth to turn it on and off as the temperature fluctuates from daytime to nighttime. I can cool down while using the fan just in my bedroom while leaving the rest of the house as normal so I don't freeze out my children. I can also cool down in my bedroom only at night for sleeping while leaving the room normal during the day. Plus, because the air coming out of the fan feels colder than the room temperature, the feeling of being cooled is instantaneous. It does this better than any other fan I've used! In fact, sometimes the air feels so cold that I have to turn it off to not freeze my own self too much.

So not only does this fan offer all the benefits of an oscillating tower fan, but the temperature mode automatically controls the fan so it runs when the temperature is too high and stops when it's cooled back down again. But the best part is that the air truly feels colder than I have experienced with other fans (even ones with a more powerful air outflow), making this particular fan the best one I have ever used. I cannot explain why the air feels colder on this fan than other fans. I simply know that it does.


UPDATE: I ran across my old review and thought I would update it. I bought two of these fans on June 29, 2011. It is now March 9, 2013 and both fans are still working perfectly! I haven't even had to replace the batteries on the remote controls yet even though I use one quite a bit (I never expected to use the flashlight feature so much, but I use it very often).

I am still very pleased with my fans. I use one every single day, almost all day long; although, it can be too cold at times so I turn it off if I get chilled. I am contemplating buying a couple more fans just to keep on hand since I know these fans won't last forever, and I can't imagine doing without one now. I've bought many different fans over the years and nothing has come close to cooling me down as well as this particular model. This was definitely one of the best buys I've made!


UPDATE 2: It is now April of 2014, and both of my fans are still working perfectly even after 3 years of daily use! I cannot be more pleased with the performance of these fans!


UPDATE 3: It is now January of 2015, making my fans 3.5 years old and I still love them. Both fans continue to work flawlessly even though I turn one on and off frequently every day and even once had a bookcase fall over and knock over the fan so hard that it came apart. I just snapped the pieces back together and it was up and running as if nothing had happened. This model continues to remain the best fan ever!

I also want to note that I edited my review slightly to be careful to not imply that this is an actual air conditioner. My wording has appeared to upset some people so I tried to explain myself more clearly with the edits (e.g., clarifying that the temperature control does the same basic thing as an air conditioner *thermostat* instead of saying it behaves like an air conditioner). Hopefully, this will help convey my meaning more clearly. But make no mistake about it, the air that comes out of this particular fan model does in fact feel COLD, far more any fan I've ever tried. I don't know how it does it. I understand that it is not an actual air conditioner. But considering that the whole reason I bought the fan was to cool me off and the air from this fan actually FEELS like cold air coming from an air conditioner, I'd say it's doing all I hoped for and more. We can mince words on what to call it, but I know what the air feels like no matter what name is used. I actually get cold from it. No other fan has ever done that before. So while I want to make it perfectly clear that this is a fan, not an air conditioner, there is no mistaking that this one remains the best fan I have ever used. The air coming out FEELS COLD, unlike any other fan I've used. That may be why my doctor and the sleep center selected this exact fan model for their professional businesses. I'm very glad I got one (make that two) for myself.

UPDATE 5! It is now August 2017, and I still love my fans! I bought a third fan on June 2015. I honesty cannot tell which fan I bought first, second, or third. They all look just as good as new and all work perfectly. I'm still very, very pleased with these fans.

I think the best way I can sum up how happy I've been with this fan is this: Since I bought my first one in June 2011, I have not bought any other fan ever since. I only bought two more of these same fans. I bought several fans before, but none ever since. These fans do all I want and they do it as well as I hope for. I continue to be thoroughly pleased with this fan for over 6 years and counting.
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on April 19, 2017
Blows ice cold. Really dig so far. Easy to put together. Quiet scale I'd say 7/10. But man it does good blowing cold air. Makes it worth it 100%
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on April 21, 2016
These things manage to make cold air somehow and that is great. I am renting so I had to find a way to beat the heat without installing central air. I got one for each room and so far I have no complaints. If only it could also fold my laundry *sigh*.
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on July 29, 2017
I bought this on Prime Day because it was discounted and had good ratings. Overall it does it's job and keeps me cool.
The manual says that the fan is most stable when the pedestal is not installed, but I find that it's fine, unless maybe you have a dog/cat/toddler running around and might knock it over.
It's also pretty easy to move around from room to room-- just lift it from the handle at the top.

The highest setting is rather strong and since the fan is tall, it can cool a room with several people in it.
Because of its height, you can feel it while lying in taller beds (the top of mine is 28 inches from the ground).
Built-in timer is useful for sleeping.
(I don't think it gets cool enough here in Hawaii to register on the temperature sensor and shut off, but I assume it works.)
Everything you'd expect from a fan-- oscillation, speed settings, etc.

