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on July 9, 2015
Some of the reviews had me worried due to people saying putting this bad boy together was a pain. I am a barely functioning human being. If it involves me having to use a screwdriver, we're going to be in for an adventure. I was able to assemble this within 15 minutes AND without crying. It is extremely easy to put together. There are all of 4 steps.

NOW onto reviewing how well it works.
I live in Louisiana. Not only is the temperature around what the fiery pits of Hell must be like. But there is also humidity to add even more fun to it. I come home to a house that is roughly around 84 degrees F at 5:30 in the evening so I needed a little help with cooling off. Within 5 minutes of turning this thing on it was like an angel had come down from heaven and began to personally blow cool air on my face. I was genuinely close to tears. If this thing only lasts a month it will have been worth the money. Also people keep mentioning the light being bright at night. It's a little bitty green light the size of a pen top, not a laser beam.
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on May 15, 2017
Oh man, this thing is awesome, I may never use the AC again. I sleep in the day and have an issue with afternoon sun turning my room into an oven, this fan has brought me so much relief, it's perfect for cooling down the room so I can snooze before being up all night.
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on April 14, 2017
Goodbye ugly box fan! Hello gorgeous cooling tower! This is the fan I've been dreaming of for years. It is whisper-quiet and unobtrusive, while pushing out a lot of airflow. I was surprised at how tall it was, but anything smaller probably wouldn't be as effective in my kitchen/dining room/living room combined space. I am so happy with this purchase!
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on February 11, 2018
 Delivery was fast and I am surprised by the performance of this unit. It took me less than 10 minutes to to unbox and assemble this tower fan.The whole process including reading the documentation and operating the unit was straightforward and quick.The height is 42" tall and base is wide enough to make it stable.What really surprised me was the moment I turned the fan on, the air coming from inside the fan was cool and it feels like you're having an air conditioner in low cool setting.This was probably the effect of ionizer function I activated by pressing the ion button.Yes it's winter here in Chicago but the inside heating air temperature in my house and the dry air makes you really uncomfortable and my wife keeps complaining why it is so hot in our room and the other rooms are not and she wakes up in the early morning with her back sweating.So I was thinking this tower fan might be the solution to unbalance air heating temperature in our room. Imagine the feeling you're outside near the lake under the tree enjoying the fresh cool air from nature.I have noticed from the time I turned the fan on in our room the temperature dropped from 80 degrees to 74 degrees in just 20 minutes.There's a tiny blue light that is not even bright enough to disturb you from sleeping at night or the sound from high fan is even acceptable noise level.Please see the video and photos for your reference (fan at highest speed setting).So much for this, I was really intrigue with so many positive feedback from people's real experience.At first I was doubtful and hesitant to order this unit, but now I am a believer and my wife did not complain anymore of uneven hot dry air in our room from our weird heating system.Please note this unit can only be plug to 120 Volts wall outlet.If this review helps, please give it a thumbs up.Thanks!
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on June 22, 2017
The Lasko 42" Wind Curve (wih ionizer) is a very good fan and is powerful enough for 20 x 20 foot room. The tall height works well in a bedroom where one might need to feel the breeze a bit higher while laying on a high mattress. You can also adjust the top portion of the vent up or down for your needs. The remote is handy for just such an occasion as well. The Lasko was very quiet despite its powerful breeze. The base is sturdy and I have experienced no rattling.

I compared the Lasko fan to the Holmes 32" Oscillating Tower Fan and there was no comparison. The Holmes fan was too short to generate a breeze above my bed where I needed it. The power of the fan was also extremely weak in general--especially since it was being advertised as a whole house fan. Essentially, Holme's most powerful breeze was equivalent to the lowest setting on the Lasko. The interface was confusing. And there also was no remote. The Holmes base is sturdy and I experienced no rattling.

I also compared the Lasko to the Sunter 40" Tower Fan (2 Pack Combo with a 13" Personal Fan). While I preferred the look of the Lasko (the silver color made it more versatile for both dark and light color themes), the truth is, of all three, the Sunter was the most powerful--though maybe only a step above. The 40" height was still high enough to reach over the bed where I needed it. Its top portion of the vent is not adjustable up-and-down like the Lasko--but most fans don't have that feature. The Sunter was fairly quiet, but not as quiet as the Lasko. The remote appears chintzier than the Lasko's but it turns out Sunter's remote range is stronger than the Lasko's. The Sunter base is sturdy and I experienced no rattling. However, I did experience vibration and rattling with its bonus personal 13" fan that came with it.

Of all three fans, the Lasko was the easiest to assemble. I felt the Lasko was the most attractively versatile with its silver finish. Both the Lasko and Sunter have an easy interface to understand. Both were sturdy and did not rattle. The Lasko has the quietest breeze, with the Sunter a close quiet second. However, the Sunter offered the strongest breeze, with Lasko being a close second. Both were good for 20 x 20' rooms. The Lasko offers three speed settings; the Sunter offers four speed settings. Both offer timers. The Lasko offers an ionizer feature which is nice; however, the Sunter offers an interesting evening breeze feature. (The evening breeze feature tapers off the breeze to the next lowest level every half an hour as you drift off to sleep--VERY nice.)

