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on May 21, 2016
 Im going to be honest when I shop on Amazon I usually look for the cheapest priced one no matter what the reviews on it.For this situation tho I decided not to because its for my mom and instead went with the better reviewed higher quality one they sell on Amazon even though it was more expensive.Here is my mom getting out using the HandyBar and now her using it makes her life a little bit easier. :)
Highly recommend this one
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on February 10, 2017
Bought to help an elderly Mother (94) get in and out of a car. It has helped tremendously. It provides a handle for her to hold on to when lowering into the car seat from the wheelchair and also gives her leverage to push herself up out of the seat to a standing position. Have found with use that for her it works best with the red part of the bar facing outwards towards the open passenger door when getting in the vehicle and then the red part of the bar facing forward towards the front of the vehicle for getting out of the vehicle. Vehicle is a Mercury Gran Marquis.
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on January 11, 2017
My wife (age 71) fell out of our car when getting in and broke her ankle. When discussing this the wife of a couple in their mid 80s she expressed major concern about her husband getting in and out of cars due to his unsteadiness. Then she said she was also concerned about herself. In all I purchased 4 of these. The wife and husband let me know that they were using them and thought they were great. Their only concern was remembering where they put them in which are... yes, that is definitely beyond the reasonable scope of the design for any device.
The other 2 are for my wife. To this point she has not bought into them being vital. However, as she will likely now have to wear a brace for the rest of her life - she just might give them a try (she sets high standard for being hard headed).
For those in need, I definitely recommend devices of this type.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 11, 2017
The product is sturdy and I like the seat belt cutter and window breaker. It does fit but attaching to my Hyundai Sonata takes a little effort to fit securely without jiggling. Bought it for an elderly family member to aid in getting in and out of the car. it is not working as intended. The person does not find it helpful so I guess it was a bust for that reason.

Why did the person find it unhelpful? I am realizing the usefulness of such devices depends completely upon how a person is used to getting into a car and the particular support needs of the person needing extra help. Placing a grip at that particular location is not helpful for the elderly person for which this device was purchased. If the gadget if placed in the direction of the door, there is not enough room for the person to get out. If it is placed the other direction (facing outward away from the door or in the same direction as the open door), it is too far away to be useful. Hope my explanation made sense.
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on January 3, 2018
EXCELLENT product. I recently went on vacation with my 92 year old father to an out of state relative's house. She drove us around in her Jeep,,,which proved to be a bit difficult for my dad to get in and out of. Found on clearance, I purchased one of these "as seen on TV" handles. Worked beautifully! The drawbacks of that model: Felt too flimsy & it attached pointing to the other side of the door facing instead of outward - he had to work around it to get into the seat. When we got back home, I did some research and discovered these. It's a little more expensive, but this Stander HandyBar faces outward, is HEAVIER (feels like it'll hold up no matter how much weight you place on it). It works so well we bought a second one to put in my husband's car so we don't have to always remember to grab the bar when we take Dad out. I highly recommend it to folks that transport the elderly and for anybody who has ambulatory issues that needs a little help getting in and out of a vehicle!
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on March 20, 2015
Works well on 2004 Chevy Impala. Very pleased that I found this.
review image
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on October 2, 2016
Should give it a 5 star but I'll use it more first. Much better than the Emson 13.00 cheaper type with no notches. I did use this (just got it) yesterday going to the movie...........I use a scooter and I walk gingerly with crutches and getting and out of car is usually hunting for just the right place to grab. This handle worked for me and I used it in both positions: pointing out from the car and across my body. Both worked ok. Got in and quickly took it off and placed it conveniently in my van door storage compartment. Big difference from cheaper kinds (as seen on TV Emson). Sturdy metal; heavier feel into handle; notches do grab on my car (2001 Dodge Grand Caravan and my husband's car which is a 2003 DeVille Cad Sedan) We sent the cheaper Emson back and ordered another one of these Stander HandyBars. They are NOT the same with Emson. CHECK your latch (see their info) or order - it should work, but it is returnable.
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on September 27, 2016
I purchased this for my 80 year old mother to use to help her get out of her car easier. My son had seen something similar but it wasn't built very sturdy. This one feels as if it has the steel bar all the way through the handle, then the handle is coated with a soft, easy to grip material. You place the protruding piece of heavy metal into the U shaped"loop" on your car frame where your door would latch into and it grabs it in one of the slots in the metal piece, you have the handle facing outwards and you can press down on it to help yourself out of the car. It holds up to 350lbs.

This has really helped my mom with getting in and out of the car!

It also has a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker if you are ever in such a situation you might need one. and weighs less than 1lb.
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on May 13, 2017
I like this product. But I can't get my 95 year old mother to use it. She doesn't drive anymore, so she's always in the passenger seat. When pulling into a parking space, she has already released her seatbelt and has her hand on the door ready to get out. By the time I get to the passenger side, she's already "rocked" herself into a standing position. When getting back into the car, she refuses to get in the new way she was taught - backing up to the car, sit down, then swing legs in. Oh, no, Mom gets in the "old" way - holds the roof and the car door, puts her left leg in, sits halfway on the seat, then right leg. I know she's going to miss the seat one of these times and land her butt on the concrete and fracture a pelvis again. As before, I can't move fast enough to get the HandyBar in place. I think this is a great product.
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on October 26, 2017
Well there is nothing like the original. Don't buy those off brand thin plastic ones, this one has a longer "tooth" that fits down in the car hook better, thus giving more stability to the person who is using it. It's terribly helpful, and we'll always have one on hand. Has a good long-enough handle for any size hand, and feels very substantial. You really do get what you pay for with this.
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