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on September 17, 2011
I bought this for my 85 year old mother to use in her bathtub. She has glass doors on the tub and uses it like a shower. It fit the width of the bathtub perfectly.

The seat arrived in two pieces - the seat & legs, and the seat back and supporting bars. Assembly was very simple and required no tools. You simply snap the bars from the seat back into supporting holes under the seat itself. Everything else was preassembled.

The seat back has two adjustment settings which move the seat back forward and backward. I would think the backward position would be the most frequently used and comfortable setting.

The seat height has, well, somewhere between 6 and 8 different height settings. This chair will comfortably fit anyone from short to tall. The seat is quite wide with hand holds on both sides.

Mom loves this chair!! It appears to be well constructed - tubing, adjustments, seat, etc. It is also lightweight. So, mom will be able to move it around if she has to.

I (and Mom) highly recommend this chair and would buy it again!
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on March 12, 2015
Did not even last a year. We are not huge people but the legs broke on both chairs. These are supposed to be designed for safety but are decidedly unsafe. The first broke at six months, the second at nine months. I had one each for my husband and myself. Each time the chair broke with someone in it. I was shaving my legs when the last one capsized and, though I thankfully didn't hit my head but caught myself with my bad arm, I sliced myself up since I slipped and fell when the chair collapsed. Since I need the chair for mobility issues it was very difficult to get back up. Do not get this if you are tall or heavy, especially do not get this for someone with bone density issues. Photos of leg malfunction attached. Very upset from the fall and very disappointed in the product. Thankful I only hurt my bad arm and cut myself instead of hitting my head.
review imagereview image
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on January 11, 2011
I needed a bath chair that would be comfortable yet not enormous for the shower. I was a little skeptical about this chair; it looks a little bulky in the pix. It was perfect! I have a standard size bathtub with a showerdoor and this fit perfectly fine. I like that it has a back so it makes it easier to get out of the tub (to support ones weight). To dry it, i just tilt it to the side and it dries pretty fast and i can take it out of the tub.
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on January 29, 2014
I used this chair daily for 3 months. For the first few months I was greatly pleased with the product. Due to a back injury, I needed a strong rigid back, which this chair has. However, after only a few months, not only did the metal feet bend significantly, the back broke off, which is where I require the most support. I am very disappointed with this product. I am 230lbs, so I am sure that contributed; however, there is no mention 230lbs being too high, it states 315 lbs is the max. When I contacted the company they refused any sort of refund, and despite the product having a "3 year manufactures warranty" that doesn't apply to this item even though they claim it has a warranty. I found it frustrating dealing with this company and manufacturer. I would never buy from this company again.

In my opinion:
Price fluctuates weekly on this chair. I paid $33 once and $47 once.
Lack of durability(lasted 3 months)
Lack of legitimate customer service (I sent 2 emails, and received no response to either despite 2 purchases from this company)
Lack of strong legs (I weigh 230 and this chair broke underneath me while I was in the shower. This occurred 2 months after a spinal fusion. Despite emailing the seller and manufacturer I received no response. I even sent pictures!)
No warranty, "3 year warranty" is a sham.

Price is fair
Ships fast
Works well for the couple months if works. Was extremely helpful, I cannot shower without one now,

My main point:
I think many of these reviews listed were written shortly after the originally purchase. If you could follow up with customers I'm confident many would report similar issues/problems/complications. While I admit I was unhappy with the chair; I was most upset with the lack of any acknowledgement or response from the company. Especially when it has a "3 year warranty". I would look at other chairs from other companies. This chair led to me falling 2-3 feet from the chair in the shower, onto my back, less than 2 months after surgery, and the company refusing to even respond to my emails. This has compelled me to write/update my original review, mainly to warn other buyers.

Final verdict: zero stars. Horrible chair, not durable, warranty is a sham, and no customer service all lead me to a horrible review of not only the product but the company. When the chair breaks 2 months post-purchase one has no legitimate method in which to replace the chair nor contact the seller or manufacturer. Given my surgery, and the necessity of the chair to shower, I was extremely upset with the company's response, or lack thereof.

