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on August 12, 2014
This is a must have product if you care for someone who is not mobile enough for a standard shampoo. Everyone has a right to clean hair and the powder products are just horrible. A good bed shampoo is not an easy thing to accomplish and this inexpensive device makes it easy. The inflatable basin is very comfortable and easy to use. At the neck opening, I place a folded finger tip towel to absorb any drips. Note next to it the little inflatable head support cushion that prevents neck strain and helps the patient feel safe and comfortable. Not shown is the plastic tubing that allows the basin to drain into your bucket below. Do not attempt to carry the basin when filled with water. Water is heavy and will be too much for the seams. Use the drain. We have found this to be the easiest method: (1) lay a towel and optional underlying plastic under the inflated device. (2) add the neck towel. (3) using safest method for your patient, lift or roll patient in place, cradling neck over the towel at the neck opening. (4) Use plastic bottles, a quart is good, to hold warm water, leaving one for rinse water and adding the shampoo to the other to dilute. (5) Shampoo well, pull out the drain plug, rinse and let the water run out the tubing. Repeat with the creme rinse. Refill quart bottles and use plenty of water for a great result that will make your patient feel very good.
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on November 2, 2011
I bought this shampoo basin for my elderly Grandmother who wanted me to wash her hair. There are other ways to wash a bed-ridden person's hair; however I found those techniques to be quite hard and somewhat frustrating. Why not buy a shampoo basin that allows less strain on the washer's back and more comfort for the person having their hair washed? I searched for days for a shampoo basin in stores which only resulted in my purchasing it on Amazon. So glad I did, because I also purchased the water hose. The material is durable and very easy to inflate + deflate. YOU WILL NEED A PUMP TO INFLATE (it does NOT come with one). I used my fitness ball pump to inflate it and that did the job well.
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on September 1, 2012
2 thumbs up for this product. It ended up working out very well for a stubborn Mom who can't get around too well. It held the water pretty well; around the neck area a little escaped, but that was probably more my fault then the product as I wanted to do a thorough shampoo job; I put a couple of towels underneath to fix that problem. Its well built, and the drain valve is pretty cool! It's not really easy to take the basin and dump it with the water in it, so the drain into the bucket works really well. Its a quality product, and really solves an issue when you have an elderly parent who can't get around very well. Btw, as far as the pump issue, if you are a slacker like me and really didn't feel like getting an extra pump, you dont have to. If you have a healthy set of lungs, you can fill it by mouth with no problem, and just leave it filled after that for next time. To summarize, a comfortable, decently built solution for a big problem under 20 beans. She found it comfortable as well, and the little head support inside the basin is a big plus.
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on October 10, 2014
Works great! I usually leave the plug out and let it drain into a bucket while I am washing the hair. It totally beats using those disposable shampoo caps (those definitely have a use and I do appreciate them). This allows you to use your own shampoo and conditioner and have water the temperature you want it. The person we use it on has short hair so I cannot speak for long hair. It did help us get all the hair off of him after a haircut. Worked perfect out of the box. I do sometimes have to make sure the hose is lower than the basin to ensure drainage, but not that big of an issue- you just have to watch it.
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on December 10, 2015
A friend loaned me an inflatable shampoo basin to help with the care of an elderly relative. It made washing her hair so easy and I loved it. The basin was twenty years old, so inevitably it developed a leak at the seam and wouldn't hold air anymore. So I ordered this replacement. It is almost exactly like the old version, but has an inflatable pillow thing inside, which I don't bother with. I would give this five stars, but the drainage hose, unlike the one on the original version, is flimsy and came folded and crimped, so draining the basin isn't as easy.
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on September 11, 2014
I use this to wash my 13 yo daughters hair. I am really not happy with it. The drain is on the wrong side and the drain hose is too short. Also because of the way it was packaged the drain hose has about 6 kinks that keep the water from draining. When my daughters head is in this inflatable basin the sides are pressed up against her lower cheeks and it looks uncomfortable. I very much prefer the Duro Med Plastic Molded Hair Rinser..
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on July 12, 2015
This is the second one that I bought. The first one I bought at the medical supply store and it seemed like it was made out of a thinner plastic. It held up for 2 years and we use it all of the time. I did have to patch the first one once because of my stupidity but the patch kit that comes with it works great. This one is very nice also. I clean and dry it after each use but after a couple of years they seem to get a bit gunky. I would suggest this for anyone who cannot get in the shower because you get a better wash than with one of the thin trays that are out there. They used the thin tray for my mom when she was in bed and it seemed to splash everywhere and did not seem to get her hair as clean.
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on April 22, 2014
This is the best invention that could have been made. Inflating it with my vacuum was a challenge, but I had a hand pump that worked out great for the large part of the basin. The vacuum worked great for the head rest that inflates separately. I purchased this for my bed-ridden mother that cannot get in the shower or stand at the sink to get her hair washed. It works perfectly. I had to straighten out the hose that was shipped to drain the basin, and I accomplished that by putting the hose itself in a tub/sink of hot water, it unkinked it just fine. Be sure to place the basin and hose, when not in use, where the hose stretches out and not kinked. It drains out a lot better without kinks. Highly recommend.
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on June 25, 2012
the no-wash out shampoos just weren't enough for very particular elderly-- home health aide suggested the inflatable EZ shampoo basin & it's a great idea, especially for those non- & semi-ambulatory folks that must have a bed bath-- we also purchased an inexpensive a/c air pump for this that is great with other inflatables, ie mattresses, children's toys, etc, too--we even do hair coloring in this basin & it rinses easily & quickly. we leave it inflated & store it in a shower (that is no longer used), along with other items now necessary for hygiene outside of a tub/shower-- it dries quickly & thoroughly as long as you follow the easy care instructions.
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on August 17, 2015
This is a very easy to use item. Purchased this for My 92 year old Mom. She is now able to have her hair washed easily without the stress of bending over a sink or getting in a shower. It is very durable we purchased it in February and it has remained inflated since then and is used weekly. It has a solid plug with a long drain hose that allows you to drain the water easily into a pail. It can be deflated for smaller storage but we just store it in a plastic bag fully inflated in a closet. This is a reasonable solution for hair washing for anyone who may have difficulty with traditional methods
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