Finally, [at the time of this review] the Lasko costs $56.52 on Amazon; while the Sunter costs $39.99 at Costco (or $44.32 on Amazon). The $16 higher price for the Lasko dramatically altered my star rating for the product down to a 4-star. And since the Sunter is fairly comparable (with a bonus fan) at a dramatically cheaper price, I am posting a 5-star for the Sunter as a best-buy.
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I purchased this Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Platinum Tower Fan With Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer because it really gets warm in our room during summer. With all the fan I looked online this was the one I've chosen since most reviews were good.
First of all, I really liked the looks of this fan. It has entirely plastic construction but of great design. It measures approximately 42.5 inches in height so, it is taller than most fan and it works much better in circulating the air. Only the base of the fan needs to be assemble. This came with 6 screws and my husband had no problem attaching the base to the fan itself. This tower fan arrived with an instruction manual and a remote control that needs two AAA batteries (which you need to provide since it is not included in the package). The fan had 3 speed settings, an auto shutt-off timer and can be use with or without oscillation. It is not noisy at all and very easy to use. The ionizer feature is a plus because it helps purify the air in a room and the bright blue LED doesn't bother me at all. Overall, I am impressed with this purchased! I certainly recommend this.
This was posted 5% off in Amazon, so I bought this at a slight discount, and I paid a total of $65.24 including tax, so this is pretty a good deal for a great tower fan!
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on June 13, 2012
We have only had this fan now for about a week. I will come back and update my review as time passes, but I wanted to get some info out there.

I have a toddler and an infant.

Why I was not looking for a fan with blades:

Fans with blades can be a danger, but so can the heat, so I decided on a tower style fan for our rather small apartment. Standing fans we have had in the past were easily tipped and the front metal plate or sometimes plastic was quick to pop off as it hit the floor blade still going strong. Very scary when your child is just 2 and has tipped the fan.

My experience so far:

*auto shut off

The first day I was quite worried as the fan had tipped (my husband the larger child in the home was playing with it) and it would not turn back on. I became very worried. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Sure enough this fan has a safety so that if it is tipped it will turn off.


So far the baby has tackled it with his 26lb body and it has held up. It is just tall enough that my toddler can't yet push the buttons.


I didn't really care if the fan was quiet or not, but it was an added bonus that it is very quiet compared to our Lasko box fan. If you aren't looking at the fan you would never know that it is rotating. Also make sure you get the screws in the right place. The diagram is poorly labeled. That may be the problem with some of the fans people are having noise with. There are more holes than there are screws and the diagram suggests that they go into holes that they really don't belong in. I will include a picture of the base so you can see.

*cooling factor

I was disappointed with the amount of air that it moved, and had I reviewed it on day 1 I would have only given it a 3 stars for that, but I have come to realize that while the air it moves isn't much, the air always blows out cool.

I find that on hot humid summer days some fans are just blowing around the hot air. I was surprised to find that this fan seems to always have cool air. No idea how but it does.

It also does a much better job cooling a room if you always have it on rotate. If not the air just kind of stagnates.


I was very worried when it arrived as it was in the thin box the fan comes in rather than amazon packaging. It already had holes in it. I will be reviewing in my order the packaging as well and I suggest others do the same so they start packing it better.

*ion thing

Tried it doesn't seem to change anything other than a blue light comes on. I have no idea what it actually does. Again bought this fan for safety reasons.


I am pleased and hope to buy another when funds allow.

Update: It has been about a month now and while my toddler has tackled this fan with his full body weight it is still fully functioning. It has only actually crashed once of the many times hitting wood laminate floors. Now that the weather is warmer it is still blowing cooler air than any other fan in our home.

Update: One year later; it is still running great and quietly. The toddler has finally stopped tackling it, but it has survived several falls over the year.

Update: It is now June 2014 and we own two of these fans and both are going strong despite a toddler and autistic 6 year old who can now reach the buttons. They also survived a trip in a moving truck to our new home. We have more of an open floor plan now, so two doesn't really cut it for the kitchen/dining room/living room space. The air kind of gets lost, so what I do to help them better cool a room is put them on opposite corners and face them at each other. I plan to buy one more so I can have one in every room in the open space. It also doesn't help that our new home has very old crank windows that only open at an angle and only so far.

Update 2018: nothing new to report. They all still work as before.
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on July 1, 2017
Menopausal hot flashes and 106 summer temps. prompted this buy. I have central A/C but this provides the kind of air movement I needed without blowing all the house dust around. I love the Ionizer - it makes the air feel cooler.
It is large but it fits better in a corner than your usual round fan. I'd love it if it looked more vintage in some way - I generally hate appliances - but house vanity goes on the back burner when you are HOT!

After a couple of months I am buying a second one so I don't have to move it around the house (although it is not too heavy and I can usually move it with one hand to lift and one to steady it).

I don't use the remote so can't comment on that.
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on June 9, 2016

Bought this because we live in an old building and we have a window unit in the living room, our room is on the far side of the complete opposite side of the apartment.

We did not want to obstruct any more window views, so we did not want another window unit A/C.

We certainly did not want a portable AC...those things are gastly, loud, and obnoxious.

THIS fan here is quiet, doesn’t take up a lot of room and it does wonders for our bedroom…lets me sleep through the night in peace.

The ionizer is a plus.

The fan has a timer mode, oscillator mode, ionizer and speed setting. All of which can be controlled through the remote control, which is small and has a storage area on the fan itself.

Love it!
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on May 30, 2017
Got this for my toddler's room as his prior fan got really loud. It works well, produces a decent amount of air flow, and is very quiet. However, we've run it for about 20 hours now and there's a pretty bad plastic smell that comes out when it's on. I hope it goes away soon or I'll have to return it. Not good for a child's room.

After about 80 hours of use (10 hours per night over 8 nights) the platstic smell is gone. Now I have a quiet fan with decent power circulating the air in my son's room. Favorite feature is the timer -you can set it in increments of 30 minutes from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours. Recommend!
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