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on May 30, 2008
I paid about $30 for this light. It charges fast, works way longer than other lights in this price range, IT DOES COME with the bracket to mount it on your tripod threads. A little cheap, but made of metal and quite useful. My camcorder has a widescreen display and you can angle the bracket forward so the light will not hit the screen. I got this so I could record in fairly low-light conditions, the kids, etc. Does what I need for cheap. **To the people who say it has a green tint to it. #1 its $30 - go see what a professional color correct light costs, then complain. #2 Most cameras and camcorders have what is called a "WHITE BALANCE" setting. Auto usually does ok, but if you are getting funky colors, manually set it by holding a piece of WHITE paper in the light you are using, fill the frame and hit 'set' however your camera does it. And presto! The colors should be much more accurate than before. Learn how to use your equipment!
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on January 29, 2010
My inital purchase was based on the other posted reviews and the value price point. Knowing what I was getting based on its cost, I was not disappointed! I works as expected, but it is harsh for closeup work... in comes the LumiQuest Mini Softbox!

I researched the Softbox as an accessory for the Nikon SB-400 on my D40. After seeing the product videos at the LumiQuest site, I thought this would solve that "harshness" problem with these Sima lights too. Wow! What a difference! As the subject of video closeup work, having the Softbox really takes the "edge" off this light and really making it easier to look into the camera without that "deer-caught-in-headlights" stare. It worked so well that I just ordered another Sima Light and a LumiQuest Mini Softbox! (Trying to get a key/fill light combo to attempt 3-point lighting).

(I was able to compensate for the tone of this light within the camcorder using whitebalance & exposure... but now with the Softbox, I spending less time fiddling, more time filming, and my subjects appreciate the softer light!) [I have a Canon HF-S100]

I recommed this Video Light for its value price point and straight forward simple design. I HIGHLY recommend this light when paired with a Softbox for closeup filming. (There are several versions and makes of softboxes, so do the research to get something that fits your needs...)

Good Luck!
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on March 3, 2008
I just got mine a few minutes ago and pulled it out of the packaging. Boy is it light and seems bright to me. I haven't done much testing with it. I have it on the charger now and will give it a workout after I get a full charge on it.

As far as the color it seems warmer than most LED lights. I have a few LED lights (round tent camp light and some flashlights) and it is much warmer than them.

It feels cheap and plasticy which it is but it has a clever design. It comes with a mount for a hot shoe and the shoe is all plastic which I like because you don't have to worry about it shorting out anything on your camera. The bottom of the shoe has a 1/4-20 thread mount too. Granted it is only plastic but the whole thing is so light I don't see this being a problem. The other three sides on the light have a hot shoe slot (well a non hot shoe, just a shoe). This means that you could hook another light to the Sima or several to create a multi-light setup. The lights would work separately so you could switch one light on, both or either one.

The diffuser seems to work quite well.

I could see having a bunch of these to bring with for tricky lighting setups in small areas. Trying to light inside a car this thing would be perfect. Tape on a gell if you need it and use a small suction cup with mini ball head on it or even just stick it on the dash.

- dead simple to use
- amazing bang for the buck
- great light weight and decent run time
- clever design with hot shoes built in and included little flash bracket thing for camera's without a hot shoe that do have a tripod mount

- no dimmer
- non-replaceable battery pack
- no standard battery option (like AA option)
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on October 20, 2010
As a paranormal investigator I was looking for a light to add additional infrared light to my Sony NightShot camcorders.
Somehow while shopping I got this model and the SL-20IR confused on the web page and ordered this one.

While it is virtually useless for what I need it for, it definitely works for what it IS designed for which is basically a flood light. Think of the motion sensor lights people mount to their garage or front porch. This item will practically blind a person if you point it at them. In total darkness this light will completely illuminate an entire room.

I am selling the one I purchased and already ordered the Sima SL-20IR Night vision Video Light because I need the infrared capability. However, if you are looking for a very bright light for your camcorder and are not interested in IR zero LUX night vision recording, this light will more than do the trick.

Only drawbacks have pretty much already been covered in other reviews. You cannot install additional batteries (AA etc) and you cannot use the light while it is plugged into the AC charger. Battery life per charge seems to be in the ~45-60 minute range.

