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on November 14, 2014
While it has a better zoom max range, this camera isn't 1/3rd the DCR-HC48. It lacks macrotele, it lacks timelapse, it lacks still photo capacity (!), the menu screen is much less friendly than the HC48. It does provide the same high quality video image, but why did Sony even bother? The HC 48 blows this version AWAY. I must add, however, that I was filming with it and turned to run to get a better angle which caused me to slightly sprain the ankle. I involuntarily threw this camera to the pavement with a force that should have exploded it into 50 pieces. Abolutely nothing happened. But don't count on this miracle happening to you - I live a gooder life!
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on May 12, 2014
I had a DCR-HC52 that went kapoot. They are no longer available from Sony. I thought that all my tapes (and I have many) were no longer usable. When I discovered that I could order one through Amazon I was delighted. When my camcorder arrived (in 2 days) and I was able to play my tapes as well as record new videos I was ecstatic. I'm also able to charge my old battery on my old camcorder (that is unable to play) as a backup battery. I also am able to make DVD's of my family videos again. I love PRIME!!
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on November 5, 2009
I love the picture quality. i love that you can transfer videos if you have 1394 cable and card... but what if you don't have either one.. I would have been happier if they supplied the 1394 cable with the camcorder... The biggest advantage of the the mini-DV ... you are not dependent on a hard drive (which for all it's convenience is still a less reliable media when compared to a DV tape or DVD. The picture quality is very good.. I had a DCR HC20.. was very happy with it.. got the DCR hc52.. it had more zoom.. but they completely eliminated the USB.. which was kind of Bizarre.. but it's Sony and they like to be proprietary retained the firewire.. Would have loved it even more if they could find a way to attach a flash.. but I knew about these minor drawbacks even before I bought... and went ahead all the same 'cos i loved the picture quality with my dcrhc 20.. so far the hc52 has been as good as anticipated
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on December 31, 2009
This camera is just ok. I wish I had spent a bit more money to get something that would have had more bells and whistles. Also another reason for a bad review is that Sony has misinformation on their website about this camera. The Sony website links to a USB cable for this model of camera, and they have a USB cable for sale. BUT DON'T ORDER IT because it won't work. You can NOT use USB with this camera. The returns process for Sony is convoluted, and they won't credit shipping charges even when it is their mistake! They don't readily provide a customer service number on their .com site. Also, the user manual is lacking in information about the camera and misses several ideas for troubleshooting. It is also a noisy camera and has to be charged for every 2 hours of use. I have never purchased a Sony device before... if this is typical for Sony (misinformation on their website and a mediocre user manual), I won't again.
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on April 30, 2012
If you have never had access to Super NightShot, hold on to your britches. It's amazing in the extreme. Sony has all but stopped making night shot cameras due in part I hear from people misusing it when photographing people in swimsuits and light colored clothing. Well, too bad for us. Sorry people don't have commonsense, but there you have it.
Now on to the SuperNightShot. This is maximum stealth technology. Great for parties, wildlife and dimly lit social scenes where your high priced video camera dies out. You say, will it's all green and everything... wrong again rookie. You can restore near perfect flesh tones and other colors in Sony editing softrware like Vegas Pro.
Super NightShot is not the same as Nightshot..... It's a million times BETTER.
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on March 2, 2009
I bought this product to replace one of the first Sony Digital8 Camcorders that ever went on the market (DCR-TRV510). I've had that camera for 9+ years and have loved it. I bought this camera because because the reviews were decent, the price was good, and I like Sony products. I've had the camera about two months now and I'm very disappointed with the color of the videos. They are very dark compared to what they should be.

My most recent project was filming a basketball game where I had four different Sony digital camcorders in use on the same court (I film a complete game once a year). The other three Sony camcorders (all older, different models) produced far better color than this one. The colors produced by this camera are, quite simply, terrible. The one caveat to that is outside on a bright, sunny day will produce a rich color saturation. Other than that, though, you're out of luck.

I originally thought it was maybe just my camera, but another reviewer also talks about bad color saturation in his review, so I guess it is product wide problem. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
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on January 21, 2010
This is a great little camcorder. I purchased it to replace a 9 year old Sony Digital8 camcorder. I did not want a hard drive, or DVD. The picture quality is great, far exceding my old top of the line Digital8. It is small, easy to use, and so light. It will be easy to take on trips, which is really the reason I bought it..the 8mm camera, which by the way still works like its brand new, is just a little too big to carry around on vacation. I like the touch screen menus, which my 8mm does not have. And once again, the picture quality is awesome, which for me is all it really comes down to. The only thing I use this camera for is recording my kids as they grow up, I am not a video professional.
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on July 30, 2017
It works excellent as I expected. Glad to have a magnificent device with great features to continue creating home movies back in the day.
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on February 10, 2010
Bought this after reading the reviews here at Amazon. Went to Best Buy and they recomended this one as well. We have 2 kids in different sports that play at the same time, which was the need for the purchase. Checked tracking 2 days before it was supposed to arrive, the info shown that the shipping company had not yet picked it up ? I emailed customer support had a response back that night that the order was lost? They shipped out another FedEx no charge and I still receive it on the orignal date that was promised !!!! I will continue to use Amazon as my first choice for purchasing as long as the customer support stays this good !
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on January 23, 2010
This is my second DCR-HC52. My first one got soaked by a rogue wave and died a slow, moist death (although its battery survived and is now my back-up battery). This unit is simple to operate and provides a nice image (I process using the Mac's iMovieHD). There are no bells and whistles although one can customize the functions a bit and manual focus is possible. Once you get used to the touch screen it does the job. For the money I think you can't do better than this if miniDV format is what you need.
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