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on January 16, 2013
Compared to the leather case that made specially to RX100 that has a rip-off price tag, this is a pearl hidden in a clam. When using on RX100, this case has a tight fit and IMHO provides enough protection. Of course the down side is that you need to take the camera out while using it, but then again this is a carrying case not a cover.
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on March 22, 2012
This case goes perfectly with the Sony HX9V -- the camera fits snugly but is still easy to get in and out. The front pouch fits a spare battery, but that's pretty much it -- no extra room in this case for anything else.

The case is primarilly made of nylon and appears well-constructed. The belt strap is a snap-on, so you can wrap it around purse straps, belt loops, etc. The snap seems pretty tight so it shouldn't come un-snapped unexpectedly. I generally prefer velcro in addition to a snap as a backup, but this should work fine. The case does not include a shoulder strap.

One other note: this is a dual-zipper case, not a single zipper. Depending on your use, that actually can be really helpful for the HX9V since you can opt to have the camera's carrying strap stick out of the top of the closed case and use it to carry the camera while inside the case.

If you want the camera's cord to be completely within the case, you'll need to wrap it around the camera each time before sliding it in -- the fit is a bit too tight to easily shove the cord in after sliding in the camera. I haven't found this to be a problem -- wrapping the cord takes just a second -- and when I'm too lazy to take the time, I can close the zippers around the cord and just let it dangle.
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on February 15, 2016
This is a beautiful case. I bought it for a RX100M4.. the camera fits - albeit very snugly. The front pocket - when the case is loaded with the RX100M4 - is essentially useless. You might get a SD card to slide in there but it's basically a lost cause. And no, a backup battery isn't fitting in that front pocket even if you say it is Sony..

The size is perfect. It's discrete enough where it won't stand out while walking around a city and the belt loop is heavy duty and won't come loose from getting hit around a bit.
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on March 2, 2016
I bought a bunch of camera bags the day I bought this one. I was stunned when this one was first into the return pile. Bought it for my new Sony RX-100 III. I bought the one from Sony thinking, "hey, this is a Sony camera, and this is a Sony case, I'll read the Q&As!" Well that probably wasn't the best idea. So while the other camera cases I bought that didn't fit my phone that I gave a 3-star review for not fitting my camera (it's not their fault), this one I'm going to give a one-star. The Sony RX-100 was crammed into this puppy. I just cannot suggest this one from Sony, for a Sony camera, and that's unfortunate.
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on February 14, 2012
This case is great for a little travel case that you can use for almost any "compact" point-and-shoot model of camera. I personally have the Sony DSC-HX9V (also HIGHLY recommended) and it fits in this case very well. It's a bit snug since the HX9V is a "chunkier" model of point and shoots (still very compact, but bigger due to being crammed with high end technology and a lot more options/capabilities vs. most any other point and shoot camera) but this just makes for a very secure fit. It also contains a small little front pouch that is perfect for storing a few extra memory cards and/or an extra battery. About the only negative I have for this case is if you manage to get anything on your camera's screen (oil from fingerprints, etc.), they seem to almost absorb into the fabric of the interior of the case and can cause smudging on the screen later on, even if the screen is clean when you first put it in the case. Otherwise though, a great little case that won't scratch up the screen of your camera and holds a couple little extras if you'd like.
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These are the posted dimensions:
Dimensions - Width 3 x Height 4-5/8 x Depth 1-5/8

Actual EXTERNAL dimensions of the delivered product are:
W 3 x H 4-5/8 x 1-1/4
That lacking 3/8 inch in depth makes a big difference!!