I emailed SIMA suggesting a AA battery option for their products. While this is not in the works, I was informed that they are coming out with a new model (SL-100IR) that WILL work while plugged into AC power. While this does nothing for portable use, it will be a nice addition for tripod use. I suggest more people email SIMA in regards to a AA battery model.
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on March 10, 2017
Cheap and effective low light light. I have used it a few times on a camera that doesn't have a light. Does its job and lights up the area infront of the camera. I have a Sony camera and it attached to the tripod mount.
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I bought this with two purposes in mind. One was as a video light for use with a DSLR shooting video indoors. The other is not at all what it is marketed to do, but which it served quite well. We were shopping granite for kitchen countertops, then tile for the backsplash. We carried with us a cabinet door and a piece of floor tile, but searching and selecting from the dozens of granite types was impossible with typical warehouse lighting and not much better in a big flooring store with low-budget fluorescent lights.

This little color-balanced light came to the rescue. Small enough to carry in a jacket pocket, it was easy to have on hand. The 5,000 degree light was a HUGE help in selecting the granite color and variety. It put a wide, bright light that told a lot more than we could have seen otherwise. And the battery never ran down in use. I would recommend this light for this purpose, even if you don't have a video camera! You could also use it to light a small area for your phone camera or phone video.
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The Sima SL-20LX is a great rechargeable LED array video light that surpasses my expectations. We professionally produce instructional videos (some are available on Amazon) and have several larger lights we use in our studio, but we needed a smaller portable light for use in the "field". Here are my observations:

+ Good Quality Construction
+ Very Compact Size
+ Very Bright
+ Long Battery Life (roughly 1 hour)
+ Includes Camera Bracket
+ Can Be Mounted on Hot Shoe

- Can not be used while charging

* Be sure to set your camera's "White Balance" when using

This is a great accessory for those needing an inexpensive video light!

Highly Recommended!

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on December 9, 2014
This is an excellent light. The battery lasts forever in use or standby. Better than my professional light at work. It's nice and compact and comes with brackets to use. Can be mounted to a consumer camera, dslr, or professional video camera shoe. It has a wide coverage and can light up a dark room as well as an interview. Best if used indoors. Charges quick.

Only big drawback it tends to blind the people I'm interviewing, but so does the other lights. It's a great deal for someone looking for a great light, no wires, and not going to break the bank.
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on December 19, 2017
I recommend these lights all the time to photographers in poorly lit spaces. They're small, light, cheap, and throw out a pretty good amount of light. Definitely worth keeping a spare or two just in case.
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on September 3, 2011
I think this product is great for it's price.

- It comes with a Lithium ion battery.
- It states 45 to 60 minutes battery use.
note: My first time use was a continues 75 minutes.
- When the battery power is low, all 36 lights blink on and off.
- The color is near to daylight, instructions say ~4500 Color Balanced
- The effective range is 10' to 25' which allows a photographer to use that range to choose the effect light fall off to properly light the subject/scene.

- Charger got hot but not to hot to hold
note: A little worried with unatteneded charging.
- Charging light worked the 1st time but not the 2nd
note: Red is not charged, Green is charged. Nows stays Red
- All 36 lights don't appear to be fully white.
note: about 12 out of 36 lights had a slight amber tint.
- There is a slight green from the back but it doesn't appear it would effect the photo, if it did, I could see just a small piece of gaphers tape would stop this completely.

Instructions had specifications that seemed important.

LEDs: 36, ~4500 Color Balanced
Power: Lithium ion
Run Time: 45 to 60 Minutes depending on usage.
Charge Time: 3hrs for a full charge
Battery Type: 3.7V 730OmA Li-ion
Charger: 120V AC input; 5V DC output
Weight: 2.5oz (with battery)
Size: 2.35" x 2.3" x 1"
Effective Range: 10' to 25'

Instructions say that Light does not work with AC adapter plugged in unit's power jack.

Sima Customer Service Address

Attn: Customer Service
c/o Sima Products
Bldg. #5
140 Pennsylvania Ave.
Oakmont, PA 15139

At this point I have charged the device twice and turned it on after each charge, once for the full charge amount and now I am checking how well it holds up to using it in real life photographs.

I hope this information is helpful to others.
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