I cannot, in good faith, recommend this chair or company to anyone, I would pay extra and go elsewhere. I feel that is cheaper in the long term.
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on April 20, 2014
My mother is almost 86 years old. She had a slight stroke 11 years ago when they discovered a brain tumor. It was removed with success and she was doing great. She has been getting slower and more careful in her movements but while crossing the street with her walker a car knocked her down and kept going. Can you believe it was the middle of the day and they left her lying in the street? With a head wound, leg wound and six broken ribs she recovered after 4 months in rehab. So...back to the story why this was purchased, because the physical therapist recommended it. This is quality built, adjustable and the price was worth it. After connecting a hand held shower hose and putting in the bathtub chair I asked my mother what she thought of these changes and she said "I feel secure while bathing and can get out easily." I should also add that I purchased a bathtub rail, toilet rails and one for her bed. This is still amazing that she can still live alone with these few aides.
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on June 4, 2013
I chose this model for recuperation from foot surgery because it was high. However, at the highest couple of settings it did not seem so stable. Plus, it was a bit too high for me. I changed it down a notch. That made it much more stable, and put the legs closer together at the bottom, which was also very helpful in my 1940 bathtub. I did not use the backrest. Holes in the seat make for good drainage, and I'm glad the seat is textured. However, after I soaped up my bottom and sat back down I felt too unstable, so I rinsed off and it was better.

This is easy to adjust, fits in an old tub, goes up higher than others, and is very lightweight. I would recommend this product.
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on August 9, 2011
This chair replaces a bench that hung out over the edge of the tub. The bench also had a wider seat. I ordered this chair for my son's house when we were visiting him a few weeks back and it worked out fine, so I determined I had graduated to this chair and ordered one for daily use at home. Using a chair that is completely inside the tub makes the shower curtain work normally and frees up some floor space in the bathroom that was lost to the portion of the bench overhanging the tub edge before. I manage the transfer fine. The chair has height adjustment, so you can make it the right height for your easiest transfer. I use my walker to get to the tub and back in to the tub, so that I sit back onto the chair sideways to the tub and chair. It's useful to have a grab bar front back and side on the tub to make it safe and easy to swing your legs into the tub. Once that's done, I can close the shower curtain normally since there is space between the chair and the tub edge for the shower curtain.

The unit comes out of the box pretty easily and snaps together without much problem. It is sturdy and has good grips on the legs.
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on September 6, 2013
This product was purchased for a 31-year-old male. Due to leg paralysis from cancer, he could not stand in the shower. His weight at the time he used this chair was under 185 lbs, well within the 315 lb. capacity stated by the manufacturer. The chair was put together and double-checked for proper assembly. Within 6 weeks, the chair collapsed...a dangerous scenario for someone who did not have full leg capacity sitting on the chair in the shower. Find another product...even if this chair sold for $5.00, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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on November 9, 2013
This chair does not work too well for me simply because it is too large for my relatively small space. I did measure the width of the tub and confirmed that the width of the chair would fit, I failed to take into consideration the fact that the floor of the tub is not as wide. Consequently, it does not sit solidly on the floor, but rather is forced a bit. This will, eventually, cause the rubber tipped feet to wear or tear. I also failed to consider just how deep (front to back) it is in relation to my tub. I can use it, in a pinch, but it will probably end up as an extra chair in the bathroom or by the bed. Not a bad product. I've seen these exact same chairs in the hospital showers, where it is better suited.

In addition, I might add that it does assemble easily enough for someone with a modicum of mechanical ability, but I can see where it might be a challenge for some. It does not require any tools. The bolts used all have amply sized "wings" on them to allow them to be managed well by hand. However, I cannot attest to how well they will hold up with use. I expect that they will loosen with time, and need to be retightened regularly. A cautionary note. I also must add that the box included 4 longer bolts and 5 shorter ones, but the 5 short one did not fit. It should have been a 5th long bolt to have been applied to the last site. The instructions are limited to some very basic line drawings with no explanations to the exceptions I encountered. Again, for most, it will probably assemble well enough, but it could be much better.
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After a knee injury, I had to have a little "help" with some assistance items. I am keeping this shower chair forever. It's just very convenient and comfortable. While I won't HAVE to use it for very long, I believe it is very good quality and will last for as long as I would ever need it. The leg bottoms are sturdy and grip the shower/tub surface, even with the non-skid surface I have. The handles are also perfectly placed and useful.
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