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on March 2, 2016
So much for "Will work with most toilets": it didn't work on any of 3 toilets we have (Toto, Kohler, and American Standard).
First of all, this lock requires your toilet bowl rim to be of a specific shape - the outside wall must be straight (i.e. perpendicular to the ground/horizontal surface of the rim). Rims of both Kohler and American Standard toilets we have are slightly angled inwards, so the lock only makes contact with one point at the bottom of the rim (It is supposed to be flush with). See the photo attached. As a result, the mechanism doesn't hold on to it at all.

And Toto's rim was too narrow for this lock - even 4 provided spacers weren't enough to create a tight fit (it is Aqua model I believe).
review image
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2012
After multiple iPhone dunks in various toilets around our house, as well as cloggings from who knows what (I REALLY don't want to know what was flushed) it was time to go hard core.

As always, I read reviews for as many different products as I could find that do the same thing, and settled on buying three of these.

The only criticism I saw was addressed by some smart user's suggestion to add some tacky material to the lip of the toilet bowl (like the stuff you line drawers with) if your lock slips (and only one of mine did, due to toilet design).

Easily and quickly installed all three locks and waited for the gremlin to appear to see how he would react (and more importantly, if he could open or break it). As I sat watching from behind the door, I heard the pitter-patter of tiny, cloven feet approach the toilet...him thinking no one was around to see his evil dunking deeds.

But lo...as the miniature, but amazingly dextrous hands went to open the toilet seat per usual...something held! It worked! IT WORKED! GLORY DAY IT HELD! I observed from the shadows as the expression on the would-be evil doer's face went from devilish grin to complete shock and surprise at this new and unfortunate (for him) development. He fiddled with it for a few seconds, head turned sideways like a puppy dog, with a puzzled look...then I guess it finally sunk it that once again he was being thwarted, and this was by design, so he gave up! YES!!

Knocked off one star because this is cheeeeeeeeep plastic people. I'm actually shocked the 15 mo old did not just break it when he pulled on it. Seems like it would have just snapped, but nope. The house iPhones can sleep peacefully now.
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on October 26, 2017
UPDATE: you can This is actually not a bad product, so I don't "hate it" , but it does NOT work for grandma's house (our house) as we have the wrong style of toilet- and it will not screw on tightly without falling off, although my daughter has installed one on her toilet in her home just fine, she cannot for the life of her figure out how to install it on my toilet so that it does not fall off. So she would give it 5 stars for her toilet at her apt as it really does keep her toddler from opening up the lid and yet it is easy for adults to open, (even when in hurry!) . It does feel like really cheap plastic but hers has lasted fine so far for months at her house. (UPDATE: We figured out how to make it work for our weird toilet bowl- we used duct tape to hold it onto the rim of the bowl and now it works perfectly. )
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on April 30, 2015
This Lid Lok works ok. Still able to lift toilet lid and seat up a few inches with it on though. There was a good size gap between the hinge arm the and toilet seat. I fixed this problem by adding some foam padding and double sided tape underneath the hinge arm. Fits nice and snug now. This company should include a couple different size foam pads, to help make this product work on all toilets.
review image
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on June 7, 2013
Despite mixed reviews for this toilet lock, I purchased two to fit relatively standard toilets in my home. Installation took under two minutes, and I didn't have any problems with reaching into the toilet to complete the installation. You shouldn't have to get dirty, in the water or otherwise too up close with gross. Besides, a little soap and water can go a long way if you aren't unreasonably squeemish about poopies (if you have kids and you aren't over it yet. . . you may have a problem with OCD).

I am sure that in some situations the lock would break if it was subjected to repeated or significant force, but my 13 month old cannot open it. I try to prevent her from playing near the toilet anyway, through parenting rather than gadgets, but the lock gives me peace of mind that she won't make a mess or get hurt if she gets by my watchful eye.

I am only giving 4 stars on account of the perceived chance of the lock failing or breaking under ordinary use (like if a guest tries to opent the toilet without unlocking it) and the fact that my plastic toilet seat has been slightly damaged on the bottom by the lock. There are several chips and dings around the edge of the seat where parts of the lock are sandwiched between the seat and the rim of the bowl with some force when people sit down on the toilet. Please don't comment that I am being unduly harsh. I say that the product is a steal for what it costs, but it isn't perfect, and 4/5 seems fair to me.
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on October 2, 2015
Please note prior to purchase, this product will not work on thin plastic toilet seats (contractor special toilet seat & cover, that came with the house) or what I call economical seats bought from any home good stores or Walmart. From my observation, you will have almost an inch or more of a gap from the installed product to the toilet cover. Keep in mind that these two products should be snug against each other.

On the other hand, if you have well made seats that you spent good money on and are thicker than an inch plus (seat and cover), this will work for you and should enjoy the product with the ease of use.
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on November 28, 2017
0 stars!!! We bought 6 of these to keep our toddler out of the toilets and 5 are deffective .....one worked for like a day then busted....
They are defective..... extremely disappointed!!!!!
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on June 14, 2011
When installed securely the Lid-Lok is ideal for households with different ages of children, some of whom need access to the toilet. I have an in-home daycare. I needed a toilet lock that my potty-trained children could open and close easily. I also had problems with other models that had to be installed at the back of the seat and prevented the toilet lid from staying open, or could actually even break the seat if installed incorrectly. Some that were too hard for older children to open would just get ripped off by the ones that got frustrated. I tried ones that used double-sided tape and many of them would not stick hard enough to the bowl to be effective.

The Lid-Lock is even less expensive than some other models that do not work as well. Of course, no child should be left unattended in the bathroom and a strong toddler could probably break this off if given enough time with it. I would recommend using this lock as a secondary security measure to keeping the door of the bathroom closed when not in use. Children should not be left in a bathroom unattended.
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on December 17, 2013
Unit is reasonably well-designed and well-constructed, but I have encounter two problems that will require a bit of redesign. First, the outside of our toilets is beveled - i.e. the inside and outside surfaces are not parallel ( outside=> / | <=inside ) - so when the lid is up, the entire unit can be flipped over and into the water. The other problem is that our lids are fairly thin, and this Lid-Lok is designed to accommodate a thick, padded lid. The result is that the lid will open far enough for an arm or small toy to slip inside. I will fix both problems with rubber block inserts and a bit of Gorilla Glue, but it would be nice if the manufacturer could include a few more adjustment shims/blocks to adjust to more toilets. The current design adjusts only for the inside height of the rim lip.
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on February 21, 2015
I've had this item a little over a year. It's small, looks good, and works well. It's easy enough for my 5 year old to open, but still keeps the 2 year old at bay. I like it well enough to order a new one. The reason I need a new one is because it broke. You see this item is all plastic, which is good for use in a toilet, I've had metal before and they rust. There's this L shaped piece that is vital for clamping the main body to the rim of the toilet and that piece broke, wish they would use a heavier thicker stronger plastic for that piece. You see every time someone accidentally tries to open the seat while locked or even moves it around while cleaning puts pressure on that piece. It's worse if it's clamped on tight with very little play.
I figure if I can get another year out of the new one we might not need it afterwards.

customer service sent over a replacement part, so 5 stars for customer service.
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