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on May 9, 2016
This was the film that, for me, marked Tim Burton’s leap from very talented young director, to one of the best most unique film voices of our time, along with Johnny Depp’s leap from very talented young actor to one of our best actors, period. What Depp and Burton seem to share is an understanding of the visual power of film, but not just with cinematography and effects, but in performance. Depp is almost like a great silent film star, communicating more with his eyes, than most actors could with a monologue.

This is the surreal fable of a young man who was built, not born, and whose creator dies before he can finish him, leaving him alone, with scissors for hands. He’s found and adopted by a sweet, if slightly daffy Avon lady – Diane Weist in another of an endless series of brilliant supporting performances. She takes young orphan Edward down from the near black and white castle in which the lives to the bright pastel world of the suburban town below. (A world almost as surreal in it’s exaggerated way as his lonely castle.

There the outcast finds a place, and maybe even love, but is there really room for the truly different in our society? A film in which everything is bigger than life, but infused with heart and the bitter-sweetness of life itself. It brings a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes on every viewing.
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on July 3, 2011
Edward Scissorhands was Tim Burton's next project after Pee Wees Big Adventure and brought along for an encore, Danny Elfman once again of Oingo Boingo Fame. The soundtrack that Danny Elfman created for this movie is by far one of the most endearing, and most copied in it's similarity for various products being advertised during the Christmas season. Take a listen. I guarantee you that after 16 years now, you will hear a commercial this holiday season emulating this sound track once again. The mood of this soundtrack engulfs the listener with a wonderful collage of melancholy, innocence, beauty and wonder. This Elfman creation is one of the greatest musical sound tracks you will ever experience. It almost up-stages the film which is quite a compliment and accomplishment. Edward Scissorhands is an innocent, beautiful and sentimental journey of love that can never be realized between by Johnny Depp's and Winnoa Ryder's characters. As the story unfolds, one begins to understand that it isn't so much that Edward doesn't fit into society, it's more a case of the way he is abused and taken advantage of by our society in the ever predictable and unavoidable rift that human "kind" places upon someone that is different from themselves. I have no dought that this in turn is a closely related metaphor for Tim Burton himself. Thank God for you buddy. PQ is excellent with vibrant colors, with very good detail. SQ is the same. This is a dynamic 4.0 sound track. Still wish a 5.1 remix was done for this release, but no worries. Still sounds great! Edward Scissorhands is a story of a fragile bird's brief experiences after leaving the cage, but needing to return home to stay safe from the hostile elements. Highly Recommended!
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on September 27, 2015
An early Johnny Depp film that parodies 1950s middle-class America with ticky-tack houses, pastel colors, overly coiffed housewives and above-all, intolerance of difference. Edward Scissorhands (Depp) is a handcrafted humanoid -- a work in in progress -- whose creator (Vincent Price) dies before he could substitute Edward's shears with human-like hands. It's kind of like "Frankenstein" meets "To Kill a Mockingbird." As long as Edward is useful to the neighbors (cutting lawns, trimming shrubs and doing the ladies' hair), he is accepted, but once Joyce, the local sexpot (played by Kathy Baker) makes advances on Edward, he is transformed from a useful curiousity to an accused rapist. Depp's performance as Scissorhands -- heavily influenced by mime -- is very touching. But Peg Boggs (played by Diane Wiest). is a character who is essentially unmotivated except perhaps for a naive pity for a lonely boy. I wonder whether the moral point of the story is lost on the audience, especially since Edward's "otherness" is artificial, not natural.
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on December 14, 2016
This film is an excellent allegory. A wonderful Christmas/Winter story about love and acceptance of those different from you that is packed with all-star performances, imaginative storytelling, and a wonderful score. Fun for the whole family, it's not afraid to get "real" about a fanciful story. I love this film.
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on April 21, 2016
A classic FAMILY horror/comedy starring Johnny Depp. But the big boost to this movie is the late horror master Vincent Price in his last performance before his death. Easily one of the 5 best horror icons of all time Price is superb in this movie.
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on December 23, 2014
THIS IS A TRULY WONDERFUL MOVIE. Visually stunning and vibrant. Especially on the Blu-ray. From a simple synopsis of the plot, it would seem difficult to achieve. But this movie succeeds so admirably. Johnny Depp is very good in the part of Edward Justin of tenderness and vulnerability to touch one's heart, but he escapes the trap of being cloying. If you haven't seen it, you really should. And if you have the Blu-ray makes it worth seeing again. I highly recommend this movie
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on May 23, 2000
This wildly imaginative movie is Tim Burton's best, because it seems to be completely real to him as a filmmaker. From the gorgeous opening credits, set to Danny Elfman's candy-coated but melancholy musical score, to the swirling finale, this movie captivates, amuses and stirs the heart. Johnny Depp is exceptional in a role that might have been slapstick with no heart; he is tender, appealing, funny and oh so sad in the role of a creative misfit. Dianne Weist is also that perfect balance of cartoon and real human; she evokes a maternal warmth that adds balance to the neighbors who seems more one-dimensional. This movie has some insightful and warmly realized messages to convey as well. Look for Vincent Price in a perfect final role; it is both a tribute and a legacy of his career playing off-kilter madmen. Most of all, though, this movie has a Christmas heart, and the sweetnees in its innocent romance, its sad story of misfits, and its pop-art scenic design captivate all of your senses. I love this movie.
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on November 2, 2015
This beautiful film is a modern-day classic in the tradition of the great horror/tragedies. Tim Burton fans will find it considerably darker than his animated films, but the gorgeous production values, superb acting and solid screenplay will make it well worth watching numerous times.
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on April 30, 2014
Tim Burton's movies can at times be hit or miss, but Edward Scissorhands is absolutely one of his best and just a fantastic film in general. I rate this movie 5 stars, I rate the bluray release 3. Here's why: it's hard to argue with the under $10 price tag, and for that price one really shouldn't expect much more than the movie. That's about all this is. The extras are very, very limited. I would be willing to pay a little more to have more special features.
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on July 29, 2016
Has a great story, great music, and great actors for the role. The only reason I give it four stars is because I find some of moments very hard to watch in a "cringe" kind of way, as well as some moments that give suspense, which I'm not a fan of suspense in general of movies when it is too much.
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