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Enthusiast: Archeryon October 29, 2012
Download of Dungeons & Dragons Online is free and normal subscription price is about $15.00/month IF you pay once a month. If you pay once every three months subscription is more like $12.00/month. You can subscribe even cheaper if you pay once a year. The idiots trying to sell this 60 day game card for 62.50 are simply fishing for suckers. Dont be a sucker....
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on July 28, 2009
The monthly subscription is only $15 so 60-day game card should be $30.


They are charging double the product value anywhere. How is this possible Amazon. This is an intentional attempt to mislead and rip off consumers.
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on January 15, 2008
Will first I'am a avide Gamer in Computer, counsel, and Table top games. I have been playing DnD since the early 80s, yes the box sets. I also played the Dnd Classic computer games like eye of the beholder, hillsfar, etc. So when I was looking for a online game to play I learned about DND online. I was excided but when I got to playing it, the graphics were ok the graphics could of been a lot better. There was some fun but as time went on I found out many things. first it takes place in Eberron, Sorry but I hate the Eberron world (this is based on the table top world). If they would of put it on Ravenloft, Dragonlance, forgotten realms ( I personally do not care for the forgotten realms either, but the realms are a lot better the Eberron )
or Greyhawk I would of liked it a lot better. I could not go above 10th lvl at the time. I guess they were finding a way to use there expansions. I had alot of lag spikes even though my computer is at the high end. Most adventures had to be done with groups, so I spent a lot of time trying to find a group that worked will together instead of adventuring. I personally like to adventure Buy my self so that became harder and harder to do As I got higher levels.
If you want a good online game I enjoy Wow or World of Warcraft, and Neverwinter Nights were you can be the dungeon master and run your own adventures, There is now a neverwinter nights 2 and it is also a good game. So do not waste your money and Buy other fantasy games, I would rather play perfect world then play DND online.
I will say this it is for free now, so you will not have to waste your money on it. While some will like the game I do not, and look for your self.

Just to for those that wonder why I gave three stars for fun, I did not and tried several times to make it a 1 but each time I put it to 1 it goes back to 3 so for the people I put a one for fun.

Update Dec 2 2012: I still keep to what I say about the game and I tried it again because some friends were playing it because it is free to play now. So I noticed that they made allot of hot fixes and the graphics were not choppy anymore. I have a high end computer with a 40meg Internet connection so it ran good. They do now have a new expansion that sounds promising which allows the players to go to the Forgotten Realms. The economy is still horrible. I saw a +2 sword for 2 million gold, When I got on with out my friends I still had a hard time in finding a good set of people to run dungeons with. So I decided to give it a star more from my last review because they fixed a few things but the start point still sucks, the economy is still horrible, and finding competent players to run dungeons with is still bad. I spent half a hour in finding a group to play with.
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