Interior dimensions are even less.
My Sony Cybershot DSC HX50V would NOT fit. The camera is 1-3/8 at it's widest part (right edge) and that wouldn't go into the unzippered end. I'm disappointed that this was suggested for use with this camera and I'm unhappy that the posted dimensions are just wrong and not clearly labelled exterior or interior. Clearly interior dimensions are needed when you're trying to find out if a specific piece of equipment will fit.
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on August 11, 2012
I'm not sure why Sony doesn't officially label this for this series camera. It's perfect for it. The only reason i gave it four stars instead of five is that you have to zip the camera in each time. The previous Sony case that i had the main camera pouch was a velcro enclosure for the camera (and a zipper enclosure for the extra battery and memory card) and this one is reversed. It's not quite as convenient to put the camera in and secure it with one hand as it was with the velcro main pocket.

However, the case is still great for the camera. I love to have my camera case on my belt and this satisfies that perfectly. I was surprised how cheap an official Sony case was. Get it! I travel with an extra battery in it as well.
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on October 22, 2011
A good case for the Sony DSC-HX9V that I purchased - I had to stuff this case in the beginning so it would expand a bit, since I admit it was a bit too snug of a fit for the camera at first (my personal opinion), but after I took out the stuffing and put the camera in a day later, it was much better. Although I don't put anything besides the camera in this case, it appears you could fit at most an extra SDHC card in the front mesh pocket, but that's about it. The case has a strap on the back if you want to strap it on a belt or something. I looked at all the different cases available for the Sony DSC-HX9V and even purchased a Built NY case for it at first (which was significantly too tight for the DSC-HX9V), but to me, I feel that this Sony case is one of the better cases out there for the camera (for the price and quality) and I am happy with my purchase.
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on May 30, 2013
We bought the case for our Sony DSC-W710/B 16 MP Digital Camera and we are very happy with the purchase. The main compartment fits the camera perfectly, the zipper is as smooth as I've ever seen and there is an additional partition for whatever small accessories you may want to bring along such us the proprietary USB cable.

The case provides sufficient protection if you drop the camera and it ensures that the LCD doesn't get scratched. The case can be easily attached or detached from your belt.

This is a great purchase considering the relatively low price. I only wish Sony included the case with the camera itself because it's very much a 'must have'.
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on February 15, 2013
This case cost just under $6 when purchased a few days back. As is my practice when purchasing or accessorizing an expensive item (in this case, the Sony HX20V camera), I did fairly exhaustive research prior to making the purchase. (Other cases on my shortlist were the LowePro Apex 20 and the Lowepro Rezo 30). My main interests were portability and protection. I wanted to be able to store one extra battery along with the camera, inside an efficient case that would allow for belt-carry and had a dual-zipper design to allow for the wrist strap to be used while the camera is inside the case. This case meets all those requirements. The fit is snug but not tight around the camera, and the zippers have protective flaps along the inside edge to protect against scratches on the camera. The front pouch, which has a velcro flap is pretty small, but will accommodate the extra battery. The dual zippers can be closed at the middle of the case with the wrist strap coming out between the heads of the zippers. This facilitates carrying the camera by the wrist strap if desired, while still benefiting from the case's protection in the event of bumps or falls. The padding sewn into the case is firm and seems like an adequate buffer against minor knocks. One feature I really like is how the belt loop works. The belt loop extends from the upper back edge of the case, and snaps in place at the bottom back edge. Instead of being a single piece of material that extends from the top to the bottom of the case, it is an actual loop. The upshot is that you can run your belt through this loop, and leave the bottom connection unsnapped, so the case essentially hangs about two inches below your belt line. I find this to be much more comfortable carrying method than having it flush against my belt, where it would be crumpled against a jacket waistline, or creating a bulge at the belt line. Originally I had planned to order a carabiner in order to achieve this same result, now that will not be necessary. If you are looking to travel light, you will be well served by this case. It is an outstanding value. Note, the approximate dimensions of the camera I have are 4.2 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches.

UPDATE, 2/20/2013: The case has proven its worth already. A couple days ago my wife sitting in the car and carrying the camera on her lap, in its case. When we arrived at our destination, she got up to exit the vehicle, forgetting that the camera was on her lap. The case tumbled to the ground just outside the car. After dropping from a height of about two and a half feet or so onto concrete, there were no ill effects noted.
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