The instructions for putting the fan together with the base was a little off. It says to twist the pedestal onto the base to secure it. After twisting and trying to get it to stay, I realized that there's no way to secure the two together that way. I did notice that there were some screws included and what appeared to be screw holes through the base and pedestal. Lo and behold, you line the holes up and secure the screws in. Nowhere in the manual is any of this noted.
Secondly, the remote will sometimes send two signals instead of one. For example, when you turn on the fan, it starts in the highest speed setting. Press the power button a second time and it will change to medium speed, a third time-- low speed, and finally turn off on the fourth press. Usually the lowest setting is enough for me, so I will press the power button three times; however by doing that the fan shuts off. It registers as four presses instead of three, so you have to be really careful to press the buttons on the remote lightly so that they don't accidentally register as two presses.
Third, this may not be a big issue, but the oscillation sign is always showing on the display, regardless of whether the fan is actually in oscillation mode or not. You would think that it would show only in oscillation mode because otherwise, what's the point of it?
Finally, and this may or may not be an issue for most people, but I sometimes wish that there were more speed settings. The lowest setting isn't exactly gentle if it's blowing directly at you. If there were four or five speed settings, one could be used for very gentle, "natural"-feeling air.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 29, 2017
First, I want to say this is a quality product. It's a good fan with a sleek, modern design, that does a fine job at blowing and circulating air through a medium to large size room. Its not too loud and comes with a washable air filter. It has some useful bells and whistles like a oscillation feature (rotating base), a breeze mode that simulates a natural breeze, a timer, a Ionizer, and even a temperature setting. The last two features I mentioned is why I give this product a 3 out of 5 star review. Some of the stated features are misleading. I will start with my concern of using a Ionizer to market a fan or just a plain air purifier, as a product that can purify the air around you. There are university backed studies that debunk the claim that consumer Ionizers are effective at purifying the air and in fact, a large, or too many Ionizers, may create an "ozone" that can be harmful to humans. Also the temperature setting is a bit misleading. Basically it's a thermometer that can you can use to program the fan to turn off and on when a desired temperature is achieved in a room. THIS IS NOT AN AIR CONDITIONER! It will circulate the air, this may help keep a room cool or change the temperature by 1/2 a Fahrenheit degree or so, but it is not going to drastically cool the air in the room. Also, the remote is shaped like a football, which is a bizarre shape for a remote, making it more difficult than it needs to be to use the remote with one hand.
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on July 3, 2017
Bought this for my son who moved into an apartment without air-conditioning (I think he will not do that again--ha ha).
His girlfriend called to say this fan is incredible in how much air it moves and how much it makes the entire living room feel better.
She said, "I swear, almost as soon as we turned it on, the room felt 10 degrees cooler!"
I am kind of jealous now and may need to spring for one for myself.
A little pricey for my budget, but highly effective.
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on July 2, 2017
Have used it daily since it arrived 2 weeks ago. LOVE the tower fan -- but the remote control, not so much (more on that later).

It was quick and easy to put together.. note: you will need a flat head screwdriver.

It's pretty powerful.. have been using in open floorplan (kitchen, dining room, living room) with the Ivation 70-pint dehumidifier (in foyer) and 1 ceiling fan (dining room) near hot, humid D.C., and it sometimes gets too cold in here :-)

Not too heavy, but might get another for bedroom instead of carrying back and forth.

Operates pretty quietly, especially the medium and low setting. As with other fans, it just becomes light background noise you don't even notice after a while. As long as its oscillating, haven't had to turn TV up higher (and not an issue when falling asleep with it on).

The remote control, however, is a great example of poor Industrial Design.

Oval shaped, it fits ok in one hand, but that turns all the text on its side.. and English isn't read from the bottom, up (or from the top, down, if you're a lefty). Text orientation aside, it's very awkward to operate with one hand -- it fits well in the palm of the hand, but to press buttons with your thumb, you have to move it up to lay across the fingers (so the grip as you press is not as strong/stable).. It's easier if you hold it like a game controller, with 2 hands. Which feels/is stupid.

Also, you have to use the Temp/Timer button on the tower console *before* you can use the up and down buttons on the remote control to change those settings. Why is there no room for a Temp/Timer button on the remote? Probably the utterly useless flashlight -- which is really hard to use anyway because the button for that is on the bottom of the remote; you can't press the flashlight button without hitting one or more fan buttons on the other side of the remote.

I really want to deduct a star for the remote, so, know that my 5 stars is only for the fan itself, I don't even bother with the stupid remote.
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on July 13, 2017
I have bought several tower fans. This fan is by far the best one I have found. It is quiet does cool the room and it has a filter ioniser that is a bonus. The filter is easy to clean just use a stiff brush if you don't clean it will stop working. I am glad Honeywell still offers this model but who knows how long they will keep it. I bought 3 at the end of the season when they reduce the price. I now own 5. Two are in use 3 are backups. So if one or both stop working I'm good to go with my spares. I will again stock up on the Honeywell fan if it is still being produce.
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on July 2, 2017
Like some other reviewers, I found that assembling this fan in the low position was considerably less stable than it was using the pedestal attachment, which is the opposite of what the instructions advise. Go figure. It seemed to me that the pieces didn't snap together as they should have when I tried assembling it in the low position. Nonetheless, I'm tickled to death with this fan. I don't think it's very tippy -- though I would be very careful where I put it if I had a three-year-old at home. I love the fan's features. Everything seems to work as the manual says it will. Best of all is that it has a rinsable filter is easy to remove and clean. This is a RARITY. The fan has three speeds -- high speed is really high -- and it can be set to rotate, which is very useful. The display on the fan is somewhat hard to read in low light situations, but the cute little remote control actually has a flashlight built into it that you can use to check the display. At low speed, the fan is pretty quiet. Most fans drive me nuts and this one doesn't. We've been using it in the kitchen for about 4 months and are considering buying a second one for the living/dining room, too. If we buy another pedestal fan it will certainly be this model!
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