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Is a bit of a puzzle at first (which knob to turn which way) to get it adjusted to the ideal position, but when you do you'll realize what a lifesaver this clever accessory can be. I first used this on a second visit to a factory to shoot video of high speed machines in action. My first visit was shooting still photography. It was then I realized the odd odd angles I had to personally bend to shoot a still would be impossible to hold for any length of time for video.

This accessory was the idea solution. Each end has a threaded stud. One is the standard 1/4-20, the other is a larger diameter thread. Either end fits perfectly into a Manfrotto SuperClamp stud hole. I used the 1/4-20, attaching it to my tripod. While the setup looked a bit "Rube Goldburgesk" it worked great.

Be advised once the articulating arms are extended your camera is "out there" on the very end of it. You need a serious mount or tripod to counterbalance it or the whole thing may tip forward. I my case it would have been right into a running CNC machine! My "anchor" was a Ravelli APGL3 Professional 66-inch Three Axis Head Camera Video Photo Tripod (shown in the photo). The two together worked perfectly providing all the fussy adjustments I needed to get a clear view of the action and a steady video. The camera was a Panasonic Lumix G6.
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on December 5, 2016
Better than I expected. I mount a DSLR (Cannon T5 with 18-55mm stock lens) and it holds it comfortably. I accidentally bought two and realized I needed the second one to extend my camera further since I've clamped it to the ceiling. With both extended quite far horizontally 18" vertical and 2'+ horizontal or so) they still holds the camera safely. The clamps on the arms are friction grip, but they can take enough tightening to easily support the leverage. Extended like I have the camera will bounce a little when starting to film video but settles down quickly. To be expected with so much extension. For photos though, a remote trigger would be needed. Mounted on only one arm, I expect it could hold a DSLR with a small telephoto comfortably.

If had a complaint (picky) it would be that the camera mount can't be removed. Since I have two joined, it would be nice to to removed the camera mount from one, but this is a cosmetic desire and not a function desire.

Overall solid performer. With only one I
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on August 30, 2014
I decided to use my GoPro Hero3+ as an overhead camera during product reviews for my YouTube channel. I saw the Manfrotto 196B-2 and knowing the Manfrotto name and quality I decided to go with it instead of the regular articulating arm. I made the right choice. This arm is AWESOME. I found that the operation of the arms was simple. Making adjustments took a few simple twists and pulls and in no time I had the arms set up exactly as I wanted. The camera bracket easily supported my GoPro and GoPro tripod mount. I was able to great great overhead shots that made my product reviews standout. I would recommend this to anyone looking to to create awesome angles for a light weight camera.
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on May 17, 2013
I bought the articulating arm thinking it would be adequate to hold my Canon 5D3. It's not. It does however serve well to hold a flash strobe or a pocket sized camera, so I kept it for future simple off-camera flash work when I don't feel like setting up my studio strobes.....
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on January 8, 2010
If you think you are securely going to hold a DSLR with this - don't - because you won't.

This plus a superclamp and a compact like a Canon PowerShot G11 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Stabilized Zoom and 2.8-inch articulating LCD though and its very useful.

In the end - I really wish I bought the double arm version (two rods per section) because it tightens down on teeth not friction.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 3, 2015
I use the Manfrotto 196B-2 143BKT Articulated Arm to mount a video LED light in places light stands won’t fit. The baby pins on both ends make attachment to 5/8" receivers and Super Clamps a snap. Plus, baby pins are threaded with 1/4” and 3/8” sockets for accessories such as brackets, Arca clamps, adapters, etc.

The reason to buy an articulated arm over an extension pole is flexibility of positioning: three adjustment elbows allow nearly any angle or position. The plastic (Manfrotto calls it Technopolymer) butterfly joints are not as fast to adjust, smooth or solid feeling as a Magic Arm fiction wheel but lock tight with a modest load.

Although Manfrotto calls the bundled 143BKT bracket a Camera Bracket, it’s a jack of all trades and can hold a video light, flash unit, audio recorder, mic, ball head, quick release, umbrellas, monitor and more. Fit and finish are excellent: smooth cast aluminum, black enamel, beefy T-screws, metal thumbwheel with 1/4" bolt, neoprene pad on camera mount and a 1/4 to 3/8” thread adapter. There are also two 5/8" light stand sockets, i.e., baby pin receivers: one to mount the bracket on a stand or arm and the other to attach a baby pin or extension arm. The second socket pulls double duty with a smaller hole on the side to mount an umbrella.

This arm is light duty and not a substitute for a Magic Arm. It definitely will not support a DSLR or six-bulb light head. Buy it if you need to support a small flash, LED, flag or point and shoot camera. I found it a great problem solver for light loads: works with dozens of accessories, fits in a camera bag and can take the place of a light stand in many situations.
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on March 10, 2016
I use this with my Matthews C Stand to suspend my Nikon D7000 or a light in virtually any position within the reach of the stand. Make certain to use sandbags on the C Stand, though, so it doesn't tip over. I've been able to set up product shots that I could not achieve with a regular tripod. You can position the camera directly over something as large as a shirt laid on the floor, something that most tripods would have difficulty doing. Although my tripod can extend 18" to the side, a shirt on the ground would still be too large to photograph straight on unless the tripod had legs over 6' tall. This bracket allows the legs of the C Stand to be out of the shot.
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on April 21, 2016
I purchased this to extend my camera from the tripod. I wasn't sure at the time of ordering if it was going to fit the quick disconnect tripod adapter or not, but it fit perfectly. I have a small go-pro type camera that I've used on it, and it works pretty well for that. It isn't as rigid as I had hoped for and the camera is kind of bouncy with it extended. I don't believe this would hold my dslr camera at all. I would recommend getting some sandbags for your tripod as well. With it extended, I was nervous about the tripod tipping, however the camera I used was light enough to prevent it. I did rotate the legs to make sure it had the best support though. The unit works very well for what I purchased it for, which was getting my camera on a tripod located closer to the subject. And over the subject. For my uses, I would definitely buy another one, however if you're planning to extend a heavier digital camera, I would probably opt for another option.
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on September 1, 2015
Built solid and the arm joints don't sink (weigh themselves down from gravity) the arms have stated in place for many months now, I would recommend this for anyone wanting to record videos from a fixed angle.

After buying this two section arm, a desktop clamp, and a decent video camera and a usb to hdmi and an old monitor. I was able to create a relatively inexpensive viewer for the seeing impaired.

Two section arm
Desktop clamp:
Usb-mini to hdmi:
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on February 17, 2016
I have to say, I really thought this would be bigger and longer. It's definitely pretty small. But it works like a charm and does everything I need it to do. :) Very happy with my purchase. Now I can start making overhead craft and food videos!
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